Monday 31 December 2012

Please can someone turn the tap off ,up there.

We have a lake in the garden, Ollie the dog is thinking he is a duck. Martin is wet three times a day at the moment ,well 4 if you include the daily shower . I think I should have had boat for Christmas how about you. I know my brother in law in Queensland is rather warm (I wish) ,friends in the U.S. have had the pretty but treacherous white stuff. So I think I will accept the wet stuff and hopefully one of these days we shall have a nice bright cold but crisp day. We shall count our blessings ,which are many. So first of all before I get started , you may need to share tea and cake  with me as I have so  much to share, can I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy and Stitchy full 2013. It was quite interesting counting the books I have read in 2012 and the things I have finished. 28 books read .30 items of stitching done and 7 knitted items . I wonder what the new year will bring. Christmas brought me a kit from my son that for years I have admired and thought one day! Well tomorrow is the day I start it . Here it is for you to see, not as complicated as the HAED ones I see and admire on peoples blogs but I have seen this completed and loved it.

It is a Lanarte kit by Marjorie Balstein. I was asked if I had started it this morning when Graeme phoned. I  
was so spoilt at Christmas by family and friends alike.,but talking of my son and his family we went to them on Christmas day and met Misty the kitten . We decided not to take Ollie , as there were quite a few people popping in and out and it may have become a bit of a war zone with him and the cat . So we decided to let them meet each other another time.
Misty in a box with her new toys. I think she was spoilt too. Very cute and cuddly.She almost got catnapped.

This is my second grandaughter Ella who belongs to Graeme and Sue. . Sue is in the background with her mum .We arrived home in time for Downton Abbey oh dear it was so sad ..........

I am a bit all over the place with this post as I should have told you Christmas Eve we popped out to Kates ,she does not live so far away and also was working Christmas Day until 6. I think Bedlam reigned there on Christmas Day. Alfie woke at midnight and then every few hours , so Kate did not get much sleep. The two younger boys came over to make "stuff" on Christmas Eve whilst Kate did a bit of last minute shopping and I took a pic of them by the tree.This is Alfie and Sam. We were given School photos too and maybe you would like to see my treasures. 

Caitlin ,Alfie and Sam.We have to get some frames for them now. OK talking of frames I had to hot foot it out to get a frame so this could be finished this Christmas.I have been in the Little house Parlour in the country over at Needlecaft Haven and  every week have been working on this . I am so pleased with it I have to admit.

Here it is framed.Sorry about the picture quality,the weather is making everywhere dark and gloomy.

The changes I made were Red- barn door by Country Colours and Blue- Miladys Teal . The Green I changed for dmc 937 . I mention Needlecraft Haven quite a lot and you may or may not know that Julie and Mr Stick (for prodding us when we do not get on with our UFOS whilst strictly come dancing has been on we had a chance to win the Gitterball by stitching every week if poss on our UFO s . I was delighted when the postman came and presented me with this .
Printed on it -2012 Stictly UFO winner congratulations. Along with this came from Mr Stick a box of his friends , Matchmakers chocolate stick mints. Last but not least a little poem which read.

I am afraid it appealed to my sense of humour ,thankyou Miss Julie you did brighten my day.

Now as we are on the subject of Needlecraft Haven today is opening day for the winter exchange and I received this from Angie , a mirror that (if I dare look in it)will come in useful.Lots of stitching and beads and I am truly delighted thank you Angie if you read this. I will show you the exchange I sent to Fee , hope she liked it.I also included a shawl for her.

I have got another stitchy piece to show you , I received this from Cath of the Stitchy  Chicken , totally unprepared for this and it is SHEEP!!!!! Thankyou Cath I loved them.

