Saturday 17 December 2011

Tis the season -

For snuffles and sneezes and the Winter Cold ,and you thought I was going to say to be jolly!!Bah Humbug!!Just after a little sympathy!
I do still have a Jolly Christmas head on because I WON Heidi's giveaway on A scattering of moments blog.A lovely snuggly cowl which I could do with right now to keep my head warm. I have been a dancing partner of Heidis for a while now and I shall be happy dancing all day when the parcel arrives from Holland.
So my dears are you all ready ,apart from the sprouts. I have a loathing of sprouts my mother used to cook them till they were yellow,I swear she put them on the day before they were needed lol.
Last time I gave you a Dorset dumpling update ,I was asking about the tree and thanks to your comments and a bit of pleeeeeeze from me it is twinkling merrily in the corner. Here it is if you can see it , I am hoping Father Christmas may teach me how to use this camera as everything seems so dark.

Mr Frosty snowman is keeping a watch for snowflakes ,but he should be facing the other way, somehow I do not think he will be lucky this year.
I also took a couple of closer pics for your attention.

Bit blurry sorry, but my little fairy on top of the tree was joined by a "This House Believes ornie this year .
Talking of ornies here are the exchange ornies from Needlecraft Haven, I had this one from Mary, and it is so pretty

This is the one I stitched for Christine

Taken from a JCS mag a few years old.I am pleased to say she liked it.
Whilst I was doing this my other half said he would make her a penguin and you can see him at Christines blog The Alchymyst's Study.
Tomorrow is Christines birthday so if you are reading this Christine hope it is/was a good one.
OK drum roll now please the SALs with Sally are finished!!whoo hoo well for me anyway .We will be back to Shepherds Bush I expect in the New Year as I could not imagine Mondays without visiting Sally and vice versa and Colleen too. So without further ado here is The Christmas Carol Stocking designed by The Primitive Hare and stitched by me with a couple of tiny additions.

Here is last years TSG one and this years hanging out together.

I have just ordered a new one The night before Christmas from Margaret and Margaret. I have not used them before but Hazel was telling me about them as she wanted to know about The Christmas Carol and who the designer was . So of course I had to go check them out . They have some really pretty ones,and I ordered their latest design too. I saw Vintage Christmas by CCN done in alternate colours on Carins blog and so yes I am a naughty girl and Santa may not come. Go take a look you may be tempted .

The next little to show you is the other SAL with Sally , she has a lot to answer for that Sally friend of mine, anyway no persuading needed with this one as we got it last year to do this. Here is my version I stitched it into a little pillow for the tree over one on Sassys 28 count fabric. The Sampler Girls Glad Tidings.

Our grandchildren are getting just a tad excited now! Christmas elves are peeking through letterboxes and leaving crumbs all over the kitchen when they have been spying on behaviour.
Oh it is a wonderful time for the little ones and we all have our special memories I am sure. So now if I do not get chance to get here again before next week,please all stay safe and have a wonderful time with loved ones andfriends. Thanks for all your comments and your dear to me friendship , please do not be afraid to speak up all you 129followers , it is so lovely to get old friends and new commenting.So I shall leave you with a bored golden retreiver under the Christmas tree-OK when WILL it be Christmas I am waiting.

So it is goodbye from me and I am wishing you all a very Happy Christmas /Yuletide and take care
Hugs n stuff


Christine said...

Congratulations on winning Heidi's giveaway Barb, just the thing to snuggle into when you are walking the dog on the beach.
All your decorations look gorgeous and the stitched stockings are fabulous.
Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Lesleyanne said...

Congratulation on winning Heidi's giveaway. Your stitching looks great. Lovely photos.

Stitchabilities said...

Gorgeous tree and ornies.
I hope your sniffles go away soon!!
Oh fab stockings!!

stitchersanon said...

Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures with us. Have a very happy christmas and a peaceful new year

Colleen said...

Congrats on your winnings from Heidi. How nice. Love your tree and all the ornies! All of your stitching is beautiful. Lovely, lovely finish on the Christmas Carol Stocking, love the cozy fire in the background. I'm ready for SB SAL. Ollie looks like he is on a mission of snowflakes and Santa.
Love your post Barb...hope the Bah Humbug sniffles are gone. Merry Christmas, my dear friend!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on winning the giveaway. So sorry to hear you are full of cold. I think we are all starting with it here!
Merry Christmas to you xx

jane said...

Congratulations on winning the giveaway, sounds just the thing! I know what you mean about colds,I am just recovering from one now.
Your tree and all your stitched ornaments looks lovely. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas. (((hugs)))

Sally said...

Congratulations on winning Heidi's giveaway dear Barb.

I hope you'll be feeling much better soon and in plenty of time for Christmas too.

Love your Christmas Carol Sock and Good Tidings with Jane. Hopefully I might not be too far behind you on the Sock but I think it'll take a few more nights yet!

Your tree looks gorgeous. You've got some beautiful ornaments on it.

Lots of hugs to Ollie bless him. He looks like he's guarding the tree :)

Will email you soon. Lots of love and hugs xxxx

Gabi said...

Congrats on winning a give away :)
Your tree looks fabulous. Same to the exchange ornaments. And I'm so in love with your Christmas Carol stocking.
Wishing you a blessed Christmas

Lisa said...

Oh dear, I do wish Hazel hadn't told you about Margarat & Margaret and then you felt forced to post on your blog about them lol. In our family Twas The Night Before Christmas is "our" traditional Christmas Eve story as well as being read several times every Christmas season. I really really really NEED those six charts, I have a vision in my head of them all stitched up and hanging up in a row coming down our stairs each year.... Even DH thinks they're fab, but I'm going on the stash wagon with Sally Jan-Jun so I either need to order now, or convince DH to get me them for my Birthday lol. Would you mind me asking, are their shipping rates to the UK reasonable, I'm curious about how much it would be in shipping to get maybe the first two charts hehe.

Mindi said...

Your Christmas Carol stocking is absolutely stunning! I've ordered the chart, but have yet to print out the PDF pages. It was your SAL that made me get it, evil enabler!

Your Jane Austin piece is adorable as well!

Elisa said...

Some gorgeous pictures of your ornaments, tree and decorations Barb. Congrats on your win. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas xx

Julie said...

Your tree looks stunning, so many beautiful ornaments on it.
Congrats on finishing the stocking, it looks splendid with last years.
Well done on winning the cowl, I do hope you are soon feeling much better.
Enjoy your Christmas celebrations with the family, I hope Ollie has been a god boy and Santa has something nice in his sack for him.

Carin said...

Barb I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I LOVE your Christmas tree with all those ornaments, they are great ! And that little fairie on top is so pretty.
Your other stitching are also so very pretty, like the christmas socks.
Do you know from which JCS magazine that ornament is with the amish lady, the one you stitched for Christine? I realy love that one.

Sue said...

Love your stitching and have enjoyed reading your blog! Delightful!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your tree and stockings look just lovely! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best in 2012

Anonymous said...

Your tree look wonderful Barb

I emailed you on xmas eve to ask if you would be selling your christmas carol stocking chart, but got no reply? I'd love to stitch this for next christmas

Happy New Year to you and your family x

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