Friday 30 September 2011

There was I ready for Autumn

The Golden rod is yellow,
The Corn is turning brown
The Apples in the orchard
With fruit are hanging down. Helen Hunt Jackson

Then we have Summer back with a vengence! Phew it has been a warm few days here in Dorset,hope you have been basking too.
Sorry I have been away so long ,so much going on , lots to tell and lots to share. Or a bit anyway.
Well on the family news Alfie bear who is 4 (going on 94) was playing touch here ,in our care, with his siblings. All 4 charging like loonies when Alfie tripped, Jack fell over and onto him and broke Alfies leg in 2 places. Jack was mortified that he had injured his little brother. Caitlin was the mother hen and fussed over everyone, Sam was just shocked and Alfie well you can imagine the noise.
Kate our daughter had gone to the hospital with her other half he has back problems and she wanted to hear what the physio had to say. We felt dreadful as it happened here ,but as she said it was better it happened here as we do not panic in a situation.We are like ducks calm and serene on top and paddling furiously underneath!
So he has a bright red plaster -which should be changed on Wednesday next. I say should be because this morning Kate misjudged her bottom 2 stairs and landed on her foot awkwardly. She thought she had broken her ankle ,her dad took her to A&E Caitlin came home from school to sort out Alfie as he is off school and needs to be lifted to the loo. Anyway long story short it appears she has broken the outside bone and ligaments in her right foot. So she is in plaster too up to the knee.She has a blue one. Lots of worry going on there how on earth they will manage.
She will be off work 6-8 weeks.
Of course working weekends she gets weekend enhancements .
Martin has 2 hospital appointments coming up in October ,one of which he was hoping Kate would drive him as it is his eye op.
IT never rains but pours.
Well no more apart from the comment from Alfie when he saw Kate in plaster when they got home. Well I hope we don't have to lift mummy to theloo.
Now what else have I to tell you.

Martin took me out to see the ducks in the duck pond at Abbotsbury. This is a Tithe barn where the taxes were gathered by the local monks. It is now a children themed play area. The picture of it and the duck pond is a bit dark -sorry. We has hoped to see some of the Abbotsbury swans there and ducks but this was it.

It was a nice afternoon out though.
On the stitching front I have finished the 2 ornies to go with the tree I showed you last time that is three I promised myself I would finish for September.So here they are.

This is Christmas Tea by Plum Street Samplers. Stitched on Sassys Fabric over one.
I have looked at this one in my basket for the past couple of years and thought it was about time I stitched it.
Then I did this one .

This one is a slight adaptation from The Reindeer Sampler by JBW designs. I stitched it over one and as it was so twee added the Reindeers names and an extra line of snow. The little bells I strung to the bottom ,9little bells for 9 reindeer.
Next the Mystery is revealed.

Don't the colours vary. Top pic. Just finished.Middle pic. Finished into an arm resting cushion for my wrist. Bottom. The back finished with some fabric I purchased from Thread Bear. This was Salem remembered and is in memory of Bridget Bishop who was the first person hung at the Salem witch trials in 1692 I think I have that right.Purported to have been born in England.I have been reading about some of these trials and some of these poor women were really persecuted beyond belief.
I also have been doing my Sal with Sally and Colleen on Mondays with SB designs. I have this week finished My Moms Garden which I changed for My Mums Garden. Mil was delighted with it. I filled it with Lavender her favourite and tied a tag with the words that Tina had written on the design. Her five childrens names ,her and her hubbys initials on the heart and there you have it.

Sally and I have decided to have a little break ,with it being so close (well ish)to Christmas and we have both purchased this little beauty from Isabella at the Primitive Hare. We both share a love of The Christmas Carol both book and film ,I have to watch every make of this film at Christmas from Patrick Steward to the Muppets!! So when I espied this and told Sally it seems she is a fan too,.

You do not need to see the fabric (antique white 32 count ) or the threads I have got to do this. There may be a few little changes though. I also ordered the threads for Glad tidings The Sampler Girl design which again will be a SAL just before Christmas with Sally. We do get along really well and it seems to work that we speak before during and after our weekly sal.
Martin has bought new stash, sort of, this week a new tropical fish tank . Here it is starting to be filled.

We do have more than one fish in there, honest, it looks as if the angel is the only one to see. We are still waiting the water to clear a little. Graeme is asking permission if he is allowed to have our old tank!!!!!
Well dearies I think the other half will be home from bed building soon so I am off to get dinner, thankyou so much for your continuing comments it is so good to see them pop up . Bless you.
Hope it wont be so long before next post, and that I do not have anymore breakages to report.
Take great care
Hugs n stuff Barb.


butterfly said...

Yes its hot here to.Crazy weather i put my Summer cloths away ! back out again now.
Love all your stitching , and some great photos .
Have a good weekend looks like its going to be hot hot hot.

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous finishes Barb. Look forward to seeing SAL progress with Sally and the Christmas Carol.

Jane said...

Oh Barb, are you opening up your own hospital ward, WOW! one breakage would be bad enough but two and ops in the equation as well ~ I think some good luck needs to come your way and SOON! Hugs and best wishes to all concerned that they have a speedy recovery.
Love everything you've done stitching-wise especially Salem remembered, really unusual and I've been tempted by that backing fabric too, I think it comes in 2 shades?
Have a good weekend ~ freaky weather this is, I'm all set for chilly bright days not boiling hot ones xxx

Christine said...

