Saturday 17 December 2011

Tis the season -

For snuffles and sneezes and the Winter Cold ,and you thought I was going to say to be jolly!!Bah Humbug!!Just after a little sympathy!
I do still have a Jolly Christmas head on because I WON Heidi's giveaway on A scattering of moments blog.A lovely snuggly cowl which I could do with right now to keep my head warm. I have been a dancing partner of Heidis for a while now and I shall be happy dancing all day when the parcel arrives from Holland.
So my dears are you all ready ,apart from the sprouts. I have a loathing of sprouts my mother used to cook them till they were yellow,I swear she put them on the day before they were needed lol.
Last time I gave you a Dorset dumpling update ,I was asking about the tree and thanks to your comments and a bit of pleeeeeeze from me it is twinkling merrily in the corner. Here it is if you can see it , I am hoping Father Christmas may teach me how to use this camera as everything seems so dark.

Mr Frosty snowman is keeping a watch for snowflakes ,but he should be facing the other way, somehow I do not think he will be lucky this year.
I also took a couple of closer pics for your attention.

Bit blurry sorry, but my little fairy on top of the tree was joined by a "This House Believes ornie this year .
Talking of ornies here are the exchange ornies from Needlecraft Haven, I had this one from Mary, and it is so pretty

This is the one I stitched for Christine

Taken from a JCS mag a few years old.I am pleased to say she liked it.
Whilst I was doing this my other half said he would make her a penguin and you can see him at Christines blog The Alchymyst's Study.
Tomorrow is Christines birthday so if you are reading this Christine hope it is/was a good one.
OK drum roll now please the SALs with Sally are finished!!whoo hoo well for me anyway .We will be back to Shepherds Bush I expect in the New Year as I could not imagine Mondays without visiting Sally and vice versa and Colleen too. So without further ado here is The Christmas Carol Stocking designed by The Primitive Hare and stitched by me with a couple of tiny additions.

Here is last years TSG one and this years hanging out together.

I have just ordered a new one The night before Christmas from Margaret and Margaret. I have not used them before but Hazel was telling me about them as she wanted to know about The Christmas Carol and who the designer was . So of course I had to go check them out . They have some really pretty ones,and I ordered their latest design too. I saw Vintage Christmas by CCN done in alternate colours on Carins blog and so yes I am a naughty girl and Santa may not come. Go take a look you may be tempted .

The next little to show you is the other SAL with Sally , she has a lot to answer for that Sally friend of mine, anyway no persuading needed with this one as we got it last year to do this. Here is my version I stitched it into a little pillow for the tree over one on Sassys 28 count fabric. The Sampler Girls Glad Tidings.

Our grandchildren are getting just a tad excited now! Christmas elves are peeking through letterboxes and leaving crumbs all over the kitchen when they have been spying on behaviour.
Oh it is a wonderful time for the little ones and we all have our special memories I am sure. So now if I do not get chance to get here again before next week,please all stay safe and have a wonderful time with loved ones andfriends. Thanks for all your comments and your dear to me friendship , please do not be afraid to speak up all you 129followers , it is so lovely to get old friends and new commenting.So I shall leave you with a bored golden retreiver under the Christmas tree-OK when WILL it be Christmas I am waiting.

So it is goodbye from me and I am wishing you all a very Happy Christmas /Yuletide and take care
Hugs n stuff

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Can we put the tree up this weekend?

Can we,can we? I know, but I am a big child at heart, I love the tree being up and the way that time flies by these days it will be down before I get it decorated!!!
Ollie is ready to be the window decoration as you can see by the header. In fact if he is not there people are beginning to ask if he is ok. The postman did not stay at the door very long yesterday, as he thought we were out as the dog wasn't in his usual lookout spot.Ollie likes to say hello to all the delivery people. Well my bloggy friends I hope you are all well and ready to shop until you drop, we have 2 birthdays this week coming with Caitlin (14) on Friday and Jack (17)on the 6th.Our grandchildren are growing into lovely young people,and if it is possible to get a photo of them together I will and share with you.

Last week I tried my hand at needlefelting and made this.

It needs a bit more work on the handle but not bad for a first try. I had another first try at these little bunnies this week but I have a bit of bother with them not holding the shape well when I have stuffed and stitched the opening shut ,does anyone have a solution.

