Friday 27 December 2013

All over for another year- but still a few more days to go for the 2013 stitching.

I am hoping all my blogging friends that you have had a good Christmas and had goodies that you love. I had lovely pressies from family and clothes featured. Martin bought me a new winter coat ,whilst out walking before christmas  I heard this strange clunking sound and looked down to see the sole of my boot flapping about and after a few steps came off altogether. As we were betwixt and between, we walked on ,and by the time I reached the car hmmm I had a very soggy foot. I have had them many years and they have walked many miles. Anyway I opened a box at Christmas to find a new pair of walking boots. So yesterday Boxing Day I had to christen them and we went to Portland Bill to do a long/short walk.
A rather cold me sitting on a rock . See the muddy boots.We took a flask of coffee and boy were we in need of it. It was a lovely few hours though and we took this for Julie as a reminder of her visit in the summer..It is not a good photo as I have so many layers on and that warm hat.
It is not leaning its my idea of straight-I do not do straight! How many steps did you climb Julie. A little further along is Pulpit rock , not sure of the wisdom of climbing on it yesterday though. 
There were lots of families out too , a little girl was walking between her parents so sweet singing Jingle Bells. On the subject of Christmas we did have a lovely time with Kate and her family . However my 2 finishes came before Christmas. I finished Quaker Diamonds on the same night as The Strictly Come Dancing final. This as you know has been stitched on the last 2 series of strictly ,with Julie and Mr Stick over at Needlecraft Haven. I did need lots of encouragement to get this done especially as I lost the threads and had to buy more. So big drum roll ...........Quaker Diamonds stitched over one on Sassys 28count fabric.

Just have to get it framed. The other finish I can show you is Bah Humbug which was a freebie design from Gaynor French over at Stitcheranon. I did not do the border though as I wanted to finish it on Christmas Eve .It is just perfect for the Scrooge theme. 
Thankyou Gaynor. I did have a couple of handmade ornies for the tree.One from my friend Tina (no blog) who said a friend of hers makes these.
Tina loves gingerbread men .I love this little basket and as it was addressed to the tree,I must say the tree loved it too. 

This is a hardanger angel that came from my friend Barbara,we exchange or have for the last 3 years an ornie and this little sweetie arrived in time to hang on the tree. Not sure if she reads this but thankyou again Barbara and Tina. I also said I would show you the blogaversary cushion I had from Sally. 
Thanks again Sally ,it will be treasured with my other Sally bits. As you know Sally and I are busy stitching Sheep and next time I hope to have Friendship to share with you. Just 2 more to go. I have signed up for the Calendar Girl series from LHN  and Sally is doing the CCN Forest Series. So our Monday night stitching will be slightly different not stitching the same. We have decided though to do the Little Stitcher series 12 days as a 12 months of next year. I am stitching on the Positive thinking by Jardin le Prive tonight as I need to catch up before the next part comes through. I do have a couple of new charts and I have 2 more I want ,THEN I have said to myself no more until 2015 , do you think I can do that. Hmmm. 

Mother in law said she will buy me the new Shepherds Bush pincushion Tis the Season for Christmas so I am awaiting a phone call from Chris at the nimble Thimble to say she has it in. Gosh I have more to do than I know I have. Are we all in need of therapy ?

This woman is. I need my hair cut properly I think 

Taken at Portland Bill yesterday I am sure Ollie was daring us to say he could go in the sea off that ledge , I was almost beside myself that he would. Well my dears he is off to vets for check up and boosters and feet check tonight so the bank of Martin will be decidedly lighter. Will show you some Christmas goodies next time but thankyou so much for all the lovely goodies you sent. 
Take great care and I will catch up again soon.
Much love Barb.x

Saturday 14 December 2013

Just when you thought I had gone....I'm back!!

