Wednesday 19 June 2013

Anyone for tea?

Hello all , Just a quick post (or that is the plan). Thought you would like to see my latest finish .This is the Tea Room stitched on Wednesdays in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven,. I bought the Burford Cosy as it is just the right colours to attach it to.It also goes with my Little Tea if you please.
I have got one other finish but cannot show that yet. July wordplay has been started and this is as far as I have got.
Please excuse the hoop marks but the iron has not been out for the past couple of days.I am really enjoying this one. I know it has an American slant but I like it anyway. American designers do such lovely designs and I just cannot resist. I have seen a few by Country Stitches lately that I like.
I started Courage on Monday with Sally but she has got so much further than I have.I also started a new one in the parlour last week .
This is Cherries and Berries by Country Cottage needleworks, over one so it is very twee. Tonight is parlour night so I shall be stitching on this. 
Thankyou so much for your kind comments on Caitlins' Lavender Cushion, she was thrilled with it and said it would rest on her pillow.
On Sunday with it being Fathers Day we went up to Graeme and Sues for lunch. Her parents were there too and we spent a lovely afternoon with them I think Misty enjoyed the attention too.
She was very interested in the water feature Hmmm any fish in there?
A little sunbathing .
She has grown so much.
The roses have started to bloom in the garden and the smell is delicious.

This is a rose called Blue for you, and really is this colour.

This one was moved from the other side of the garden,where it was overgrown with brambles,looks as if it survived. This Physiocarpus is just coming into flower.
The man who cleared our garden last year came and planted more plants on Saturday The bananas we thought we had lost we still have one. He replaced the ones that did not come through the winter.
Well my dears I have taken you through the roses etc so now I think I shall go indoors and make a cuppa. Would you like one.

Love this mug. So we started with tea and ended with tea.See you next time, with a few more stitchy bits hopefully.
Take care and a little note would be wonderful.

Hugs Barb.x

Sunday 9 June 2013

Oh happy day!!

Well here I am on a lovely June Sunday, the sun has his hat on and the sky is blue. I have finishes to share , and other news too. Martin had a birthday last week and 2 days later Ella turned into a teenager. So a happy time for them both . Although I am sure Martin would like to be a little younger again.
I have been out in the garden taking a few pictures as everything has started to bloom ,my favourite rose is the header this time. Not sure of its name but it is a pretty one.Whilst I am typing this Martin (bless him) is out mowing the lawns ,the smell of fresh mown grass is wafting through the house. Any of you like pink , hmm this rhododendron is
gorgeous and a real in your face pink. It does not flower for long though. We thought with the tough weather we have had this winter the bananas would not come through but we still have one. The gardener Dale is coming to replace the things we did lose and also add some more  to our garden. Anyway I will perhaps share some more flowery pics with you later. Stitching wise I have 4 yes 4 finishes since last I wrote. Do you want to see ?

Well here is the Wordplay June, I stitched the word Strawberry in red rather than the walnut it called for.
It is hanging on the chimney breast as I speak. I found some nice strawberry fabric for the back .
My new start tomorrow will be July. I have to get a couple of the threads as I am missing a couple , I really thought I had all the ones to do these pillows but when I put  all the things in my Wordplay bag for July I still need those few. Oh well such is life.
I have also finished Peace by Little House Needleworks that I am Stitching along with Sally ,I finished this on the same night as her so feel quite pleased with myself as usually Sally is a little ahead of me. Now for Courage ,when it arrives eh Sally.

Speaking of courage ,I went with trepidation to the drs to get the results of blood test etc and was told I am diabetic. So lots of appointments to come, I have been put on meds as my glucose levels were through the roof ,but although I have been given that news I have to admit it explains and awful lot. The nurse said this has been brewing for years ,tell me why have they not tested for it before now. Oh well  it can only really be good in a way, as I am on a strict diet now and this afternoon when I took Ollie for his walk I felt better than I have for ages . Not exactly striding along but quicker and in less pain. Whoopee who would welcome having a result like that -Me!!
Anyway you remember I was mentioning Caitlin my 15 year old grandaughter who was having problems at school , she thought no one loves her ,so I have just made her a little cushion to keep on her pillow. It is the You are so loved by Snowflower Diaries, I changed the colours to her new bedroom colours as Orange would not go .
I filled it with Lavender and the filling I usually use. I am pleased with it and hope she will like it too.This is the
back.I have only one more finish to show you but it has to be framed yet. So hope to be able to get a frame that suits it.If any of my parlour maids are reading ,there will be a picture of it framed in the gallery, So miss Julie will you be my partner in the next dance. I am having a new start on Wednesday ,will share that with you soon.
This is my Wednesday in the Parlour piece over at Needlecraft Haven . There have been some lovely finishes over there and more to come I am sure.
So thats the stitching news , I have a little stash , a new pattern which I am awaiting fabric for . A few buttons and charms I have ordered. Martin organised a workshop on Silk ribbon embroidery with Ann Cox and when he went over to introduce her to the ladies he bought me these .
I must admit to wanting to try this for a while ,has anyone out there done any. Just hope I can do them justice.Lastly thanks for the continuing comments and I hope you will enjoy seeing my bits and pieces. I do love reading others blogs and finding inspiration . Well must go and make a cuppa for the hard working man , take care all . Pansies mean thoughts and you are in my thoughts often.

Hugs and much love

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