Just have to practise more! They were from a Tilda design .
Now I have just pressed post so you will have the first bit to read ,call it a trailer dur.
Stitching is progressing ,I thought it was the 1st today so I was going to show you my ornie I had from my secret partner over at Needlecraft Haven, but I cannot as its still only the 30th November , is this dementia creeping up on me.
I have finished my Scandinavian Christmas by Atelier Soed Idee which I won as a giveaway on Carins blog. Oh I loved this and although I tend to tinge the air blue when using the sewing machine I must admit I am quite pleased with it.

We found a twig to hang it from and ta-da the cards have just begun to arrive. Mine are still in the boxes waiting .Not a job I really enjoy doing.
Today I have done a little shopping and fell in love with a little girls something, more than that I cannot say. I also bought a lovely scarf for a friends birthday, I tend to give for birthdays to friends rather than Christmas as I feel it is their special day rather than Christmas which tends to be more family orientated.Qhat do you do ?
I think we would all love to give to everyone but needless to say it cannot be done.
Last time I posted pics of unfinished ornies and here is the finish.

You can click on any of these for a closer look,but remember you can look at the dust but please do not write in it lol.
I bought a canvas from an arts shop for £1.50 tied a bow with a jingle bell on velvet red ribbon and then put pins through the ornies and the ribbon. Maybe next year I will do a bigger one.
Then I finished my Christmas Bells hanging pillow ,but mine was stitched over one so it is ornie size.

That one looks better bigger , I think my camera is getting temperemental.
So since I last wrote I have not been slacking ,mind you the ironing and cleaning are shouting at me.
Also the Sal is growing with Sally and I visited her on Monday and Tuesday to do a bit of stitching and a lot of frogging. Christmas Carol Scrooges house just got finished when it started to snow. I had to get the shovel out and clear the path (damn frog) but then it came down deep and crisp and even. I still hope to get this done for Christmas , Sally is beginning to think she may not get hers finished by the time the man in red comes. I have a feeling she might just do it .This then is progress

Tuesday was Glad Tidings from The Sampler Girl and here is where I have got to, not very much done this week but I am hoping to finish this one in a few weeks.

I mentioned at the beginning I was just a big kid, well I have never read this book and when I saw it I had to have it. The illustrations are gorgeous and just for those it was so worth getting.

The book is illustrated throught like this and it is just soooo pretty.
So my dears it is so nice to chat with you ,and your answers and comments are always so welcome THANKYOU so much for taking a little time to drop me a note. I think last time I mentioned Martin had a website for his arts and craft organisation but I may have given you the wrong address here it is again http;//
Now for some other news, and somebunny would like to thankyou for your interest in his whereabouts and faith in his returning.

I was going to say we found him in the dusty garden shed where he had got shut in after hunting for carrots ,but I am afraid he cannot claim fame like Peter Rabbit. He was found under the chest of drawers in the bedroom,he usually lives on top with the rest of his family ,somehow he must have been knocked off and when I was doing the (not very often moving out of furniture) there he was ,slightly dusty and his spectacles were bent, but he was so pleased to be rescued. As you can see Rose and the girls are delighted to have him back.
So on that happy note I hope to be back with another epistle soon ,take care and its only 25 more sleeps! Argh and not enough done yet.
Hugs n stuff Barb x

Thursday 17 November 2011

You may remember this

Hello my dears, this is the parcel that I received from Angela (who has no blog ,but should!!! as she writes me really interesting snippets from time to time).I have not lost the plot there is method in my madness of posting the same pic for you to see.

This is my return gift to her a design by The Primitive Hare stitched into a little bag with a few goodies enclosed.
Angela was in the States when I sent this so I had to wait a week or so to know if she had got it. Poor Angela was jet lagged when she opened it and thought I had sent her a butterfly. Not until a day or two later when she turned the thread keeper the right way up she realised the butterfly had metamorphised into a Jane Austen Silhoutte, which made me smile when she wrote to tell me.

It has been a while (again) beating myself with a big stick here,since I last posted . I keep thinking to myself I really must do a blog update ,but unless I have got something to show you I feel there is not a lot of point. So I am updating my wips,as I have not finished anything else I can show you yet. I have done a exchange piece but we are not allowed to show that . I have also got more stash. So with out more twittering on my part.You may remember these too!!
Here is Monday nights Christmas Carol stocking which is being stitched by Sally too. I was feeling rather fed up as the last pic I took (I did not show you)as I had a big frog visit and had to demolish some of the brickwork and part of the roof, however all is rebuilt and oh boy I can understand why Sally said it is a mansion.

