Thursday 29 July 2010

Don't you just love

RIBBONS.Thought I would change the header, for a pic of my ribbon/tape basket. I love these sorts of ribbons ,I would like some of the french ones I have seen, but not speaking French and not knowing where to go to look I think I will have to be content with these - unless! you can help dear reader of course.

2 posts in one week (not setting a precedent here), but this one will maybe be a quick one ,I say maybe because as you know I get carried away when I am' talking' to you.

I just had to show you a few bits and bobs that I have had through the post and also an update on the garden and my latest wip and oh get on with it Barb!!

First of all last time I showed you my pic of the lavender pillow I sent Barbara(popular name this ),that is how I am known as Barb because Barbara Bl was on the board I joined ,and as my name is Barbara and I am also Bl it was easier to shorten mine. I had never been called Barb in my life till then - I quite like it now. My brother used to call me Babs and I hated it.

I digress, sorry. Going back to Barbara I sent her the Blue Ribbon chart Blooming Inspiration as well and she loved it all. She sent me e.mail to thank me and to let me know what she had been up to,she has not got a blog. Anyway she had been to York for her birthday and whilst there had got this as a RAK for me .

Oh dear!!! I have just previewed this pic and had to giggle. Barbara sent me 2 darling little buttons with sheep on love the one on the right of the card ,but had not realised how I had placed the one on the left oops!. I just loved the card it could not have been more perfect for me. The chart from SB oh another one I want to do NOW.
So although I have e mailed Barbara I will say here Thankyou so much again.

Well I have long been admiring Mylenes stitching and was I surprised when this came through the door on the same day as Barbaras,-talk about a red letter day ,well its a lilac letter but you know what I mean.I am thrilled with it and it is just sooo perfect.

Mylene also sent me a postcard of where she lives ,looks so nice , thankyou so much Mylene and if I could finish my things as nicely as you I would be on cloud 9.
The next item to arrive was this morning and Sally sent me the SB chart she has just stitched ,another one shouting Now now now for attention. Love it Sally, she has just finished it and has posted a pic on her blog Stitchyangel Treasures, I really must have another lesson on this linking thing.Have a look at her envelope and the paper is just as pretty - although she let me into a little secret when I thanked her ,it was her daughters.

Yesterday my neighbour brought me a bunch of flowers ,they have been on holiday for a week and we looked after their house and watered their plants. We aren't the sort of neighbours who are in and out but we know if we need anything we are there. I used to work with Val when I worked at the bakery over the road many moons ago now,before the floristry bug hit.
Talking of flowers before I show you the stitchy wips here is what is growing /coming into bloom this week.

This really bright orange day lily , unfortunately true to its name the flowers only last a day.

The yellow buddlei (sp)which the bees and butterflies love we have a purple one but that has been out a while,this one flowers much later.

I am not sure if this is a type of feverfew but whatever it is it is quite a splash of colour near that orange day lily.Next but certainly not least I think another stargazer is about to make its appearance the other one has about 4 blooms left.

Not in bloom but certainly growing are some wallflowers that I planted a few weeks ago , looking forward to those next spring.

So thats the garden update for this week.
No news on James and Hannah till the weekend when we hope to go visit where they were in 1841 and onto where their son James my great grandfather was born.
By the way did anyone watch Coast this week ,when it was showing Chesil beach and the Fleet you could see where Ollie goes for his walk and almost where we live.
Now onto the little bit of stitchy stuff to show you.

The first of the two pages of Jane Austens return to the sea, I love it and cannot wait for my Monday nights with Sally and Jane(Austen this time).Poor Sally ran out of one of her colours but all is well she managed to get some for next week.
The next wip is my Thisbe roll from SB,just heard from Barbara today that she has ordered one from Fobbles so she is going to try one too. Just call me an enabler.