So how lucky am I . I also had fabric and silk from Christine. Silks and a Floral stitching booklet from Clare. A patchwork rabbit token from Karan and this.
I absolutely adore this sheep he sits on my fridge , he /she apparently came from the Lake District where Karan was taking her hols in the summer.Wonder how you all know I like sheep a little bit. Ok I will admit it my name is Barb and I love ,adore, worship , SHEEP!!!
Even my daughter succumbed to this , she was out with her friend before Christmas and her friend and her looked at each other and said , "Mum!"
Oh dear the secret addiction is out now.
I do have an awful sad bit of news for you my sil mother was in a very nasty accident just before Christmas , she was driving through Weymouth , we all heard it on the news , she had fallen ill at the wheel of her car. A passing bus with nurses on, ran to help her, a dr that had a surgery near by had been called. They had her on the road and were doing CPR. To no avail the paramedics arrived and she was pronounced dead. Everyone was talking about it and it being the main artery into the town a major  traffic jam formed.
 Although she went into a Mercedes in front of her and that shunted another as they were at traffic lights no one else was hurt. It is thought she had a massive heart attack. Although we felt very sad for the lady we
did not realise  it was Martins brothers wifes Mum. dreadful shock for them and right on top of Christmas.
Funeral next week.
Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that but life has an awful way of dealing bad cards sometimes . So please remember those who have lost loved ones and if someone doesn't smile back when you smile,they may me experiencing bad times and your smile may be the only bright thing in their day .So the one thing to do is keep smiling.
WELL if you have got this far with me thanks,I did have goodies from Family, mainly my man who bought me a Samsung Galaxy Tablet,which I am still trying to work out how to use. He also bought me some rather lovely perfume. He also got me an Andre Rieu Cd and dvd.
The grandchildren apart from Alfie made me something , Caitlin gave me a heart shaped box with a pic of her when she was little.Ella made me fudge brownies to her own special recipe and it is deeelicious. Sam had sewn a tray cloth with Bondaweb olympic torches on. Jack bought me a present but also gave me the candle holder he made with Grandad. All very touching and made themselves.
Well folks all I can now say is .HAPPY NEW YEAR  .!!!!!!!!
I shall try and keep up more often next year and here is to a book, stitching and knitting full 2013
Please keep commenting we all need a little brightness and those little notes you write do brighten my day
Hugs n much love

Wednesday 19 December 2012

and God Bless us everyone

Thought I had better do a catch up or you would be thinking I had fallen down the deep pit of despair. I have been a little low of late and had medication altered . I am not going to bore with you with details as I am feeling brighter and pain is less .
So here we are and only 7 more sleeps until the man in red arrives are you excited. !!!!!
I think I told you I was taking part in the Christmas Ornament exchanges here is the exchange I had from Ursh , isnt it lovely. It is sitting on my twiggy tree..
This is the one I sent to Angi who was my partner.
This was free design from The Little House Needleworks.
I am pleased to say that Angi was delighted with it and using is using it to protect her chocolate snowmen on her tree from her grandchildrens little fingers ,the bells rings when you touch it.
Talking of grandchildren this is my grandson Jack ,who was 18 a couple of weeks ago, this was taken on his birthday he had popped in with his girlfriend for lunch on his birthday.
He also passed his driving test the first time this last week , we are very proud of the young man he is becoming.
Caitlin his sister phoned last night to tell us she is doing the Ten Tors as part of the DOE award. The Ten Tors Challenge hosted on Dartmoor in Devon features 400 teams of 6 taking on a hike over 2 days of 35 miles for her age group. Rather her than me thank goodness.I shall be a nervous wreck until she gets back.
I also have been strictly stitching with Miss Julie over on the UFO stitching at Needlecraft Haven and this is how far I have got with Quaker Diamonds.

This big one is taking a while but it is clickable so you can see how detailed it is. Another one I can show you is the Country Cottage Needlework Vintage Christmas. I am stitching this on Wednesdays in the Parlour over at The Little house in the Country on Needlecraft Haven forum. If you would like to join us we are a very friendly bunch..
Scuse the hoop mark and wrinkled look of fabric. 
My Wordplays are coming along.. Here is February
I have only just started December , Sally has decided these are not for her so I am stitching these while she does something else, still stitching along together on a Monday and have so much fun (virtually).
So there you have it my stitching up to date. I had Martin unravelling wool the other evening as I thought I would try some knitting. We got in such a tangle with it , he has an awful lot of patience but we gave up after half an hour. So a job for another day.