Tuesday night again with Sally, thankyou so much Sally for being a brilliant Sal partner, this is Glad Tidings, which I am stitching on Sassys fabric over one. Designed by The Sampler Girl.

Really loving this one.
Wednesday evenings you will find me in the Parlour , with my Sampler Girl stitching or Jane stitching. As I have completed "What would Jane do ?"I am now doing an ornament from The Sampler Girl called Christmas Bells.

The Parlour is over at Needlecraft Haven forum and you would be most welcome to join us .
I am now going to tell you some sad news, before I show more needleworky things. You must remember Seymore and Miss Rose , they got married and had Maisie and Millie.

This was their wedding day and such a happy occasion, but I am afraid Seymore has gone missing, the girls are so upset and Miss Rose too, Julie Mum (who was responible for them coming to live with me) is sure he will turn up ,in the dusty cupboard no doubt, and one day when I feel like ferreting (oh no ferrets isn't the right word!) he will be languishing in the peace and quiet. Meantime Miss Rose has a cousin arrived today ,this is the church mouse I found today whilst visiting a little craft room at a church in town. Has anyone a suggestion for a name for him.He has come to give comfort to the others.

Of course whilst in this crafty goodness I managed to slip a few bits into the bag. A lovely little bowl which will be nice for Christmas delicacies to reside in at £3.Also the two little crocheted mats so delicate and perfectly done for the sum of £3.50. Too cheap really considering the work that goes into them.Mr Bunny as £4. So bargains to be had.

It has been a beautiful day today ,and seeing my old friend for coffee and a chat was the icing on the cake. We did so much walking (well for me) and I ended up having to rest this afternoon.So now I am sitting here in the comfy chair writing a missive to you .Tonight, Thursday, is the Card holder by Soie Idee and here is progress for you.

Weekends are stitching bits and bobs last time I showed you the Christmas Carol by The Primitive Hare and here are 2 more to go with it.

Julie will recognise the Holly and the Ivy. The other one is part of A Baby in a Manger by Cherrywood designs.
So that is my weeks stitching .
Martin has been busy in his glass shed making little plaques and penguins but cannot show you picture yet.
He has also become chairman of Royal Manor Workshops, again after a 3 year break if you want a peak then go take a look. He would like any feedback local or otherwise.
The other member of our family needed a little attention too and the vet has been visited , really just for his booster immunisation jabs but he had to have his feet looked at and has to go back in 2 weeks.

A pic of the Ollie dog with his raggy ball.
Which is his 2nd favourite toy.The first being a rather smelly beaver who needs to go in the wash.
Martin surprised me with this

He knows I have a liking for words and so bought this for me to enable me to write whatever I wish in different alphabets, I think it will be so useful.
Other stash received are the charts I were hoping to arrive so I could stitch one for my secret partner over at NH but they only arrived this week so too late for me . You may be reading this so sorry, had to choose another for you.I have received mine and it is so lovely,will hope to show you next ime.

Notice the word theme again.

So there we go peeps , our family are mostly fine, Kate has been to hospital this week and had her plaster taken off, they x-rayed it and the bone is not healing , so she has to go back in 4 weeks and no work. They have fitted her with what she called a Transformer boot, but her ankle is still very blue with bruising and swollen. It seems as if she may have to have surgery to wire the bones.
I am now going to do a little stitching on my Card holder , I may need it soon well in a few weeks so got to get it done!
Take care all ,thankyou for the lovely comments which continue,welcome to any new followers and hope you will continue to follow and maybe comment when you have time.
Hugs n stuff

Monday 31 October 2011

Double,Double toil and trouble

Fire burn and Cauldron Bubble!

ooohh just had the broom overhauled ready to go flying tonight! We had the family over yesterday and well just had to make these cauldrons for the treats!

The witches kitchen was the free design for the Monthly Challenge over at Needlecraft Haven ,the design was by the Primitive Hare and I stitched it over one as I did the Take one my pretty by Plum Street Samplers. The Cauldrons I picked up for 80p each and just filled them with sweeties.
It seems ages since I last spoke , sorry but you know by now pain sometimes gets the better of me ,and although I have good intentions of keeping you informed of the happenings here, things get away from me.
Firstly I have to tell you that I was thrilled ,absolutely thrilled to win Carins blogaversary giveaway . Carin is just lovely and does such wonderful quilting with help from her witch Brumhelda who I would love to have to live with me. She certainly is a good witch.