Ok since I last spoke the family have been camping not very far away in case they had to go home with any of them in a hurry . Graeme and Kate ds and dd, took their respective children and left Sue and Iain working.Kate is back at work at the weekend (shattered before she starts I expect). Early (crack of sparrow starts with a 3 year old thinking everyone should be awake at 5)and late as they all want to stay up .They have had a lovely time though going fishing for Sticklebacks and to Thornecombe woods where my two used to love to go. So all is well. I hope for all you reading this too, can I again I know I say it everytime but good manners cost nothing and I am a great beleiver in those, so thankyou to all of you who come to visit ,If you leave me a calling card in the form of a comment so much the better and if I can I will answer your questions. Oh thanks too for the ideas for finishing dt.I do like the distressed frame idea Christine, also Heidi the wall hanging although I am a bit afraid of 'messing it up ' re fabric.I am not that confident ,especially with a sewing maching underfoot.
I see by my last post that I have a few new names on my comments,welcome ,hope you will visit again.
Oh I do go on and on and on. I will just say Thankyou and hope it does for all.

Take care all and I will probably be back with you all again soon, and its Julies Birthday TOMORROW -all together now 123, Happy Birthday to You,Happy Birthday to you ,Happy Birthday dear Julie Happy birthday to you.-Hope we dont have to pay royalties now.

Going right now Hugs n Stuff(remembered the second f this time ).
Barb x

Monday 26 July 2010

Not 1,not 2,not 3 but

4 little finishes to show you,gentle readers of this rambling blog of mine. I have got quite a lot to tell and show you this week ,so without more ado.
I promised you finishes ,well here they are:-
Number 1 is Generosity by Drawn Thread which has been a UFO for quite a while, I found it in my box of abandonment and Julie and Mr Stick have been on my case to finish it-so Mr Stick can I be teachers pet this week can I can I ? lol!!!!!!!!!

This was the last section I did last weekend but changed the birds to robins. Now I need answers what to do with it. I am not sure if I want to frame it,but if I do what about a white frame? Then I thought maybe a bag for the winter but it would have to be an indoor bag . Any ideas from all you talented stitchers? leave a comment.

Number 2. is Glad Tidings fob from Shepherds Bush, I had a bit of trouble with this as beads and I do not mix at the moment, fingers won't work with them,however perseverance paid off and here it is done.

Before I go any further ,thanks for the comments on my last post, it is like getting answers to letters from dear friends so I know how you feel when you said that Jane, (not Austen). I know I do tend to ramble on and on and sometimes it doesn't make sense,but it seems you like it so I will continue lol.
Number 3 is a proper finish I did for a friends birthday ,I think she reads this but has no blog of her own, so as it is her birthday today and she will have opened it by now this is what I stitched for her. Happy Birthday Barbara.

I filled it with some french lavender in with the stuffing so it smells nice.
I do hope she likes it. I have a little trouble with the finishing of these things sometimes.

Onto Number 4.Not stitching but I showed you this little bear that I was knitting for my mil well here she is in her lilac dress and slippers. Ready to go live in the bear house with mils massive collection.

Guess who cannot count !!are you ready for number 5!!!!!
This is for a friend more than that I cannot say,so do you think I have my mojo back!
Heidi have you got that music going, nothing too fast!
So I think I deserve a new start and I have started the Thisbe Roll by Shepherds Bush,I also must do the 2 challenges for this month. Jane (not Austen) had a very good idea of starting to stitch a christmas ornie on the 25th of each month , I did like that link with the 25th . So perhaps we will all be stitching along with Jane on the 25th how about it?
I have not received any stash (Martin breathes sigh of relief here) however dear, don't think it is not coming lol. I have ordered some fabric from Sassy , she is such a sweetie and is dyeing some in the colour I like. My birdie wall needs it!! I also (oh just remembered, I have told a fib shhhh)I have got a chart by e.mail that I need to stitch for a friend so oops ,I cannot shine my halo now.The chart is a french one, but translated into English ,well it would have to be I don't speak French!I think I told you The Journey and a needleroll have been ordered at Fobbles.

On the book front -I transgressed again- and these three came this morning. I do wish Amazon and groups ,blogs etc. wouldn't keep mentioning books that I simply MUST have.Anyway I got The Help which everyone seems to be raving about.Another of Susan Whittig Alberts books The cottage tales of Beatrix Potter entitled The Tale of Briar Bank . They are gentle village life mysteries including the animals who take part in solving the mysteries (ok second childhood)but I have them all and I like them. The next was The Legacy by Katherine Webb not known to me but thought I would give it a shot. Sorry it is an awful pic but twill have to do.