Well my dears sorry this is not so long , I think my brain has become very slow (not that it was quick before lol) but since the change of medication I feel very withdrawn. So I am now going to wish all my followers and my dear stitching friends ,you know who you are, a very happy Christmas and a healthy and stitchyfull new year. We are off to Graemes hopefully on Christmas day so you may get some pics of a kittencat, still not sure about taking Ollie.
Take care all and as the title says God Bless us everyone.
Oh before I go so far I have watched Miracle on 34th Street 3 times this year, and there are so many showings of A Christmas Carol I will be watching,have you any favourites that have become a tradition? 
Thanks for continuing to read my ramblings and for commenting if you can.
Hugs and Christmassy mwahs 
Barb xl

Thursday 29 November 2012

Whoosh! and another month flies by

I am beginning to wonder if the time is going quicker as I get older or is it my imagination. No sooner is it the start of a month we are at the end of it or so it seems.  Next month will fly by no doubt , we have Caitlins 15th birthday to celebrate on Sunday and her brother Jack will be 18 a week today. My goodness it hardly seems possible that the baby I saw come into the world is now going to be 18.
A fine young man (although some may say I am slightly biased).
Sitting here I am coughing and spluttering ,Martin thought he would share his germs with me.He feels a little better so I am hoping this will not be hanging around for long.
After all the wet we have had recently it has been nice to see the big yellow duster in the sky. It has turned cold but I would rather it be like that. Martin has been out making wig wams in the garden . All our tender plants have been fleeced as we expect a frosty night. So watch out ,watch out Jack Frost is about ,he is after your fingers and toes.
I am a little premature in showing you this as it is not January yet, I did say the months fly by , but this is my latest finish. Sally and I are doing these Wordplay doorbells months. I am pleased by how this has turned out. Supposed to use rusty pins and bells but I wanted bright ones.
I have also finished my winter exchange piece for Needlecraft Haven but you will have a whole month to wait to see that as opening day isn't until the 31st of December.
I will be able to show you the christmas ornie exchange next time as the opening day for that is this Saturday.
Tomorrow I hope to feel like cleaning the house and having a de-clutter before the tree goes up ,maybe on Saturday. It will feel as if no sooner as it is up it is time to take it down . So the sooner it goes up the better as I do like to see it in all its splendour and it will have its few new ornies this year.
I was over in the parlour last night with the parlour maids and some stitched and some didn't .Here is my progress anyway a before and after.

 The colour of the fabric is more the lower pic. I think this will be pretty when finished almost half way.
 I have ordered a couple of charts that I could not resist so may be able to show those soon. I have also received this week the new Jane Austen knits ,but I do not think I shall bother with these anymore. Lovely to look at but not much I would knit .

 Talking of knitting I had some Malbrigo wool come this week .

The one on the left I could see a shawl draped over a piece of driftwood. I do like knitting with this wool. and maybe in the New Year I shall have a giveaway of a hank of this  wool,enough for you to make socks or a shawl, for those who arent knitters I shall have to think of something for you before then. So look out in the month of January.It will be a late blogaversary giveaway.
I had a lovely suprise this morning ,not a christmas present I was told!! How cute is this calendar ,sent by my friend Miss Julie. I have been so lucky in finding this family through Needlecraft Haven , so many lovely ladies on there.,but Julie is rather special and I know she will be blushing when she reads this. Thanks for being a friend Julie just wish we lived nearer. I have the book of these bears to knit,some of you may remember i made one from it for my bear collecting Mother in law,  so I am offering it to anyone who would like it as I now have a calendar from Julie to keep. It will have to be someone in the UK.Please reply to this post if you would like it. If more than one person wants it then I will choose a name from the sorting hat.
Well folks must away as a hungry man will be demanding dinner when he gets back with Ollie dog, and I would hate to disapoint.
Take care my friends and followers ,December is hovering around the corner !!
Thanks for comments and I shall talk to you again soon. Please excuse any grammatical errors as I won't have chance to check this.
Much love and hugs

Thursday 22 November 2012

An addition to the family

This is Misty,she is a rag doll kitten. Ella our granddaughter has taken ownership of her this week as an early Christmas present. We haven't seen her yet as it is a problem with Ollie dog as he is not a lover of cats and as they do not live around the corner he has to come with us, I think too that Martin is afraid to let me see her as she may get catnapped.  She is apparently an indoor cat so they will have to keep a close eye on her for a while. At the moment she has the conservatory to herself and at the weekend will be allowed into the other rooms. I have a lovely pic of her and Ella but I cannot turn it round as it is on its side ,so have to wait for help. Misty has a nose like a Koala bear.
Well what wild and grey weather we are having, I just ventured out with the dog and it is blowing a gale out there.
I have been so lucky to win a giveaway on Andreas blog, she apparently does ornies every year although it is the first year I have seen them and they looked so lovely I thought well I may be lucky.AND I WAS!!!!
Thankyou so much Andrea ,my tree will be quivering with excitement this year it has another ornie coming from the NH christmas ornie exchange too.Anyway here is the lovely ornament I had from Andrea.

