Sunday 26 June 2011

Red roses from a blue lady

Sorry, I know it's for a blue lady but thought I would change the title to a more apt one.

I am also sorry it has been a while since I last wrote and today it may be a gobbledegook as I am on my 'stupid' pills. The pain has kicked in big time and I sent Martin off to his archeology dig today feeling very much under the weather and he felt awful leaving me. Much talking to from dd, has me on the meds again ,which I admit to having dulled the pain a little. So here I am trying to spell and talk sense so if it all goes awry you will understand why.
At least I can sit and watch Wimbledon next week if it all gets too much. Hang it I shall watch it anyway lol!!!
Well I now have a other half at home (most of the time) he retired a couple of weeks ago . He is like a fish out of water poor thing and I think it will take a bit of adjusting to.

You may remember that we were off to the dogs for his leaving 'do' , I missed out as I went down with a tummy bug and really couldn't contemplate having to sit in a limo drinking Champagne with his bosses and their wives. Felt awful not supporting him ,but the children were waiting there for him when he got there, so he had some family there for him. He had a lovely night (apart from one incident which I will not go into here) one of the gifts they gave him, was an experience day ,he is torn between going for a flight in a Tiger Moth (his era !!! well almost) apparently they dress you like Biggles,THAT I would like to see. Or the other one he quite fancied was a balloon flight. So when it happens I shall hope to get pics so I can show you.
We drove up to Graemes last Sunday for fathers day dinner , we had a lovely day with them and in the afternoon we went for a walk along another part of the river. The afternoon was warm and birds were chirping away, don't know if they were swallows or swifts but they were darting about over the meadows. We had to cross like a suspension bridge, only not as big , but I hated the sensation of swaying over water with space between the planks. Graeme was hoping to find a Geocache or two and did, we walked quite a long way (for me) and when we got back to the bridge I thought I would not be able to climb the 2 high steps onto it. I shall show some pics if they don't frighten you too much . I am the short dumpy one!!! at the back and with Sue.

How did I dare show you that, I was in green not that awful colour of drab beige. Ella snaffled Ollie to walk and here they are Ollie not feeling too good, he looks an old dog now. We have had major problems with him this week due to a reaction with new meds at £230 a month these for his feet, and his epilesy pills ,we thought at one point we would be losing him as it caused him to have symptoms of an overdose . Even the vet was concerned and has been phoning us for updates. We had to stop the new ones and cut back on his normal ones. He is a lot better but still has muscle weakness and is not eating very well. Vet wants to try him on half dose of the new meds when he has recovered but I am a bit wary.His feet are so bad though ,what are we to do .

I did have a lovely present from Martin to mark His retirement and here she is.

I have named her Emily do you think it suits her. She looks rather pensive watching over my 'Mums'little patch.
Not much in the way of stitchy news as pain has been stopping me stitching, in fact the last 2 days I have done not one little x. Getting really frustrated. Anyway let me update you on the SB French Heart , hopefully if I can get my fingers to work for any length of time this may be finished in a couple of weeks.

You will have to excuse the rumpled look of the fabby as I didn't get to press it before taking photo for you.Click on it to see detail. Sally, hopefully I shall join you and Colleen tomorrow, it all depends on EB who is staying over as teachers have training days and G & S are working. Also depending on the wretched pills.
Another one is the TSG Mansfield Park that I am doing . This week I am hoping to get some sails on my boat then I shall sail away into the wide blue yonder.

A couple of Blackbird designs came this week and I have succumbed to ordering the new Loose feather designs that are being brought out . They look really pretty and I just could not resist ,also ordered Dandy Dreams as I think it may be good to stitch for grandchildren. So now have to watch those pennies.I was going through the stash the other day omg , just so much and I shall never have time to stitch it all.
These blogs and designers have a lot to answer for.

I mentioned Martin was off on a dig today ,they are digging a site on Portland and hoping it may be of Saxon origin, he is taking Ella tomorrow. Wonder what she will think of that? He took a little something to G&S last week, he did some glass fusion and made this.

I think they would like another 4 coasters.
Well dears I think I shall now have to go and get some medication or dd will be on my case and it is feeling as if I need another boost of the ditzy pills.So until next time ,when I hope to have more to show you,take great care of yourselves and yours
Hugs n stuff

Friday 3 June 2011

Buzzy Buzzy Busy

Bees are a buzzing in my garden, I love bees and have been a little concerned that there did not seem to be as many this year , I have changed my mind on that, as with the heat and various flowers coming into bloom we have loads.

