Monday 6 August 2012

Thats the way to do it.........

Well we are in the throes of Olympic Sailing here in Weymouth and the headlines on todays local newspaper.
I know I was not a fan in the lead up with all the road closures , and the town being brought to a virtual standstill by road works for 18 months , but I am the first to admit the fever is contagious and so many people are in the town and just to prove it. A square inch of sand not to be had. The Nothe that if you saw it on TV ,was ticketed and costing £50 a day (ouch) ,I stayed home and enjoyed it all on the box! I was jumping up and down too.
So WHOO HOO way to go Ben!!!!!!

So how are you enjoying the summer, I think we may have an influx of visitors next year. Well can but hope.
Anyway you did not come for a visit today to hear about sailing. My friend Sally is (virtually) coming down to watch the boats and sip Pimms by the sea tonight ,we are starting a new Sal for 2012/13 and stitching Blackbird designs. I have decided to start Bird in Hand ,a small design but it will sit in the Berries and Birds basket when it is finished. Talking of Sally our private exchange was Shepherd Bush ,designs of which we have been stitching all year We decided to stitch a surprise for each other a SB design of course.. Oh I was so pleased when I opened Sallys stitching to me she had done a sweet little ornie and Scissor Fob,with our initials and everything and some lovely ribbon  ruched around the outside.
Didn't she do a great job. Thanks Sally Look forward to next year.
I  can now show you what has been kept a secret for so long. This is Sallys from me. 3 shepherds bush designs made into a needlebook. Life certainly seems hard for her at times so I thought she deserved something a little special.
It looks a bit wonky but it wasn't.This is the back.The button is not in the middle, I do not do straight or centre lol.
.This is the front inside and then the complete thing undone,.I really enjoyed doing these as I also stitched one for my Julie friend for her birthday. I have heard from Julie she may be visiting Weymouth ,ooooo excitement  Julie ,will be in touch  very soon. Julie also said I could use the photos from her blog as mine were cr..!

The front cover from My Heart is true book Blackbird Designs ,It is the project book designs but not made up as theirs. This is the inside.
Yes Julie the saying is so true.Cannot believe it 3 years now.
I have to admit to being rather pleased with these. I know the ladies involved were pretty delighted too. So good job done all round.
A few people asked in my last post  where the design Know your own Happiness came from well sorry folks but I am not sure if it is oop it is The Valentine Book of The Sampler Girl. It may be available still but if not and you leave me a comment maybe I will stitch one for you. So that is Shirlee, Angela, Sally and Margaret. Do not hold your breath as it will be as and when I feel like it.Leave a comment if you would like that.(Not for you to hold your breath !)
Thanks for the lovely comments on the birds and cherries too, it is great when something works that is in your head . I do not have a lot of success on that front lol.
I do have another finish for you though , another to go in the Birds and Cherries basket -when Martin makes it for me. This is LHN design Cherries,sitting on a plate made by Martin.
I was taken to the Dorset Arts and Crafts exhibition last week ,no photography ,so cannot show you some of the amazing work that was there. I did have a couple of things bought for me, I am so lucky to have a man who within reason lets me have what I would like, I am not one for diamonds and fast cars.

I have always wanted to do whitework , wonder if this will start me off on another hobby, hmmm we will wait on that one . As well as the exhibition there are lots of people demonstrating and selling and when I saw this, it reminded me of being by the sea (not that I need reminding, the seagulls are a constant reminder good job I do not mind their raucous calls).

The lady has even put feet on the bottom so it does not damage the canvas work. Inside is pockets for pens and mobile phone and a zipped compartment . I shall have this little "Portland" bag hanging from my arm when next I venture out.The other side is different.
I was very taken with a house elf, not a real one(his name is Martin) , but a cloth one but just could not justify spending £50 on him for him to gather dust . He was lovely though sitting in a rocking chair with his arms crossed on his chest. If I had been allowed to have him he would have been named Dobby. There was so much to see and seemed like miles of walking that by the time I got back to the car putting one foot in front or the other was an effort. 3 hours of resting helped when I got home and it was so worth it.
I seem to have so much to tell you this time and I do hope you are still with me. Last week Martin had to go to his uncles funeral in Kent.This is George through all stages of his life. I had not seen a funeral order of service like that, thought I would show you.
 Graeme our son took him as Martin is having problems with his other eye. I went as far as Graemes to "childmind" Ella our 12 year old grandaughter , I think it was her granny minding me! She would not let me lift a finger , she baked some fabulous cake (what talent at 12) must be in the genes as Graeme is a master baker by trade and Sue a confectioner. They both now work for a supermarket Sainsburys as managers. Such a waste of talent. Graeme (my claim to being a proud mum) was given the freedom of the city of London and made a member of the Worshipful company of Bakers. He got the highest marks in City and Guilds. He could drive sheep across the Westminster Bridge if he so wanted. LOL. Bet he couldnt get free tickets to the Olympics.Slightly off pic of Ella,

Back to those Olympics last week Martin took me to town to see what we could see and so would you like to see. Angela do you remember this part of Weymouth.
Can I have a go please!!!!!!!! Just one swing - oh alright I know I would be sick - hee hee.
Looking back to the beach and seafront.
Told you I do not do straight, this was in preparation for the windgatherer battle and show, you can see one of the big screens off to the right. 1,500 people went into the sea with torches when the Doldrums had been defeated and the wind gatherers had made sure there would be wind for the sailors.Kate and children went down for that , she said it was amazing. So preparations were under way.
We then walked round to the harbour and knowing you would like to see a bit of Weymouth ,if you don't stop reading now.
Boats all decorated on the opposite of the harbour - that is the Nothe Fort side behind the trees you can see is where the Nothe was for watching the sailing that I mentioned earlier. Moving up into the harbour.

The steps on the right lead to the little ferry boat that plows across the harbour that takes people to the other 
side to save them walking all the way round. One day I will attempt to walk along the Nothe to stone pier and show you the view from there. Of course you get the locals sitting about just waiting for fish!
The police were busy giving the onlookers a show on their jet skies , bet they won't be here next week.Then we look toward the town bridge ,could give you a history lesson but you probably would be bored to tears,if you aren't already. 

Onward to the Marina , where the gin palaces are moored - well a few anyway.


Not sure if you will see more from the slipway but will show you anyway.

Well folks I think I had better leave you in peace or you may never come to visit again. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Weymouth and now I am going to see who has won medals today. Wherever you are in the world hope your country is enjoying the Olympics and getting medals too. You all deserve a Gold for sticking with this. As always take good care of yourselves and for any comments you leave thanks they brighten this slightly off centre womans day.
Hugs n stuff
Barb x

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