Oh damn and blast it is on its side. sorry .Just turn your computer or head on its side!

She had also made me the lovely card next to it, which is just so pretty,thanks again Andrea.
I finally got around to making up the Its snow cold ornie ,but I think I should have stuffed it a little more . The bottom is a bit wavy. If I put it at the back of the tree no one will notice. I seem to have a bit of a thing about this ,has anyone got a solution.
I also got Sallys happiness in the post to her yesterday,now I have apologies to make to Shirlee and Margaret. Angela has hers as she had been in hospital so I needed to send her a little something to cheer her.I have done the other 2 as promised but , last week I had almost finished the last one when I noticed a mistake, so I stupidly took the scissors to it and yes you guessed it I made a hole ,grrr so that went in the bin and I stitched yet another to replace it. Thought I would have a make up session and I got to the two backs that I had cut out with the two fronts an hour before . Gaily stitching things together came to the backs and no fronts. Searched high and low ,but no fronts !! Heavens knows where they have gone, so I now have to do the stitched two AGAIN!!!! I know my own happiness and it is not stitching things again,and again . So ladies you will get them one day ,I am just not saying when ,meanwhile enjoy yours Angela and Sally you don't know how lucky you are lol.Also forgot to take pic of Sallys.
I have another no show pic too as the ornie exchange over at NH has been stitched and will be winging its way soon as will the Winter exchange. Phew.
Wips continue , with Sally I am doing the January wordplay -oh I LUV this one and I know Sally is itching to start hers. This is how far I have got.Well this was before Mondays stitching with Sally. Now this weeks progress.
I am really looking forward to next Monday .Wednesday too is a good day over in the Little House in the Country with the Sampler  girl  in the parlour.This is where it was when I started on Wednesday.

Here is where I finished last night.
Another work in progress is Quaker Diamonds but this week I don't know why ,but I just couldn't see it properly and did not seem to do much at all so not going to show you that .

So that is my stitchy news for this week .

I hope you are all as well as can be expected with all this dampness about , thanks for the continuing comments and encouragement to continue with this ere blog of mine. It does mean a lot. Well thats it from me for this time and I hope to be back with you again soon if the naughty elves stay away.
Much love and many hugs

Thursday 8 November 2012

Well hello my blogging friends ,I thought I had better give you an update on my doings or undoings as the case may be. I had a rather unwelcome visitor this week ,who caused a rip it hole in my last Know your own happiness.So fed up was I that it went into the bin as it was unrepairable. Then on Monday it hopped out again and this progress I had made on my Wordplay ,was found to be out by a thread.
So I am inbetween 2 minds do I start it again,or rip it out? Shall make up my mind by Monday when I see Sally again. So I got my magic wand out and this is what happened to the frog,
Hee Hee I am not really a witch. I did have a finish this week over at the Parlour in the Little House in the Country I had a new start,firstly though both Miss Julie and I finished the same design ,here is mine.
Thia is Daisy Lane Cottage by little House Needleworks. After some deliberation I decided on Vintage Christmas by Country Cottage Needleworks as a new start this week.
I did have another new start, but as that is for an exchange I cannot show you that. On Saturdays we have over at NH a ufo night with Julie and Mr Stick ,Julie has been very clever on getting us to KEEEEP Stitching whilst watching Strictly. A favourite programme of mine ,as is Merlin and Casualty that I stitch now all evening on Saturdays, then it is the results show on Sunday and Downton so it gets and airing again. I have made a bit of progress on it and now I shall show you the before and after 2weeks.
After this last weekends stitching. Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor stitched over one.The bottom pic is more true to life colouring wise.
I am so pleased I turned that frog to stone! I have so much to tell you this time so better get on with it. Martin had a craft fair last Saturday ,this was his stall.The day was a little slow he said but he did sell some things.

