Tuesday 12 April 2016

April showers bring forth -atishoo

Well hello all who are reading this. Would you believe it I have ty
ped this once  and just had to post a goodbye ,and  whoosh it all disappeared grrr, wailing  and gnashing of teeth, I had hoped that I had escaped the winter cold ,but no it has caught up  with me.  I think Martin  was  beginning to despair of me last night. Cough cough cough and  in the end  at 3 a.m  I took myself off to the lounge to sleep on the sofa. What little sleep I got. No voice  today and so I thought I would speak to you .
Things to share so better get on with it.
April is  almost half done  so I had better show you some more  of the header and the mantle.
The tree has a weather boy and girl that Martin made me . He also put some  umbrellas  and boots onto acetate ,and some raindrop crystals. It certainly has lived up to its name  this month with lots of heavy showers.
Last Friday we decided after the weekly shop, we would venture afield and visit a  woodworking show about 40 miles away. We have been there often when Martin did more woodturning and as they had advertised they were having craft exhibitions we decided to go. We did have a longer journey of about 5 miles as neither of us recalled places , we did get there in  the end with the help of Sat-nav. It is so lovely to smell all the wood , my dream is to have a woodburner. When we went to Kate and Iains for dinner on Sunday he  said he was thinking of getting one, I said oh when can I move in. I hope I have not put him  off with thoughts of putting mother in law up. lol.
Anyway lots of nice things to oooh and ah at and a couple of purchases made. Loved these trees but walked on by.
Also loved the wise old owl made in wire, underneath was a spade with a little mouse perched on the handle.
Of course had to take this picture of fused glass sheep just as a hint to himself.
A lady was there demonstrating wet felting , and so Martin bought me the chicken one and a pair of bunnies.
Here are the kits I chose, so you may see them in a future post.
Lots of things to see ,origami, crotchet ,knitting, Tilda stall too which I had a quick look at . Quite fancied this hare ,but it wasn't until I looked at this I realised there was a mirror behind it so I  am looking at you too.
What about this fine fellow a snap at £87 .
He is rather handsome isn't he. I think that is about it for news from the show. I have done a little stitching but not a lot. I said last time that I would show you what is in the knitting bag. Well I have done the back and a sleeve of Martins jumper. It has certainly given me the bug for knitting and  hence stitching hasn't had much attention. The colour is all wrong on this as it is in life a deep rich brown.

I think Martin had given up on it ever being knitted. So half way there . 
I have been stitching with Sally and Chris ornaments from the JCS Christmas ornaments magazines. A pic of the piece to show you size , a thimble next to it. 
Today I finished and here it is . Ta  da.

I have done a bit more on the journey,step is more of the frame for the next 6 blocks.
Now I am on April with Chris and Sally and here it is from JCS 2006 can you guess what it is yet. These will be for my daughters tree and as she has 4 children  I thought it quite apt.

I have started a new Sampler Girl design in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven so will give you an update on that next time. I also  have started the bag that I showed you a while ago. In pieces at the moment so will give you an update later. Ithought you may like  to see just how messy I  get. This is the dresser that sits by my stitching chair.
Books bought this week, why do I need more hmmmm. 
I could not resist either of them.Not sure when they will get read.Last week I was taken to the range by Kate and I succumbed to this,
This is a tablecloth sorry the picture isnt too good ,but it is still in its wrapper.. So the sheep fix has been satisfied  for a little while. 
Thanks for  staying with me and for all the comments , I love to get even a few words. Take care and I will see you in a while. 
Much love.
Barb, x

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