Oh dear I am a bad blogger, a month to the day since my last post. Hanging head in shame here. Well I have been doing ,but what is debatable.
I think I had better start with the header pic, Ollie wishes all a happy Christmas and a peaceful and happy new year and that goes for me and mine too.His feet are still poorly as the pic shows.
I really do not know where to start as so much has been going on. We have had a 16th birthday and a 19th,
Caitlin and Jack grandchildren. I have a pic of the family to show you on the evening we went out for a meal.
 This is my daughter Kate with Iain and the birthday girl on the left.
Barman Jack who was on duty that night.
Alfie and Sam . Looking as if they have had one too many.

Graeme our son and his wife Sue.
Although we had one taken too ,it was dreadful and also the one of sons daughter Ella ,I shall show you the one of Ellas school photo.

So there you have my family of children and grandchildren Of course the youngest is very excited,he says he is on the "good" list,but I have my doubts lol.Talking of the season,I have had gifts arrive which have not been opened just placed under the tree so thanks go to those who have sent if you are reading this.. Nothing edible as Ollie does not seem interested. I did have a parcel arrive from Christine of Alchymsts Study it was the blogaversary prize that I won on her blog. Here is what was in the parcel. 
Isn't it just fab-u-lous! I am going to put precious things in her. Christine had to be asked if she had made it, as it was just so professionally done,should have known better but of course this clever lady had done it herself. It was a piece of vintage toile she has used and I really am delighted I won!!! I was also lucky enough to win Sallys blogaversary too ,and as I cannot remember if I showed you that or not , I will post it next time as I cannot take a picture as my camera has gone out with DH. However I was also in the Ornament Christmas exchange (got that the wrong way round)over at Needlecraft Haven and guess who mine was from.Yep Sally.

Of course if you read this blog of mine you will know my love of sheep and Sally knows me very well and SB is a favourite too so I was thrilled when I opened this. The back was a giveaway as to who it was from but all have been revealed now so I can show that too.

The one I sent ,being the 3rd attempt was this Prairie Schooler Woodland Santa. I have 2 partially finished reindeer here. The first one I did the back leg the wrong colour tried to frog it and made a hole in the fabric. Started it again and got the reindeer right apart from when I tried to put his saddle on I had not stitched enough rows. So start no 3 and time getting tight. Phew a sigh of relief when I got it right. Pleased to say Christine loved it. It is stitched over one,as it was a tree theme I also added a tree to the back.
Sorry it is a bit blurry. I added some stars as he only has a candle to light his way.
Now I know you may be feeling as if you hear the C word one more time you will burst into song and be damned. hee hee.  Last week a rather large parcel arrived addressed to DH , Wonder what is in there I thought. So phoned him and he said open it and see. Don't need telling twice so opened it was and who was inside but SCROOGE! Very well packed hence the large box.
I had seen him on an article in our local paper about Velvet and Dash a company based in Dorchester, and of course I do like a good dose of A Christmas Carol (all of the films I watch) at Christmas and have a stocking hung above the mantle that Sally and I stitched together last year. Anyway here is Ebeneezer  .

Here he is with his candle alight and from my chair it looks as if his candle is alight too.
I did not take this one so do not blame me but DH . Speaking of Martin ,he has been very busy with the glass and as some of you know ,Tina has a little tree he made for her tree and loves it. He promised the gardener Dale a plaque ,this when he did our garden for us. He has just finished it ,in between other things ,we are going to give it him for Christmas . As he does not read this I can show you the finished Bamboo plaque.
Your eyes do not deceive you it is wavy. 
Took ages to fire in the kiln. 
I have been stitching a little (well a lot )but it only looks a little on QD I am hoping to get this finished by the Finals of Strictly come dancing , it is well over due I can tell you.
I have stitched a little more than this but will show you a pic now when it is  finished!!!!
I also have finished Wisdom this week and will be starting Friendship on Monday along with Sally.
Today I had Gratitude arrive from The Patchwork Rabbit ,only one more to come but I have 3 here waiting to be stitched. I also had some stash arrive and there is still one to come. Here is the latest additions to the evergrowing pile.
I think I should have a winter theme all year next year. I have seen a new one from Shepherds Bush but will wait to see what Santa brings . I know he is coming because I have been a very good girl this year!! I have now lost ......drum roll......3stone and 2 lbs. I am having hair cut on Thursday so I might allow a photo to be taken!! If you can bear it. Still want a bit more off so sticking to it until I get where I want.. Martin has had to buy me new clothes.
These are my new gingerbread man socks and my right leg in jeans!! never thought I would be able to wear jeans . So on that happy note I am going to wish you all a Happy Christmas Time and I may just may eat half a mince pie. Going to walk Ollie now so in my new socks --Run Run as fast as you can ,you can't catch me I'm a gingerbread man. 
Take great care ,and keep smiling . Leave me a comment if you can squeeze in a moment as I will be popping by to see if I have any !! 
Love Barb.x

