Saturday 30 October 2010


I have a happy dance to share ,I am prancing round (I write fairy stories too lol) well I would if I could,prance around and write fairy stories.This is my finish

Quaker Christmas by Bygone Designs done on Sassys Celery fabric 28count ,with Vikki Claytons silk threads.
I hear Tina is almost there too, so WE DONE AND DID IT GIRL.Thanks for sal with me.
We started this as a Christmas sal so it is done and will be framed for Christmas.
Measurements are:-

Just so happy with it,can you tell !!!

Not so happy yesterday we have had BIG!!!!!!!! problems with our Internet Server and Martin was almost tearing his hair out yesterday as it wouldn't upload anything , e mails took ages to go if at all, and then this morning it wouldnt even connect. He has just phoned me to say to try it as he had "conversation" again with them this morning and HEY PRESTO at the moment it is working.Wehave had so many problems this last few months and if it was not such a pain changing e mail addresses to all and sundry (not that I call my friends sundry) , it is Martin it would affect most,we would be changing like a shot.
Frantically trying to get this done and posted then a couple of e mails to send .

Last week I had a sheepie suprise from Christine ,just so sweet of her she said she saw this and thought of me (I wonder why? lol)

I also sent out the 2 ornies to Hazel over at Stitch it and Pass it on,another 2finishes, but unfortunately I forgot to take pics ,dur! it was the Button up for Christmas designs from Cathy Jean at Victoria Sampler.Hazel was pleased with them anyway and so I am pleased too.

Tonight is Jane night with Sally yipee ,so look for an update on that in the coming days. We also decided to do the LHN ornies we have been collecting through the year on a Sunday , as I could not get to the computer yesterday I have almost finished Snowy pines so another finish looming. A couple of starts pending , well one I have started Autumn by Cross Eyed Cricket this I am doing over one, although I have to work out how I can do the fractional stitches in it. There arent many so hopefully it will not be too difficult.
I had the linen and threads for I have my love to keep me warm so I am hoping to start that one night a week. I also need a sheepie and a birdie night. ARE there enough nights in a week I ask myself.
So girlies I am sorry this is another short one but I need to get some things done on this machine in case it all goes to pot again.
Take care and I will hopefully catch up towards the end of the week.
Hugs n stuff

Wednesday 27 October 2010

27th October Happy Blogaversary to me!!!!

Well hello there folks! This is just a tiny post as I thought I would not keep you in waiting any longer . I did not do the random generator thing as I wasn't sure how to. So the old fashioned way of names in a bowl. I did have a little brown jug I was going to use but Martin couldn't get his hand in it lol.
So he is to blame for your name not popping out -sorry to all those,but congratulations to..............

Angi M I will be in touch and the parcel will be on its way soon.
Thankyou to all who entered and for all the lovely comments, bless you.

I too was a winner this week, for a long time I have admired Stitcheranons work and so entered her giveaway, not knowing what it was and I WON. WooHoo!! Not a stitched item that I was hoping for but a certain amount to spend at a needlework shop of my choice,how about THAT. I chose some 36 count linen and threads to stitch my 'I've got my love to keep me warm', by the way Gaynor I shall be sending you a rak stitched by me somewhen in the next 365 days as I didnt get my three people wanting to do a pif ,hope this is ok by you .

I stitched with Sally on Monday night on my Jane Stocking and this is progress so far.

Aren't those little sheepies so cute. Really really pleased with how this is coming on.I think Sally has finished the row I am about half way through and is going to start the words next week. Hopefully I will be able to catch her up and be roughly at the same point again.
So folks I am now off for a nice warm bath to soothe the aches and pains. Take care all and I will catch up with you again soon.
Hugs n stuff

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Tomorrow ,tomorrow

I will see you tomorrow ,its only a day away.
Don't forget the chance to win my giveaway will announce the winner tomorrow.Thanks to those who already left a comment for me on the relevant post.
Hugs n stuff

Thursday 21 October 2010

Is it possible? at last an update

That today I may get this written ,without the gremlins visiting ! Lets see if I can show you a picture of your stitched piece for the giveaway - just dont forget to leave a comment on that post.

