Saturday 16 June 2012

A basket of happiness

Well that is what Mother in law thought when she was presented with this  on her 87th birthday.Well folks I am so sorry it has been so long since I have been in touch. Just not felt up to doing much at all the last few weeks.Poor Martin had a very uneventful birthday on the 5th of June,we were due to go to Graemes for a birthday barbecue with Kate and her tribe too. He decided he wanted to share the bug I had and spent most of the day in the loo. Also it rained just for a change so plans were changed to a Rib of beef roast indoors. Anyway outcome being we are still not 100% so maybe a trip to Dr next week. I put it down at first to change of meds so me being me stopped the lot. Been told by number one nurse Kate that I should go back on some and go and see the Dr again. Oh my trials and tribulations.
Well despite me saying I had not done anything I do have a finish to show you,this is the Holden Shawlette a free download on Ravelry ,I knitted it in the Malbrigo wool that was called for ,and let me tell you it is just so lovely to knit with, it took one skein and I have almost lost it twice.DD liked it and a friend  I have just ordered another skein to try another pattern , think the stitching is taking a back seat at the moment.

 This is the colour of the next one although I am wavering as to doing another of these in it and ordering more for the other one. Can you see another addiction happening here. Anyway this is Stonechat.

I also was in possession of this magazine ,which I got from Scottish Fibres ,it is American though and most of the lace patterns ask you to follow a chart,which does not appeal to me at all , write it down and I can follow it . I am not a  very neat knitter but even Martin was impressed  . My friend liked it so much (she is very neat) and so she has ordered the wool to do it and her friend also. Sally has also finished it and so we are now sisters in knitting too eh Sally. Had to have this did I not, I mean anything Jane and those mitts are lovely.

Whilst I was poorly my Julie friend celebrated her grand daughters 1st birthday and sent me some pics ,on the same day I had from the same Julie friend a box of flowers which although a week old look as good as when I received them . Thanks Julie ,Martin said thanks for birthday wishes too , you are becoming so special to us. You are like an adopted family.
Well I expect you are thinking I have done no stitching , well I did finish Mrs Darcy a couple of weeks ago and here she is on the wall.Sorry about the flash spot, Martin framed her for me and She is now hanging with the others. I had a where are you,message from my Jane friend Angela ,and so this is a Jane fix for her. She did give me titles of Jane books she has been reading ,so I will be browsing Amazon at some point soon. Oh dear poor Martin will have to carry on doing his two days a week me thinks.
Excuse the bits and bobs underneath ,photo of Ella ,Julies flowers, button box and paperweight rose ,but please do not look at the dust!!
I have finished a couple of bits for birthdays,an exchange and I have stitched a little of Quaker Diamonds.
The latest diamond done is this one. Just loved the deep colours of this one.
I have also been stitching with Sally our Shepherds Bush on Mondays but it cannot be named or shown as it is an exchange piece .
Otherwise no stitching able to show, Poor Elizabeth is crying in the unloved box as she has not seen the light of day for ages now,
I keep looking at the ball of wool I have now wound , with Martin saying as he wound and I held wool, how long is this are we nearly there yet!! Oh I have not wound wool since before I was married when I used to hold the skein for Mum when she knitted. I remember saying or thinking the same thing.
Well on Thursday feeling a little better ,I cajoled Martin into taking me over to the place of my birth and see if we could see any of the Olympic sailing boats. So this is overlooking the Portland Harbour Sailing Academy.
 Sorry for the photo it was a fine but grey day.See the little white dots hmmm they are the yachts. We also saw this ,which was rather pretty , I love Honeysuckle.

Also saw some of my dads favourite flower "kiss me quick" , Valerian being the proper name. He used to pick a piece and hold it up and say kiss me quick. It grows wild on Portland as in many other places so not and endangered species. Not sure where it got its local name from,but perhaps you know it as something different. He also used to call a little yellow flower ,Fingers ,thumbs ,bellies and bums. Won't discuss that one
This island  holds so many memories for me and I feel my dad is so close when we are over there.
So my dears, I think my tale is told for this time but may I just quickly thank those who mailed me to see if all was well, I really think you are the "cats whiskers" , to my friend Angela (no blog) enjoy your time with Margaret of Solstitches , I am sure you are in for a treat and I hope to hear all about it when you get back.
Martin has met up with Graeme and they are going to see the new Alien film (the prequel) in 3d for his fathers day present after they have been out for lunch. Not my cup of tea , I did see Alien but ooooohh no, I would rather stay home and watch Elizabeth Bennet etc.
So maybe Pride and Prejudice will be on the cards.
 Kate went back to work after 9 months this week. One of the nurses said well where is it?. a puzzled Kate asked what, she said well everytime you have 9 months or so off , there is a baby to cuddle. !!!You can imagine the answer.!!!
Sam has now got a camaflouge plaster on his arm and it is improving. Just remembered another pic.
Him and a grandad painting.
Take care all and from me its thanks for joining me and if you could leave me a little comment (if you were not too bored) if I do not get any I shall know you were and will have to improve !!!
I will try not to leave it too long next time, meanwhile whatever you do -enjoy!
Hugs n stuff

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