Thursday 24 December 2015

The night before Christmas

Well hello all, I expect you think I have disappeared never to be seen again,sorry no such luck. Are you all ready for the man in red.So are you all getting excited only 1 sleep to go.I have so much to tell you but I am not sure how much time I have now.  Martin went with grandsons and son in law to see Star Wars last evening and I wrapped parcels .
We have  had so much to celebrate  this month and it seems an age since I last blogged.
However I think I will leave family until  last and wish you all a very happy ,peaceful and joyous Christmas.
Thankyou to all of you who have sent little gifts all tucked under the tree to wait for me to unwrap and no doubt oooh and ahh over.
I have not stitched so much this Christmas, but Sally and I did our normal Christmas exchange and this is the lovely ornament she made. SO clever with this ruched finish and it is a sheep too,
This is the one I sent Sally.
I am pleased to say Sally loved it ,she had it in her stash to stitch so I saved her a job too.The other person I stitched a tree ornament for was Julie , I did this new release from The Little Stitcher . Blue Christmas. I stitched swarovski crystals on the points of the lace.
I am not going to share a lot with you as it is Christmas Eve after all. The header of course is Ollie,but I do have to share a card we and Ollie had from one of the dog walking crowd.

From left to right,another Ollie,Blaze, Gracie and Snoopy,it rather amused me.
Tomorrow we are going to Kates for dinner, we saw Graeme at his store today,they have been very busy he said. I took a pic at Caitlins 18th birthday meal of Kate ,Graeme,and Sue Graemes wife.
Kate is in the middle of Sue and Graeme. Next a picture of the 18 year old.

Caitlin is standing behind Ella our other grandaughter who is 15, They are growing up so fast.
So on to the 21 year old whose birthday it was the next weekend.

This isJack in the middle with his fiance Katie who was 21 yesterday. The other one is a friend from uni who was determined to get in the photo, I did not meet any rugby players though even though it was held at the Rugby club. 
I have to mention Sam as he is growing into a fine young man too. 
Last but certainly not least is the one very excited Alfie who was going to bed early tonight or so he said. He is the one left that still believes . 
So that is us all , wishing you all a very happy Christmas with yours and also to say thankyou for cards etc that have been arriving , More of those in the next post, I will also show you my fa la la finish and what I have planned for the  New Year. 
Take care , and keep safe.
Much love 

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