Sorry the mallow looks so messy with the willow behind it but the bees love it and I did not have the heart to pull it up .
Anyway enough about the busy bees, this busy B has got some wips to show you , I have a finish but it is for an exchange at the end of the month so it will be a while until I can show you.

Before I show you the wips, I have been so fortunate to "meet" some lovely ladies through this blog and NH, and this week I had 2 little packages pop through my letter box. Oh talking of things popping through letter boxes, I am so sorry if you tried to leave me a comment on my last post,about Sallys wonderful box, silly blogger has been playing up, just hope it behaves itself this time. I have tried to leave comments on various blogs too with no luck . If you manage to leave one this time oh I would be such a happy B.

I know ,I know, get on with it Barb, here is my first parcel

This was a little scissor fob ,well that is how I am using it. and oh ELISA how you knew I liked Sheep I really do not know lol. I have attached them to my Sajou scissors and it looks really good.I also had the Tailor of Gloucester card too, I like Beatrix Potter animals and Iknew when I opened it that it came from Elisa. OK i knew anyway because her name and addy was on the package ,but I think she uses the TOG as a little 'her mark'. Also in the package was some sheepie fabric and a bar of yummy chocolate, I took pic before I ate choc,which is slightly obvious as I couldnt after could I dur!!!

So how about that, Elisa said it was a little something for me as I had sent her a Rak she was delighted with, I love it this and as I use my scissors every day I shall be reminded of her.
So thankyou number one. Thankyou number 2 came this morning, a lady I met over at Stitch and Stash before we went over to Needlecraft Haven, this is from Barbara,who has not got a blog but we keep in touch every now and then and she saw this thought of me (you ladies you know me too well) and send it me.

Isn't he twee, I have not seen these sheepies so tiny so he has joined the flock and I have named him Eric. Why Eric well he just looked like an Eric! I know Barbara reads this so thankyou once again my friend and he is now part of the fold.
So am I the lucky one or what.
Ok now onwards to the wips I have to show you,although may I ask do any of you get problems with your arm joints (I am right handed ) so more pain in right wrist than left and now I have started with pain in my left inside elbow, do you know what I mean, I know the elbow is on the outside!! I have suffered tennis elbow in that arm in the past but this is on the inside and seems to be after I have been stitching of an evening . Probably holding it too tight or bad posture I guess.
I digress!!!!

This is last week Wednesday night and this weeks progress on Mansfield Park ,another TSG Jane Austen piece. Will be pleased when the alphabet and numericals are done. I would like to know what happened to J and U though.

Now is my new start on Monday with Sally and Colleen , it does not look much but it is so pretty and I love the special stitches they put in. This is the top left hand corner.It is a kit from Shepherds Bush as it is our SAL with SB and is called French Heart.

Arent the colours so soft and Icecreamy,just yummy.
Pics are clickable for you to look closer , just don't look too close though as I had not done the weekly dust lol.
Then and I hope to get brownie points for this as T is almost finished , U start next week.

Just got more leaves to attach to more branches .I think Julie and Mr Stick will be impressed as I am now 2 letters off finishing this ufo. I really do not know why it has taken me so long as I love it. Perhaps because it is over one hmmmm don't know.
Just started is this RAK that I had from Jane ,Tilly and Oscar it is Lavender Hill by LHN ,not a lot done yet though.

So that is my stitchy news for now.
Family news is Ella went for her first Guide Camp this week and loved it but has got Wellie rash. She has a birthday next week she will be 11 and this weekend Sue and Graeme have booked into an upmarket camp site near them with swimming pool etc, for her party with a few of her friends for 2 nights . Rather them than is quite warm though.
Sam went off to Cub Camp yesterday , he has not been away from home before only here for sleepovers. So wonder what he will think of the limited Sanitation !!
This Sunday is Martins 66th birthday, he will not thank me for mentioning that!! He has lots of glassy making things to open so I may have more bits for you to see next time. Then next Friday yipee the BIG day arrives and he retires (for good,we will see, I am not holding my breath here) I think he may be called on from time to time.
We are apparently going to the dogs, (ok I know what you are thinking) next Friday evening for a meal (hope its not dog) and then the dogs as a leaving do . This will be a first for us both, we are being collected in a stretch limo Oh my goodness !along with the 2 bosses and their wives ,the workers are coming in a mini bus. I think it will be a mixed reaction with Martin as when you have worked all your life since leaving school it will be hard not going back to work .
Well my friends I am now off to get dinner for the worker and this weekend we may get some work done on the garden .The Royal 'we' you understand.
Ollie is well by the way as I have not mentioned the hairy one of the family.
I will leave you with a pic of a busy in the Thrift.

Take care all and BEE busy stitching. Take care
Hugs n stuff
Barb x

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