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Disasters,a Dilema and Developments

What a title . Not a disaster really , but a little bit of a mishap,you may remember I have been stitching along with the UFO ladies on Needlecraft Haven. We stitch on Saturday whilst Strictly come dancing is on , Julie is in charge of us and has her trusty Mr Stick to beat us with when we fall behind. Only joking he is a pussycat really. Anyway back to the disaster ,took Quaker Diamonds out of the bag and the chart but where were the threads? In the bin that sits by my chair and was emptied into the outside bin and then my the dustmen,or so I believe! As it is stitched with Valdini threads I really couldn't substitute with something else. So now a dilema, do I abandon the piece so near the finish, or do I bite the bullet and order more threads.Martin said it would have been a shame not to finish it so he paid for more threads for me. So the Development of the title is this.
So although they were out of stock of 2 of them I can still stitch along on Saturday. The strictly crew will be in Blackpool this week , the town where I was born ......years ago. Can I just before I forget,thankyou for the comments last post, mother in law is doing fine, and has agreed to now have hot meals delivered to her 5 days a week.So at least we know she is bothering to eat. I also see I have a few more followers so hello and welcome , hope you enjoy your visit.
Last week stitching wise I finished Patience .
This week I started Wisdom, not done a lot as I broke off after a while as I have to get an exchange piece done ,still quite a lot to do on that as this is my third attempt at stitching it. Grrrr!! I think at last I have cracked it ,but now I am running out of time. Anyway start on Wisdom.
Sally and I are really loving these sheep, I have signed up for the new LHN series Calendar Girls. On the Jardin Prive sal I am a little behind both Sally and Julie but I did pick up something that will be used to hang it from.
Sorry it is a bit wrinkled ,but here is the hanger for it.
Now onto Wednesdays which I host in the parlour. This is last weeks progress on The Mystery by LHN
I shall be stitching on this again tonight.
Not a lot more to share with you this week, I am hoping that Andrea will get her Drawn Thread chart from the US this week ,as it is 9days since it was shipped. So pleased you liked the ornament for Tina with the coffin. She still has it on display I hear. We had the Kate and her family and Jacks Girlfriend Katie over for dinner yesterday ,it seems like it is going to be a regular Tuesday thing. I certainly wouldn't want to do it everyday. Kate works on Tuesday and after school they all come here and she gets here a couple of hours later accompanied by Jack after Uni and Katie after work. It saves her having to cook as Iain is away on Tuesdays and usually over night . He does travel some miles. Graeme &Sue came last Friday as they had a day off and Ella was at school . I made homemade soup with rolls and they had a slice of fruit cake I had made . It was lovely to see them . I feel very blessed having my family call to see us.
I have been out in the garden and taken a few pics , so shall share them with you. 
I love this plant when it is in flower, I like it too when it is not. I have a hydrangea in full bloom ,wonder how long it will last when the frost hits us.
Last week I mowed the grass ,bit wet really but it is done and so I took a pic of the fennel which is over now but it adds a bit of height.