I think maybe it is a little early and will book for the end of November next time. When Jack saw his grandads woodturning he asked if he could come and have a go whilst on half term. This is said Jack in Martins very messy garage. Couldn't get a car in there even if you wanted to lol.
I was going to show you a pic of the bottle stop in ash he made and a redwood candlestick holder. He is supposed to be sending me a pic but it has not materialised yet.!!
He has been to lunch today with Katy (girlfriend) they had spaghetti bolognese. I do like Thursdays as it is so nice to see them.
Yesterday I was collected and taken into town with Kate (daughter) and we were very naughty went to M&S and had tea and cake. Oooh yum.Kate couldn't believe I was taking a picture of the cake. Now maybe she was right and I shouldn't have as  it will be held in evidence against me .
Martin and I took a walk round the garden the other morning and just had to show you this. It is a Fatsia Japonica Varigata and it is in flower . Isn't it fab, looks very alien like and it is laden with flower as you can see all the little round flowerets waiting to burst open. Do not take too much notice of the spelling of its name ,I think I shall have to find her a name of her own. Any suggestions.
I have been knitting too and another finish means I now have some fingerless gloves.I am not sure what I want to knit next ,I had an urge to knit Martin a cable jumper but the price of the wool was frightening. So a rethink on that one.
I am sure I had lots more to tell you but the brain is being addled by pain, so I think I shall call it a day. Thankyou so much for coming over to keep me company it is always good when friends call. If you left me a little comment thanks, I was thinking should I carry on with this blog ,but had such nice mail from Sally and Angela that I had second thoughts, oh well it cannot be that bad.
Hope you are all well and if not get well soon .Loads of sniffles and snuffles doing the rounds. A few of you have worrying times - apparently we are not given more than we can handle so just hang on to that handle.
Big hugs for you all

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Alfie and the witch

Hello my dears, well it is almost Hallowe'en so thought I would share last Saturdays comment from Alfie with you. I had set out the mantle shelf with the Hallowe'en bits and bobs. Kate popped in last week with Alfie who was very intrigued by pumpkins and witches. On Saturday we were asked to have the boys for a couple of hours and standing by the front door Martin heard Alfie say to Sam ,"Sam come and look at the witch in the  front room,(I was in the front room!!) Martin was seen to smile !!.
Anyway although I am not a witch (a Christian through and through) ,I do like witches and Hallowe'en type things. So I decided to buy this from The Primitive Hare ,just awaiting fabric to arrive.
This will not be done for this year I may add.
Thanks so much for the comments last time, Barbi asked which designs I liked in the JCS Christmas ornie book, well I have 5 marked to do and I am not sure which to start first. Meantime SAL with Sally we decided the first Sal after Blackbirds ceased singing ,was an ornie for Christmas ,I finished mine this week but have not put it together yet. This is LHN it is snow cold. I really enjoyed stitching this one and now have to get the sewing machine out to finish it .
This is not the only one I am stitching of LHN at the moment as you know I open the doors of the parlour on a Wednesday over at Needlecraft Haven and we stitch on any design from LHN ,CCN or The Sampler Girl. Julie and I are doing the same design and here is my progress up to now.Last Wednesday when all the ladies had gone I picked up a book I had been loaned.

Must admit it spooked me out a bit, but I had to sit with it on Thursday until I had finished it. I have also got some knitting finished that you can see.This is my 3rd Shawlette and it is so Autumn to me.

I thought I may do some fingerless gloves and sent for some wool yesterday it arrived today. So tomorrow I shall be doing a little knitting.

I have now decided to have a wool basket ,the basket Martin made is fab-u -lous ,but dont tell him I told you lol. I was going to put my berries and birds in it but they looked a little lost. So hence the wool.

Taken outside .and then taken full-ish inside.

He has been busy of late trying to get things made to sell at our annual craft fair in a couple of weeks.

 He was in the workshop the other day and with all the rain etc its a little slippy underfoot. I decided to go our in unsuitable footwear (flip flops)I can hear what you are thinking silly woman! Yes you guessed it ,coming out of the workshop the earth moved under my feet and there I was having a mud bath. Oh yuk. Not a lot of damage though apart from a few more aches to add to the pain .
 So I had to have a shower and a sit down. Which calls for a trip to Amazon and these 2 arrived a few days ago.
I have all the cottage tales and this is the last one I am sorry to say.

So my catch up with you is almost at an end and just one more pic to show you of another new start ,hope to get it finished by Christmas (famous last words) .
Now all that remains for me to say is I hope your week is a good one and that you wrap up warm against these cold winds etc that are on their way. Take care and if you would like to leave me a little word or two it is appreciated as always.

  Hugs n stuff.

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

Well hello everyone ,super sets of photos last  time. Mine this time  again has been last  minute so shall we begin. The  words this month ...