Thursday 10 November 2016

My goodness me , November has arrived and I am not ready at all for the next month to arrive.
Leaves  are falling and  the colours this  year are magical.I collected  a few leaves to put on the mantle shelf but they have shrivelled somewhat. The header you notice is all the needlerolls, I had a  request from a friend to show them so here they are , I was telling her about the latest one for Halloween from Shepherds Bush so she asked to see it and here it is.
Really pleased with how it turned out.
Sally and I stitched on this together and she  was pleased with hers  too. You may remember that I have been stitching along with Sally for some years now we have  decided to stitch Winter by Cross Eyed Cricket. I ordered one a week or so ago as I have Autumn that you can see on the shelf. I was looking through my charts to find one and came across , you have guessed it ,I came across Winter ,knowing  Sally likes more or  less the same as I do  ,I asked her if she would like it so now we are to do stitching Winter somewhen. so look out for wip on that. I have also been stitching over at Needlecraft Haven  on Parlour night . We have changed it to whatever you would like to stitch come along (virtually )and join us we have cake that does not put on inches and you may get some stitching done and you get to post a pic of your evening of stitching. Miss JULIE, has us beavering away on UFO projects and I have been sitting with her stitching these .Why don't  you come and join us , we have a lot  of  fun with different things going on at  the forum  , just get in touch with Clare at  Needlecraft Haven and she will,  I am sure, let you join  us.
 I have been busy today painting the cubes to put them on. Will show you a pic when they are totally finished. Another finish is my November  ornament for  my daughters christmas tree ,again not put together but the stitching is finished .  I thought the robin fabric went well for  the back.

Another finish if you remember this ,
I have now made this to go in it.

I have to say it took  me a while to sort out the top and  I am still not completely happy with  it.  The inside looks  like this.
So that  is what  I have been up  to.
We did take Sam  and  Alfie when  they were on half term to visit a new  museu 
Our daughter had a day off so she chauffered us . Which made a change for Martin , this has only been open a few days and they have really done well with how it is  set  up.

I made this  one  bigger so you can  read  if you want  to what it is all about.
There is a large  room  dedicated  to the fossils that Steve has collected .Some pics for you.
Tried to get a pic of the video that goes around the top  of the walls.Absolutely brilliant.

this fish had 56 teeth and did not chew just swallowed. Teeth were used  for  grabbing prey.How about meeting something on  a dark night with a hip bpne  this size.
Alfie was thrilled to actually meet the archeologist who found all these and even better was given a vertabrae of a marine dinasour.

I quite liked these amonites.
So thanks Steve we had a great day out..
Sorry if that was out of my usual stitchy theme. So I shall show you what I have succumbed to since last we spoke not a lot but I just loved this.
Sorry pic is blurry ,blame the photographer hmmm yes me.I did take a pic of another Shepherds Bush kit I got, but it is even more blurry than this one. It is called Be Frightful and I hope to get it done by next Halloween. Then I saw this and just had to get it.

 This one is by Jardin Prive. Look forward to stitching this too. So as I said not a lot , I did buy only one book last week I am adding it to the collection of the many I have not read. 
So my friends I am going to , get the needle and thread out and see what I can do this evening. Thanks for still coming to see me and commenting I do love seeing your comments. Take care and I will be back before you know it
Hugs Barb.

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