In the garden blooming for your and our pleasure this week is

I did show you the stargazer last week just coming into bloom so here she is in all her glory,
Also raising their skirts this week were these little fuschia

I do have a new passion flower which lifted its one bloom to the sky yesterday but decided it was just too much effort to do it today for me to photograph.
There are lots of weeds I could show you, the brambles are really putting on a spurt in the wild bit -are the birds still in there - my excuse anyway for not getting torn to shreds. Who invented bramble bushes evil things,but the flowers and fruit are quite nice lol.
Well it was so nice to hear your thoughts on the family churches ,Dorset etc so would you like to come on another excursion that we went on this week.
The James that was christened in 1793 in the church I showed you last week, walked up this path in 1822 to marry his wife Hannah.

This is looking towards the village of Netherbury from the church,this was the church waiting for them when they got to the top.
We were lucky this week it was open and we were able to see inside,and leave a comment (I did not ramble too much).The door was covered with netting to stop swallows going in the church and nesting.

St.Marys was built in the 14c with even earlier origins. It seems a huge church in a relatively out in the sticks place for just a small village.Here is a pic of the size of it.However in a little booklet we purchased its says the population in various years was 1811-1,152,1841-2,162,1851-3,000,1951 -782,to 2004-333.I think in 1851 they must have all been sleeping in tents lol. Are you bored yet.I should think now it is even less, it was just so peaceful not a sound to be heard .

The 2 tombs you can see on at the end of the church were dated in 1642 and one had a skull and crossbones carved on it. I wonder if a smuggler was buried there,as all along the coast here was notorious like Cornwall for smuggling. Martin managed to get a pic of it so maybe if you would like to see it I will get him to put it on the next post. I could't take a pic of that as I had a very bored dog on the end of my arm!He is not a standing still sort of dog.!!

Oh yes we took Ollie and we had a picnic- then we saw some curly sheep on the way home but by then I had had it, so no pic of sheep this time, you will just have to think sheep !!!!
Martin was a sweetie as he knew I had done enough when we got home so he cooked the Sunday roast -he is the best.
I think now you have all the latest news I hope you have enjoyed?learnt? or been inspired to get out search for your own. I know if you are miles away as my maternal ones are to me it is difficult but who knows there might be someone in blogland who lives nearby willing to take a pic for you. Anyone live near Caistor or Hull lol.
So all good things must come to an end,I can hear the sigh of relief from here. Would you like me to share the next installment of James please let me know.
Take care all and do come visit again , promise not to give you too much to read next time. Oh I forgot dur. Family are all fine.

Hugs n stuf xx

Sunday 18 July 2010

My oh my what a wonderful day!

We had yesterday,just had to write and share it with you.
I was virtually pain free so we decided we would bite the bullet and do something we have been planning for ages. We had a quick breakfast,and then we drove into the wilds of Dorset. Well an expedition for me anyway, we have been researching our family trees and my Paternal side were all Dorset/Somerset people. Anyway we had found out that in 1773 my 2x great grandfather was baptised at a small church about 25/30 miles away and in a place we didn't know existed. So armed with a map and info we had, we set off. We arrived ,after driving up roads with grass growing in the middle to St.Johns in Seaborough , which was on the Dorset Somerset border but now in Dorset.

It does not look much from this photo,but it was very small and the views were stunning,but more of that later.The house you can see is the Rectory. We looked at the notice board by the gate at a notice saying there was a book and transcription written by a local man and available to buy. It gave his phone number and as it was just around the corner from where we were , Martin phoned him and arranged for us to go see him after having a look at the churchyard.
So in we went.Unfortunately due to isolated churches being vandalised etc it was locked ,but maybe it will give you some idea of how quaint this was.

I could just imagine my great great grandfather being carried by his parents into the church through this porch,which was covered in Jasmine but maybe not in his time lol.I suppose he may have been wearing the Dorset smock in that period.

