Wednesday 30 November 2011

Can we put the tree up this weekend?

Can we,can we? I know, but I am a big child at heart, I love the tree being up and the way that time flies by these days it will be down before I get it decorated!!!
Ollie is ready to be the window decoration as you can see by the header. In fact if he is not there people are beginning to ask if he is ok. The postman did not stay at the door very long yesterday, as he thought we were out as the dog wasn't in his usual lookout spot.Ollie likes to say hello to all the delivery people. Well my bloggy friends I hope you are all well and ready to shop until you drop, we have 2 birthdays this week coming with Caitlin (14) on Friday and Jack (17)on the 6th.Our grandchildren are growing into lovely young people,and if it is possible to get a photo of them together I will and share with you.

Last week I tried my hand at needlefelting and made this.

It needs a bit more work on the handle but not bad for a first try. I had another first try at these little bunnies this week but I have a bit of bother with them not holding the shape well when I have stuffed and stitched the opening shut ,does anyone have a solution.

Just have to practise more! They were from a Tilda design .
Now I have just pressed post so you will have the first bit to read ,call it a trailer dur.
Stitching is progressing ,I thought it was the 1st today so I was going to show you my ornie I had from my secret partner over at Needlecraft Haven, but I cannot as its still only the 30th November , is this dementia creeping up on me.
I have finished my Scandinavian Christmas by Atelier Soed Idee which I won as a giveaway on Carins blog. Oh I loved this and although I tend to tinge the air blue when using the sewing machine I must admit I am quite pleased with it.

We found a twig to hang it from and ta-da the cards have just begun to arrive. Mine are still in the boxes waiting .Not a job I really enjoy doing.
Today I have done a little shopping and fell in love with a little girls something, more than that I cannot say. I also bought a lovely scarf for a friends birthday, I tend to give for birthdays to friends rather than Christmas as I feel it is their special day rather than Christmas which tends to be more family orientated.Qhat do you do ?
I think we would all love to give to everyone but needless to say it cannot be done.
Last time I posted pics of unfinished ornies and here is the finish.

You can click on any of these for a closer look,but remember you can look at the dust but please do not write in it lol.
I bought a canvas from an arts shop for £1.50 tied a bow with a jingle bell on velvet red ribbon and then put pins through the ornies and the ribbon. Maybe next year I will do a bigger one.
Then I finished my Christmas Bells hanging pillow ,but mine was stitched over one so it is ornie size.

That one looks better bigger , I think my camera is getting temperemental.
So since I last wrote I have not been slacking ,mind you the ironing and cleaning are shouting at me.
Also the Sal is growing with Sally and I visited her on Monday and Tuesday to do a bit of stitching and a lot of frogging. Christmas Carol Scrooges house just got finished when it started to snow. I had to get the shovel out and clear the path (damn frog) but then it came down deep and crisp and even. I still hope to get this done for Christmas , Sally is beginning to think she may not get hers finished by the time the man in red comes. I have a feeling she might just do it .This then is progress

Tuesday was Glad Tidings from The Sampler Girl and here is where I have got to, not very much done this week but I am hoping to finish this one in a few weeks.

I mentioned at the beginning I was just a big kid, well I have never read this book and when I saw it I had to have it. The illustrations are gorgeous and just for those it was so worth getting.

The book is illustrated throught like this and it is just soooo pretty.
So my dears it is so nice to chat with you ,and your answers and comments are always so welcome THANKYOU so much for taking a little time to drop me a note. I think last time I mentioned Martin had a website for his arts and craft organisation but I may have given you the wrong address here it is again http;//
Now for some other news, and somebunny would like to thankyou for your interest in his whereabouts and faith in his returning.

I was going to say we found him in the dusty garden shed where he had got shut in after hunting for carrots ,but I am afraid he cannot claim fame like Peter Rabbit. He was found under the chest of drawers in the bedroom,he usually lives on top with the rest of his family ,somehow he must have been knocked off and when I was doing the (not very often moving out of furniture) there he was ,slightly dusty and his spectacles were bent, but he was so pleased to be rescued. As you can see Rose and the girls are delighted to have him back.
So on that happy note I hope to be back with another epistle soon ,take care and its only 25 more sleeps! Argh and not enough done yet.
Hugs n stuff Barb x


Jane said...

NO, NO, No, Barb ~ you cannot put your tree up yet, I'm way behind on everything that spells Christmas and you're making my blood pressure reach extreme heights!!!
Oh, Ollie you're just gorgeous, love your waves on your chest!
All your stitching is lovely, really nice pieces.
Have you been watching Kirsty Allsop?
I saw her promote The Secret Garden last week and do some felting ~ really inspiring, the illustrations in the book are so heartwarming.
Glad to see the missing bunny has returned, oh! the very thought of a missing bunny ~ whoops the blood pressure's going up again!
Have a good week Barb ~ great post

Michelle said...