When I went to meet a friend for coffee yesterday ,in the coffee shop of all places I found these pins and they were just what I needed to go in the cushion for you ,so I felt really pleased with that little purchase.So that's the front ,now the back,
As I said yesterday the fabric I bought whilst on holiday. I must admit to being pleased with the finish of this and I am going to stitch one for me at some point too. Just hope whoever wins it will like it.
Anyway enough of the giveaway, I would like to send you all but the pocket won't allow so just the one parcel I am afraid.
I have had rather a problematic time with the wrists hands etc and this morning I think I ached from neck down , a hot bath and medication are easing it so hopefully if I can sleep tonight then it will help. But you do not want to hear about that! you want to know what has been happening , what has arrived etc.
Well we had a fabulous weekend with the family ,4 generations making Halloweney type things, MIL who is 85 to Ella who is 10 having me teach them how to make pumpkins. Graeme and Martin and Ella at times,making a giant spiders web to go in her bedroom window-we had lots of good food ,

lots of laughter and just a relaxing weekend ,especially for Sue who is a daughter-in-law in a million, I mentioned I could not reach the plate rack that runs round the top of the kitchen /dining room with all my dusty plates on, no longer dusty , no sooner said than done! Out with the steps (which I am not allowed on) plates etc down , I washed them ,mil dried and Sue bless her washed the shelf and wall above and put it all back . I now have a kitchen that is totally clean.However she did relax after ,whilst all the creating was going on snuggled on the sofa with my magazines.

Picture of some of the said plates.Scuse the top of the fridge another flat surface for the Dh to put

Sue asked me to thankyou for your good wishes for her mum, who is home but she gets very frustrated with herself , she was such a chatty lady and now her speech is slurred and she cannot at times make herself understood, however Sue says although she is not quite the same and things sometimes come out wrong she still has her mum.Apparently she asked Sues dad if she could go and thank the paramedics who administered the medication in time , who, when she did, thought it such a nice thing to do as they do not get thanked afterwards very often.
Kate and tribe came over Monday night as Jack had his parents evening, sil was in Manchester so we fed the others and Kate had hers after. Jack is set for A and A* in most subjects IF he keeps at it. His teacher says he needs Bromide in his tea!
So I have seen the family in the last few days.
Ollies feet are healing at last ,but the bathing and putting cream on still continues.
Ok so what has arrived been stitched etc.
Well I had this bought me by my lovely man, when I am tired holding a hardback book is not good,the pages won't stay still so he got me this.


I am enjoying Eat,pray,love at the moment on it, I do miss a real book but it is easier for me.
Talking of books ,Graeme brought this down for me on Sunday, some yummy recipes in it and only £5 at Sainsburys, and he got discount too not bad eh.

I also bought this after seeing a friends copy ,she bought it at the show and it was £14.99 I got it from Amazon for £7.99 just a little different ,but I would love to stitch the girls (grandaughters ) one of the bags each , full of plans lol.

On the stitching front I have at last received my Shepherds Bush order,and The Journey has arrived as well as the pansy roll. The journey has nice words which are:-
Take Joy in the journey and the friends you find along the way.

My friend Sally is going to stitch along, a Shepherds Bush design Emmanuels Song I think, we start on January 1st if you fancy joining us ,any SB design and probably on a Monday night.

Talking of Monday night this is our Jane night and we are stitching The Stocking, here is progress so far.

I think maybe I will have another night in the week for TSG designswhen the SB one starts as I have so many I want to do.
I still have most of these ornies to do - must stitch more -chat less- here is the latest I have got.

I like the way this one is finished. Whilst browsing LHN site I came across this download from Gigi R, ,proceeds to UNICEF , and there are some lovely designs in here. Just thought I may enable you too,it is in French and I don't speak a word of French but all looks fairly straightforward, and if the bear of very little brain can figure it out I am sure you clever bodies can.