The design is from Simone at Atelier Soed Idee and Carin arranged for me to have the pattern and the charms sent direct ,which Simone did and also put in the skein of silk as a little gift from herself,then a few days later Carin sent me the rest of the threads to stitch the design. I found the fabric for the backing of the card holder on the net but could not get the red here in the Uk ,so settled for the taupe.
Now I just have to find time to stitch it before the man in red arrives . Thankyou Carin I am not usually lucky but I think Brumhelda must have sensed just how much I liked the design when she saw my name. Are you sure she would not like to live in England with me.
Well my pretties I have so much to share with you , as it is almost a month since I last posted and I keep saying to Sally ,I will update my blog ,she must think I have not been stitching here on a Monday with her but I have honest and to prove it here is my progress on Christmas Carol Stocking (By Primitive Hare).

Tonight I am starting the roof, Sally started the roof first so she will be almost finished with the dust and builders.I am not a lover of building houses as you know but most designs I like seem to have them in , so just have to make lots of cups of tea for the labourer. The Primitive Hare - or should I say Isabella is really sweet and I have become hooked on her designs -Oh my! I should be locked up or my card should be for safety. I have just finished her Christmas Carol not the one above an ornie design and although it is in its naked finished state

it has got to be finished into something. Have to get thinking how to head on , as I have an idea but have not worked out how to yet.I have also finished another of her designs and as it is a pressie I cannot show that yet either. Then at the weekend I got her advent calendar on PDF , so yet another to get done. Maybe not this year though. She has a book out and I am sorely tempted but maybe the man in red will help out with that one.Wonder if Martin will read this?!!!!
Talking of Martin my dear husband, he has had his eye operated on and now is seeing in colour again and is really happy with it. I must admit to being nervous for him when they came to take him to theatre but he is such a good patient and I did not have to find a nurses uniform to fit me ! He had to have an urgent endoscopy which showed up a duodenal ulcer so he has medication for that ,which also seems to have settled down. Alfie the grandson with the broken leg is out of plaster but is afaid to put leg to floor and walk properly. Kate has another 2 weeks to go before she finds out if she has to have surgery or not.Other than that all are fine.With all the hospital waiting etc it was just as well I had some reading matter to hand.

I did not take these though:-

Having been a fan of Beatrix Potter for many years I at last have the set of her books. I am currently reading the autobiography

A fascinating and wonderfully illustrated book about Beatrix with some old photos of her and her family . Martin said I should be ok reading the little books at night as they are not too heavy hmmmmm ,he probably meant they were right up my street. The Tale of Oat Crag is another Cottage Tale from Susan Wittig Albert, she has just released the last one but I will wait until it is in paperback.
Oh hope you are not too bored as I seem to be whittering on a bit. I have for many weeks been stitching in the Parlour over at Needlecraft Haven and at last I have finished Mansfield Park.
Fanny has her house and all is well.

Sorry about the dark photo,think I need to have a look on how to work this camera!!
Michelle stitched this design and asked if anyone would like it, I am still planning to have a blackbird wall and thought it would add nicely to the ones I already have anyway what do I get through the post is this

Thanks Michelle I will put it on the list, which gets ever longer .Talking of birds this one I spied and Michelle when I have stitched it,it is yours.

I also have some more stash one a Christmas one from Homespun Elegance and not one ,not two,but three from Little House Needleworks. There is no hope for this stitching woman and everytime I say thats enough now someone posts a lovely on their blog or a missive comes through from an internet shop and I am away.

I have also ordered a Sampler Girl witchy one ,but that will be for next Hallowe'en. On that note I am off to find my witches hat and a cat that will not be afraid to fly me! Take care all thanks for those continuing comments 19 most ever last time. Can you beat that?!
Hope the rambles have not left you too thirsty , if they have I can make you a cup of builders tea.
WHoo hoo off into this Hallowe'en night,keep safe and from the old witch herself
Hugs n stuff.
Barb x

Friday 30 September 2011

There was I ready for Autumn

The Golden rod is yellow,
The Corn is turning brown
The Apples in the orchard
With fruit are hanging down. Helen Hunt Jackson