Barb - go for it - we're putting up our tree at the weekend why not - its nearly here!

Lovely all your photos and I just adore those bunnies x

Heather said...

Go on put your tree up Barb.

Lovely photos.

Carin said...

Go put on that tree !!!
I love how you finished Scandinavian christmas and your other stitching looks so lovely.
That felt cup is beautiful !!

Christine said...

Yes, put the tree up! We always put ours up the first weekend in December, but this year I'm trying to be fierce and tell the girls it won't go up unless they tidy the lounge.
I'll cave of course. I know it, they know it...
Lovely ornaments, the idea of mounting them on a canvas is inspired

angelasweby said...

oh joy, Barb!! How lovely to see Seymour back with the family and what a wonderful welcome he's receiving :-)
My goodness, your Scandavian Christmas is absolutely gorgeous. What a pretty and useful project. I really love it. I love your Bells ornament too. That tree trim at the top is so pretty and the bells decorating it are perfect.
You are making excellent progress on The Christmas Carol and Glad Tidings. You are definitely keeping your hands busy.
Your pretty felted cup and saucer is so impressive, what a great new craft. Lovely ornaments too, especially displayed in such a clever way.
Now, as for the tree, I would say go for it :-) I think Christmas is over far too quickly. I would get ours up too if I could but it's in the garden and wouldn't take kindly to being brought in too soon. We bought it sale or return from a tree farm two years ago and it's still going strong. Another week and it will be dragged in.
Warm wishes Angela xx

Elisa said...

Wow wow many lovely things to look at and read in your post Barb...thanks for sharing them. Go ahead with the tree erection....mine is going up over the weekend...and I can't wait!

Sally said...

Yes Barb, put your tree up! We're putting ours up this weekend. I dread doing it but once we get going with it and it's all done I love it. We get Christmas tunes on and away we go!

You have been very busy. Love your little heart bunnies. They are so sweet. That teacup and saucer is really pretty.

Your card holder looks lovely. You did a brilliant job on it.

Love your little finishes. What a brilliant idea with the canvases!

Your stocking is growing so well. Mine is slow but I might get on better next week. Jane is looking gorgeous too.

The Secret garden book is beautiful. It's gone on my Christmas list in the hope that Father Christmas will bring me it!

Wahooo Seymour has come back!

Take care {{{hugs}}}

Julie said...

Well done on the felting, the teacup is adorable and the bunny hearts look so cute.
Love the canvas with the ornaments on, clever idea.
Welcome home Seymour, better stop that kissing...there will not be anymore offspring lol
Super stitching, the stocking is looking beautiful

Michelle said...

Hi Barb! Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. Your finish of the Scandinavian Christmas Card Holder looks absolutely gorgeous - congrats! Your other stitching (and felting) also looks great.

Give Oliver a big hug from me - he is beautiful!

Dani - tkdchick said...

You did some lovely ornaments

Dani - tkdchick said...

You did some lovely ornaments

Jennifer M. said...

Your teacup came out gorgeous. I am impressed you made that when you are still learning.

Lovely stitched projects also. Christmas will be here before we know it so don't want to long to put that tree up. :)


Brigitte said...

You're stitching some really great projects. And finishing. I love love love the Scandinavian Christmas turned into a Christmas card bag. Terrific and very creative.

Tina said...

Great progress on your stocking,i think it will definitely be finished for Christmas,your tea cup and saucer are gorgeous,have just bought a felted cat from the German Market myself,must be popular at the moment.Your JA ornament and wip are fab
By the time you read this,i bet your tree is up lol
I'm like you,i like to give friend Birthday presents as it is their special day too
Hugs xxx

Hazel said...

Well Barb, I near missed this post! So many goodies. I have the same tart burner! Cool isn't it? Now, the Charles Dickens chart - is that Sampler Girl? I will need to add it to my list. xx

Mindi said...

I love the piece you finished as a pocket for holiday cards, its gorgeous. And your Scrooge stocking! Its really moving along.

Unknown said...

What a lovely cup of tea, so cute
Greetings from Belgium
I follow your blog

Colleen said...

What a relief to see Seymour back! And Sir Ollie is looking so regal these days. How's my sweet boy doing? Miss Wrigley send wags, wiggles & slobbery kisses. Love all your stitching projects; Scandinavian stitch is beautiful.Can we have a picture of the much anticipated Christmas Tree, please? Hugs Sweetie!

Unknown said...

I'm guessing the tree is well and truly up by now!! And looking good! My you have been busy too. Love those hearts, just a tad more stuffing should help keep the shape,
Happy Yuletide to all,

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