12 patterns are what you get.
I have had a finish besides the cushion, only a little one but I like it.It is on the chimney breast, a design by Country Rustic Primitives and I have mounted it on a piece of black painted hardboard with string for a hanger.

Just ordered a winter one ,thought I would do one or two to hang there for each season.
Now last but certainly not least I had a little gift come yesterday from my friend Julie who sent me this , it is on my to do pile Julie which grows ever higher, it is just so pretty and when I am in a pink mood it will be just right. Thankyou so much for thinking of me ,also there was a lovely chatty note and the picture on the front was just so cute. I have to say that it gave me a lift on an otherwise mundane day.

You may remember Julie has been encouraging me with the crochet lark, I cannot do very much at all without pain kicking in, so I am picking it up for a short time only. Martin wants a blanket for his "old age" to keep his knees warm, I hope he isnt going to need it for an awful long time!! Graeme said oh like that can you make me one for when I sit in the consevatory-oh how I hate to disapoint him. Wonder how long he can wait!
This is progress on blanket so far lol.

Well folks I think I have at last caught up , this dratted machine has behaved itself and I am about to press post.Thanks for your very kind comments, andI hope you haven't got too stiff sitting reading this. I am off for a good stretch (I think I would like to come back as a cat , as they always look as if their stretches hit the spot.
Take care all and I good luck to those who wish to enter the giveaway
Hugs n stuff

Tuesday 19 October 2010

oops dont know what happened there

Sorry folks but I have just posted an eighth of my post -have I been subjecting you to this mayhem for almost a year sigh! Well I will give you an update either tomorrow or Thursday as I am not in the right frame of mind to type it all again, However the giveaway post holds leave your comment to be entered on that and it is a bar of soap should you be wondering!!!!!
Going to look in the dusty cupboard for my brain (just typed brian ,whoever he is,argh .
Take care back soon
Hugs n stuff Barb.
Thanks Lesley Anne your comment is counted.

When Autumn leaves float by my window

I just love autumn how about you.Well I am about to celebrate (commiserate with you),my first year of blogging. SO if you would like to have a chance of winning please pass it on to all and sundry to give them a chance too and if you would leave a comment on here saying you have done just that ,I will make the draw on the 27th October which will be the date of my very first missive.
I was a bit disapointed in the response to my pif but thanks to Jacqui who responded ,can you e mail me your addy.I am going to make the pif a rak instead and send to three people somewhen in the coming year so Jacqui consider yourself one of those. Does that make sense .
Anyway here is what I have put together for the giveaway

I have stitched this cushion from the Honeysuckle Manor book by Blackbird designs ,it has my initials and year on it, I changed the colours from the ones in the book,it is stitched with GentleArt threads Peacock and Flax. The backing fabric I bought while we were on holiday,along with a bar of handmade soao from Odds and Suds in Tavistock,a packet of heart buttons, a small parcel of fabrics for you to use however you wish, A Christmas card kit ,a little bag of lavender, and a bag of Thorntons chocolates.

Friday 8 October 2010

Would you like

Something stitched by me. Well I signed up with Sallys pif and so now I am posting this in the hope (everything crossed) that 3 of you will sign up for mine.Here is what it is about.
"The idea is that 3 of you join my Pay It Forward and then I will send a hand made gift (made with love!!!) to each one of my THREE within the next 365 days!

So this is me, asking for 3 people to join my PIF -just leave a comment to this post !That's Catches! NOW...I only need THREE...who wants to be my THREE????

So please come and join me and be one of my THREE because I would really love to make something special for you."

Look out next time for a blogaversay giveaway which I am hoping you will all (69)followers enter .
Hugs n stuff
I will give you a blog update soon, probably next week as not much to report this.

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

Well hello everyone ,super sets of photos last  time. Mine this time  again has been last  minute so shall we begin. The  words this month ...