Saturday 20 February 2016

Hello Ladies,
I am so Sorry for the delay in posting this, and for those who I have not got round to thank for the gifts for my birthday last Monday and especially for  the unbirthday gift that came from Barbara in Orlando ,I kept it until my birthday Barbara so it did not  get opened when I received it.  So I will start by showing you that one.
Barbara made me this bag which will be great for keeping my current stitching in.  Now I wonder did you stitch the flowers on a machine Barbara?
The little thread holder ,scissor keeper I fell in  love with back  in the Autumn and asked her if she could get me one to use when I am stitching Halloween stitching. It has the words By the light of the moon on.The scissors I got  to match , She had included the lovely tags too so maybe one day you will get one on a gift.Thankyou  my friend  .
So now onto another special friend who sent me her Silver Creek chart that I had admired Thanks for that Tina,  For my birthday I escaped for about an hour to try and find some snowdrops that were still flowering ,most had finished but out of the sun we found these.
A little bit of brightness in my life at the moment. However,I digress, when we arrived home there was a note from a friend to say she had popped in but I was not there and she had taken a parcel from the postman,  and left it outside the patio  doors that lead to the garden . My goodness what could it be. Well  Tina sent me this very generous gift, 

Not just any bowl of fruit a Marks and  Spencer bowl of fruit. Now all  I have left is the bowl and bow and the note,  I am turning into a fruit bat ,Tina  knows I cannot eat chocolate but had kindly sent me  this. I was so touched.I love fruit. 
I  will not share what I had from family  , I would be going on and on and on.So I will show you things that maybe you would like to have. In the past I have had many stitcheries from Sally and over the years we have shared many a Sal , I have not been able to do as much this year due to circumstances beyond my control ,Suffice to say it has been a stressful and worrying time this year so far ,and  I put half a pound on at the weigh in today.Anyway back to Sally,who knows my head is all over the place at the moment. She sent me this lovely stitched item as nothing else will do when Sally stitches. All of you who sent stitched items can give yourself a huge pat on the back as all your stitching is perfect in my eyes. 
So Sallys gift was:- 
Soooo pretty and those dear little sheep ,loved the colouring Sally and here is a friend she sent to go with it.

You have to take these as they come in no particular order, the next one came from Julie who again I have known and been lucky enough to meet , for a good few years ago. She also has been known to get a phone call or two when I need a good talking to or just a listening ear should I say lol.We virtually meet twice a week over at Needlecraft Haven either on Saturday (eeek tonight) doing a ufo. Why she sent me this I just do not know ,could it be a certain mans jumper that has been on the needles for hmmm how long. Here is Julies gift to me.

It did make me smile Julie, and she now is sitting in my wool basket with Louise and Henry shown below , at last I did   something with them, Not very inspiring but I liked  it.
I wonder if Barbara recognises it, The knitting sheep was in a parcel of other goodies ,I told you my head was all over the place now you can see I am not imagining it!!!! 
The rest of Julies gift.
Pictures aren't clear but you should be used to looking through fog when you come to my blog. 
I loved it all Julie, the kit has made my fingers itch and maybe one day soon I will start it. I will be using the sheep fabric I am sure and I will be reading of Jonathan Seagull soon. Thankyou my friend , spoilt I am. Now I am hoping she will not be offended but I got a really unusual gift from my Wacky friend Christine ,that is not a bad wacky a really nice wacky, shut up Barbara, you do not dig when you are in a hole. Christine always sends hand made by her, rather unusual gifts, and I love them. She had found some really retro fabric and made me this oven glove mitt ,
Bet You Want one now hmmm, Going to use it in a moment, just hope I do not spill anything on it. Is Is it washable Christine. Thankyou Christine I always am delighted with the things you come up with.
Now another few gifts to share and then I will call it a day as I am posting this as I type for some reason. Hows that ,you can read along while I type . Hope you do not read fast as I type slowly.
This is a parcel I had on Friday from my friend June , again lots of goodies and being spoilt. The word on the magazine says it for me June.  I am not sure if the photo I take will be good enough for you June , I am hopeless at picture taking ,if you want a better one let me know. I have put the ornie on its own for you .
SO for this time folks ,that is all , I will do another one of your super little ornament and mail it to you June as this one is not good at all. 
I am hoping my head maybe normal and life too. 2016 is not being kind. Ah well it can only get better share more bits next time. 
Much love 

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