Then we have Summer back with a vengence! Phew it has been a warm few days here in Dorset,hope you have been basking too.
Sorry I have been away so long ,so much going on , lots to tell and lots to share. Or a bit anyway.
Well on the family news Alfie bear who is 4 (going on 94) was playing touch here ,in our care, with his siblings. All 4 charging like loonies when Alfie tripped, Jack fell over and onto him and broke Alfies leg in 2 places. Jack was mortified that he had injured his little brother. Caitlin was the mother hen and fussed over everyone, Sam was just shocked and Alfie well you can imagine the noise.
Kate our daughter had gone to the hospital with her other half he has back problems and she wanted to hear what the physio had to say. We felt dreadful as it happened here ,but as she said it was better it happened here as we do not panic in a situation.We are like ducks calm and serene on top and paddling furiously underneath!
So he has a bright red plaster -which should be changed on Wednesday next. I say should be because this morning Kate misjudged her bottom 2 stairs and landed on her foot awkwardly. She thought she had broken her ankle ,her dad took her to A&E Caitlin came home from school to sort out Alfie as he is off school and needs to be lifted to the loo. Anyway long story short it appears she has broken the outside bone and ligaments in her right foot. So she is in plaster too up to the knee.She has a blue one. Lots of worry going on there how on earth they will manage.
She will be off work 6-8 weeks.
Of course working weekends she gets weekend enhancements .
Martin has 2 hospital appointments coming up in October ,one of which he was hoping Kate would drive him as it is his eye op.
IT never rains but pours.
Well no more apart from the comment from Alfie when he saw Kate in plaster when they got home. Well I hope we don't have to lift mummy to theloo.
Now what else have I to tell you.

Martin took me out to see the ducks in the duck pond at Abbotsbury. This is a Tithe barn where the taxes were gathered by the local monks. It is now a children themed play area. The picture of it and the duck pond is a bit dark -sorry. We has hoped to see some of the Abbotsbury swans there and ducks but this was it.

It was a nice afternoon out though.
On the stitching front I have finished the 2 ornies to go with the tree I showed you last time that is three I promised myself I would finish for September.So here they are.

This is Christmas Tea by Plum Street Samplers. Stitched on Sassys Fabric over one.
I have looked at this one in my basket for the past couple of years and thought it was about time I stitched it.
Then I did this one .

This one is a slight adaptation from The Reindeer Sampler by JBW designs. I stitched it over one and as it was so twee added the Reindeers names and an extra line of snow. The little bells I strung to the bottom ,9little bells for 9 reindeer.
Next the Mystery is revealed.

Don't the colours vary. Top pic. Just finished.Middle pic. Finished into an arm resting cushion for my wrist. Bottom. The back finished with some fabric I purchased from Thread Bear. This was Salem remembered and is in memory of Bridget Bishop who was the first person hung at the Salem witch trials in 1692 I think I have that right.Purported to have been born in England.I have been reading about some of these trials and some of these poor women were really persecuted beyond belief.
I also have been doing my Sal with Sally and Colleen on Mondays with SB designs. I have this week finished My Moms Garden which I changed for My Mums Garden. Mil was delighted with it. I filled it with Lavender her favourite and tied a tag with the words that Tina had written on the design. Her five childrens names ,her and her hubbys initials on the heart and there you have it.

Sally and I have decided to have a little break ,with it being so close (well ish)to Christmas and we have both purchased this little beauty from Isabella at the Primitive Hare. We both share a love of The Christmas Carol both book and film ,I have to watch every make of this film at Christmas from Patrick Steward to the Muppets!! So when I espied this and told Sally it seems she is a fan too,.

You do not need to see the fabric (antique white 32 count ) or the threads I have got to do this. There may be a few little changes though. I also ordered the threads for Glad tidings The Sampler Girl design which again will be a SAL just before Christmas with Sally. We do get along really well and it seems to work that we speak before during and after our weekly sal.
Martin has bought new stash, sort of, this week a new tropical fish tank . Here it is starting to be filled.

We do have more than one fish in there, honest, it looks as if the angel is the only one to see. We are still waiting the water to clear a little. Graeme is asking permission if he is allowed to have our old tank!!!!!
Well dearies I think the other half will be home from bed building soon so I am off to get dinner, thankyou so much for your continuing comments it is so good to see them pop up . Bless you.
Hope it wont be so long before next post, and that I do not have anymore breakages to report.
Take great care
Hugs n stuff Barb.

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

Well hello everyone ,super sets of photos last  time. Mine this time  again has been last  minute so shall we begin. The  words this month ...