Fireworks in the garden me thinks. I can see this stitched hmmmm. Well folks must leave you and see if I can get dinner sorted before Martin gets home and we go out with Ollie. 
Results from bloods due on Friday. Also have to go and have x ray as Dr thinks I may have Osteoporosis as I have been suffering with my back the last few weeks, I have shrunk not only through loss of weight ,hopefully 3stone by Christmas, he thinks I may have crush damage. Deep joy if it is not one thing it is another. So perhaps I should add diagnosis on the end of the title !!
So my dears whatever is happening in your world I hope it is all good and if not I hope it will pass. 
Take care much love 

Sunday 3 November 2013

No November!

No November well I have not got any further with November wordplay , I have been busy with a couple of exchanges and so time has slipped away. I am going to do December this month and fit in November as and when. So my blogging friends I chose a commentator from this past years blogging and the chosen one was Andrea of The Craft room. I have ordered her the new Drawn Thread Chart Christmas Sampler and she is delighted. I had mail from DSL this morning to say they will be posting it tomorrow Monday  about a week or so Andrea and it will be with you. The next one maybe a stitched one for when I reach 200 followers ,so keep commenting and you never know next time it may be YOU!.

So as I said I have been busy stitching exchanges one I cannot show ,but I received this and 6 little bars of chocolate for the grandchildren, this was the Spooky Exchange from Clare at Needlecraft Haven, I have to say she made me smile.The grandchildren said thankyou to the kind lady and it made them smile too!!
Does she make you smile too. 
The next pic is the one I sent to Tina and she loved it ,I am so pleased as I was loving it too and found it hard to part with , I think I may have to stitch it again for myself.
The coffin closes and opens . 

This was a design by Just Nan the charm was by her too .called Ghosts and Ghouls. I am loving the Christmas exchange design I have chosen too. One day I can show you that. I have not a great deal to tell you this time. Not much done on Quaker Diamonds I will show pic next time. Patience needs its border and then I will start the next in the series.
I did Mummy sheep as a woolly one and the baby one as normal. I love these sheep. Talking of sheep ,look what my Julie friend sent me ,a sheep bag, I love the one in the wellies or do I like the Summer one best hmmm no cannot choose lol.
Jardin Prive part 3 is out and I have just started it as I had to frog some of part 2 ,so again a pic next time , this next part has sheep!!!!! on it. I was watching a programme the other evening that was saying despite them having a reputation of being silly , they are in fact quite intelligent . 
I also have done a little on Song of the Seasons that I stitch on a Wednesday night in the parlour. Sally is taking part too so that is 3 nights a week we stitch together. When the sheep have finished we have decided I shall start the Calendar Girls by LHN and she is doing the Frosty ones by CCN . 
My post this time is short , sorry, we have not done too much this last week or two, Martins Mum who is 87 took a tumble and things have had to be done for her. She is wearing purple accessories i.e. two black eyes .She decided to go and clear some leaves in the very windy weather last weekend and tripped. It is such a worry when a parent gets old. 
Anyway I shall end on that note and hope to get back with you soon. We have 4 of the grandchildren , a girlfriend of Jack and Kate for dinner on Tuesday so will be busy on Tuesday. Take care all and from a blustery day here in Weymouth Keep stitching.
Hugs Barb.

Sunday 20 October 2013

I was hoping .....

For a walk in a wood ,crunching through fallen leaves ,not to be we have soggy wet leaves and rain today so here I am hoping to bring you an update on my stitching ,stash , and family.