Its hot here too.
Poor little Alfie, though I had to laugh at his comment about mum's plaster.
Great stitching and finishing, I love the reindeer sampler ornament

Michelle said...

Lovely finishes Barb as always. I look forward to seeing your SAL progress. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us - snow on the way for the end of next week I hear xx

Gillie said...

Crikey, Barb, what a time you've all had! Hugs to the invalids!

Mouse said...

ooohhh dear ... sorry to hear about the breaks the ops and everything else .... love alfies comment though love the stitching ... salem is beautiful and gorgeous backing fabric too :) hope things calm down a wee bit for you :) love mouse xxxx

Sally said...

Oh gosh Barb, Alfie now poor Kate. Bless little Alfie on his comment lol. Let's hope that is an end to it now my dear friend. I hope they will both heal quickly.

Lots of gorgeous stitchy eye candy there. Love all of your finishes. You finished them all so beautifully and I love what you did with My Mum's Garden for your MIL.

I'm looking forward to our SAL (s)! I need to get my threads sorted for the stocking then I'll be all ready to go on Monday:) Awww I think we get on really well too. I'm so blessed to have you as a dear friend and wish we lived nearer so we could stitch together in person.

Gorgeous scenic photos too :)

Email to follow in a minute or two! {{{{hugs}}}}

jane said...

Goodness Barb, how unlucky have your family been! I hope that Alfie and Kate recover soon, as you say, life will be a bit difficult for a while.
All your stitching is beautiful, can't decide which I like the best. Enjoy your SAL with Sally, looking forward to seeing that stitched.

Julie said...

Oh my, poor Kate and little Alfie, I hope they heal quickly and the others are helping out lots.

Super stitching and finishing, the ornaments are superb.

Martin's new fish tank looks great, there is something so relaxing about watching fish, my dad used to have some in a tank.

Looking forward to watching your stocking SAL with Sally grow.

Love and (hugs) x

Carin said...

Hi Barb, I hope you did get me email because you are the winner of my give away :-) See my blog.
I do love all the stitching you have done !!!!!

Tina said...

Great post Barb,love your header the Hedgehog is super.
Oh dear so sorry to hear about all your family breaks and scrapes,hope they all heal soon,
Great stitching finishes,love Salem its fab!(another one on wish list)
cute ornies too looking forward to seeing the stocking grow(maybe another one to add to wish list lol it grows longer every day)

DH's fish tank is super,love watching fish it;s so relaxing
And please don't wish for snow Callum's going camping at the end of the week with scouts so fingers crossed it stays dry xxx

Elisa said...

Wow what beautiful finishes Barb, particularly the SB one of course and the Christmas Tea too, love how you have finished them all up.
Great pictures too....I am glad it has cooled down though from last week.

Mylene said...

Had a late summer days too but i am afraid it is really over now...

Great finishes and pictures.

Colleen said...

Oh my...when it rains, it does pour! May this be the end of the broken bones...none for you or Martin, not allowed Barb. LOL Hope all are getting on the mend. Love the SB finish, it is Beautiful, Barb. It is so delicate. Love it. Love the 'mystery' stitching, Salem witch hunts. You picked the perfect backing for it.
I'm excited to see your's & Sally's progress on your Dickens stockings by Primitive Hare. One of my favorite movies.
Please tell Martin I love his new fish tank. I like the idea that it fits into the corner!
Lovely post & pictures. I'll email you soon.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What fantastic finishes you have congratulations. I am very partial to JBW designs!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Such pretty finishes - as usual! Like that Salem Remembered a lot. Who is the designer?

Jennifer M. said...

Oh My! Your poor family. A lot did happen in such a short time. I hope all of the injuries heal well and quickly.

Beautiful stitching. I love that witch pillow you made. The reindeer pillow with the bells at the bottom is too cute.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Jen :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Barb
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am pleased to meet you :)
I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog today. I love your part of the country. We stayed in Fleet a couple of years ago and hope to go back very soon. I also have a friend in Blandford. Your stitching projects are all gorgeous. I wish I could change the name of my blog as ever since I started blogging I have no time for stitching. LOL.
Sorry your famliy seems to be in the wars at the moment. Hope all the broken bones heal quickly.

Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy said...

Oh, poor wee Alfie and Kate... I do hope they are truly on the mend and all is well with you and your family, Barb.

And my, what lovely, lovely stitchy finishes! I do so love Salem Revisited and the backing fabric is perfect! I have been wanting to order this one and now I'm just going to have to! Christmas Tea is another beauty and another I want to stitch. Your sweet Reindeer Sampler is adorable and I must add that one to my Wish List as well... I LOVE the finishing... so beautiful. And I Love your SB finish for your MIL... it is so lovely! I know she loves it. I love A Christmas Carol as well ~ one of my favourite all time films and I fell in love with the design when I saw it over on The Primitive Hare's website... a definite must stitch for me!!! And such lovely photos of the duck pond, Barb... thanks for sharing. Blessings always in stitches...

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