Monday 3 August 2015

Just sitting here ruminating..........

Yes ,deep in thought am I, wondering whatever happened to last month and not a lot to show for it having passed me by. Firstly thankyou so much those of you who leave me a comment I do hope for more but I  know people are busy out there and this waffling of mine maybe not to everyones taste. However I will continue for now and try to blog more often so they are not so long.
I do have some stitching to show you and news too . So without more ado.

This is LHN design Neighborhood Friends which I stitched on Wednesdays for those that do not know a meeting in the Little house in the County parlour, Everyone works on a LHN or CCN design ,I am now stitching Louise and Henry which was a kind gift from Barbara in Orlando I backed the dogs with this fabric.
A hook underneath and it holds Ollies collar and lead. I changed the wording to Walkies and I think he likes it lol.
On the subject of animals I saw this sheep  and just had to take Martin to see it , I was hoping he would say I could have it and of course being the man he is he  said yes. So it sits by my stitching chair .

She is  made with wet felt and needlefelt, The wool used is Blue Faced Leicester,Jacob,Suffolk,Leicester long and Merino.When we went back to see it the next day it had gone and  I had to ask the lady if another one could be made, Address and phone number were given and we went back for a look at other things. Whilst looking I saw it, Someone had moved it and there it was looking  at me. I have another sheep hanging above this one ,
Sorry not a good photo, Reflection and crooked ,but you get the gist. This was a postcard I was sent from Julie (oldbagpuss) when she was on holiday recently.It just had to go in a frame. Julie had a birthday last week and I stitched her a little something. 
Again not a very good photo, I filled it with lavendar and put a pocket on the back to hold tissues. I am pleased to say she liked it. I did put some other goodies in the package. 
It was supposed to read Irish angels but I changed it to the. 
Also my Sal with Sally is progressing I finished Let us adore Him and I just have the bottom line to do on The Stockings were hung ,(which I will do tomorrow so we have a new start on Friday) 
Tonight is our Halloween SAL and I am gravedigging in the cemetery tonight on the 8th Halloween cube.
 About a week ago I decided as I was not up to doing much ,having problems with my back that I would sort the many charts I do want to stitch one day into folders and number them all. That was a job and a half, I have 26 Halloween charts ,not counting ones in the JCS mags. I have many featuring birds, sheep and LHN and CCN ones. Not to mention Christmas , argh never in a million years will I get it all done. 
Reading another story , I have far too many books unread and still order more What is to become of me. Martin brought these home the other day from a book sale he went to. 
Old books but so interesting. There was one pattern that took my eye.
May have to stitch that sometime. This one was bought at the weekend as the title appealed. Wonder why?
If any of you have read Peter May books , They are set in Scotland in the Hebrides and Martin had this as a present from me to put places to the names in the books. 

We have been decorating the bathroom ,that is the royal we you understand, Martin has finished painting and here is a little peek from the door looking in. 
Just awaiting the gas board to fit a new radiator in there.I am thrilled with it , just so fresh . Caitlin will  love it as it is her favourite colour. Talking of family we have some news. Our eldest grandson Jack got engaged to Katie a week ago, A long engagement Nan he told me ,when I said I would have to buy a hat!!!I hope for their happiness to continue and their dreams come true. Things to be saved for and years to wait I expect. It seems such a short while ago he was playing with Thomas and all his friends round the carpet in the lounge. 
This week I was asked to make a couple of cards on a baking theme for a friends niece. This is what I did. 
The other one. Again a baking theme,
I like making cards but it plays havoc with the old back. Off to drs tomorrow to see if he can suggest anything for muscle spasm . 
So my dears that is all I have to show for the past month or so. I will leave you with a pic of my sheep window sill . Have a good week , and I will try (I am very trying ) to blog sooner next time. We are off to see the Jersey boys this week whoo hoo. 

See you again soon, Much love 

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