Where to start I wonder ,ok I hear you  I have wips to show you and one finish .So we will start there I have been stitching in the parlour over at Needlecraft Haven and this week saw the finish of Garden Pleasures made into a cushion.
I am pleased with how this turned out and it is a nice partner for the one I did early in the summer.
They can reside on my bed until I can put them on the garden bench . I do have another finish but cannot show you that yet as it is my spooky exchange piece. Really really pleased with it,more than that I cannot say.Oh sorry I am telling fibs here I do have another finish but still have the rest to do to finish it properly . This is turning into a copy of Sallys blog in places as we stitch along together. Here is Simplicity from LHN Little sheep virtues. 
I did another woolly sheep and it turned out quite well again. Next is Patience and then Wisdom and Friendship which I received yesterday.
Love these 2 little sheep but in order this is the bang up to date one although Sally has told me there is another out and that one is kindness.Here is Wisdom.
So as we are on the subject of stash I ordered from The Silver Needle in the US this as I love the words and I can think of a few of you that I could stitch this for lol.
I couldn't believe how much postal rates have gone up from the U.S but they have so many great designers and so I succumbed . I try and keep the order under 18dollars so customs aren't involved. I think that is all the needlework stash I have this time , but I do have some books.
I have the first one of Pamela Hartshorne on Kindle ,and I have read all the Susannah Kearsley books to date. Shall I let you into a little secret shh don't breath a word. 
This is my pile of books to read not counting the 3 above. What is it that is so comforting about a pile of books. I am not mentioning how many I have on the kindle to read. Well at least that is probably enough for next year!!! The ones on the left are loaned from my hairdresser so not all mine!!! I think after stitching it is my one weakness as the postmistress in Larkrise was heard to utter on one occasion. 
Daughter Kate has started a new job this week, she is a cancer specialist nurse and has been working at our local hospice, she has just taken a job for another 2 days a week in the community doing the same thing,she is hoping if it suits her to do that for 4 days a week. I am so proud of her as she is so compassionate and thinks it an honour to be with someone who has to battle and at the end lose against cancer. Sorry if this upsets anyone out there . As well as having 4 children and one of them a very hormonal teenage girl ,I think she deserves a medal. 
These are 2 of her boys. Sam has just started secondary school and has much to everyones amazement settled in really well.Very smart in his new uniform.
Of course his little brother Alfie had to get in on the act too .
These were taken last week when they came over after school for dinner as Kate was working her first day. It will be nice to get to see a bit more of them as it looks as if child care may be a problem at times so they will come here. 
Talking of coming here , Weymouth now has a super new Sainsbury store, which we have been wanting for years. So we did our first shop there at the weekend. Got to support the family business lol, as Graeme is deputy manager of Hedge End store near Southampton and Sue works in the Ferndown branch. We also paid a visit to another new store that has opened in Dorchester which is our County town, this was the Range , my goodness what a lot they sell. I did have to buy a couple of fleecy throws in case we cannot afford the heating nills!!! Nice and cosy . also a couple of new cushions. 
Could not believe how cheap these were . I think I shall have to arrange another visit .
I think cushions are fab. Well my lovelies I still have not got round to sorting out what I shall do for the blogaversary which is this month. The time has flown and I think I will as mentioned pick out a name that has commented over the last year. For a while I seemed to lose my followers but I see they are back , if I get to 200 you never know what might happen!!Perhaps if you mention me on your blogs (if you think I am worth a mention)we will get the 200. I think maybe a voucher for somewhere of your choice. Hmmm !!
Anyway shall I do wips now not that there is many really.
This was last weeks state of play with the ufo of Quaker Diamonds.Will show you this weeks strictly progress next time. Then I have Jardin Prive and positive thinking that Sally and I are stitching on a Friday. 
I did so want to finish the words in this part but I was just too tired ,so I have to play catch up with Sally as she has done the words.  So I have started November wordplay but need to change some things on it as it is a little too americanised (is that  a word)for me. So here it is not a lot done at all but Guy Fawkes ,treason and plot has to be in there methinks.

So on that note I shall put on my sou wester and wellies and go out into the weather and walk the dog along the fields and cliff tops. If I am not back in a couple of weeks please arrange a search party!!
Take care and hope you can make sense of this rambling. 
Much love 

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

Well hello everyone ,super sets of photos last  time. Mine this time  again has been last  minute so shall we begin. The  words this month ...