Such a shame we couldn't go in, as the book shows the inside and its lovely.

Next to the church is the old rectory,oh boy would I love to live there! It is now owned privately being sold in 1961,you can see the gate to the box garden you can see as you walk by.

It was so pretty and very country living type of property, I took this through the gate this is the front door.

We made our way to a little cottage set on its own in front of some imposing gate posts that led to Seaborough Court which was rather magnificent. The cottage was where the man that had written the book lived. We had a long chat with him and bought a book which verifies the information that James was definitely baptised here and his 2 sisters .One of which had died the year before his birth aged 2. Apparently small pox was rife .This is where the view comes in ,as you can see how 'countryfied'it is by this next pic.The book that we purchased.

So a very successful outcome. You are probably thinking if you are interested in genealogy that we are lucky having ancestors that didn't move far ,let me tell you it is a lot more tricky than Who do you think you are? lol.I could tell you false trails we have been on and we are still trying to find my maternal great great grandparents.Next is to find the church where he married ,but that for another day.

You are probably bored to tears by now but I did have a little retail therapy.We stopped off at a craft centre which is such a lovely place to visit. We had a mooch round.I bought a bear and a box in the sale cost me £5 for both ,I know you need to see ,

As you can see it was a Christmas type of box but I thought it would look nice holding the ornies as I finish them,I must stitch more!
Then at the same little complex which I might add is in right out in the country-I visited Beccas Emporium where I found this fabric for backing bits and bobs,and some bat buttons.

We then visited the Earth Design centre,where my friend Karan would have been lost for a while,with their crystals and books on things she is studying.
Time for coffee and cake ,we decided not to stay for lunch as Ollie was home alone.
So into the car and on our way homeward but just had to stop for a sheep fix.

also you will see that I have changed the header pic. It is taken from Abbotsbury hill looking toward Portland, we live about half way between.The Chesil beach is pebbles and stretches for some 17miles. The small lagoon is called the Fleet which is tidal and home to many swans etc.
Taken at the same place the sheep were at.
On arrival home to a very anxious dog,How Dare you leave me so long!! I saw the postie had arrived and brought me a little package from Sally thankyou so much Sally.It was some charts she had finished with so I will look forward to stitching those.

Also a replacement from Fobbles of the Needle roll that was the wrong one they sent which arrived on Thursday.

With the order that came on Thursday I received Glad Tidings fob which I have started.

If you look closely you can see a little sheepie friend on it.
Well my bloggy friends, I hope you come back after this not so stitchy ramble,and you are all not falling asleep at your computers. Thanks for listening commenting and just being there, also for all those comments you make it all means sssooooo much.
Just before I go a picture of the latest bloomer in the garden and at last a pic of the swimming dog.

All in all a good day ,but oh dear not good today.Oh well I enjoyed it while it lasted. Perhaps a more stitchy one next time take care all ,forecast this week is for more hot, so don't forget the sun hat.
Hugs n stuff till next time
Barb x

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Another one to add to the basket

This one is Happy Pumpkin, again by Shepherds Bush, although Sally has now overtaken me and is on the homestretch, I am still doing one of these when I feel the urge. I just wanted a quick stitch and I also need to keep dancing with Heidi because I need all the exercise I can get ( well that is another story). I do love these little rolls and still have quite a few to do in my little box. Who am I kidding! nowadays it is a great big box!! or even several. Although this week I received my LHN auto ship for the ornie ,but that is it regarding received stitching stash. I have just spoken to Bev at Fobbles though for you in the UK that have not used them ,Bev is just so helpful and chatty.Yes -(hangs head in shame )I have just got another roll and the Glad Tidings fob kits by Shepherds Bush, in need of Sheep fix me thinks. I also needed a birthday gift for a friend and just had to have an addition of my own. I like friends having birthdays it enables me to have more stash too lol. Whilst talking to Bev she said they are sending an order to SB this weekend coming so if you want anything ordered,although she did warn me it may be a bit slow. Gives me time to save up as although i needed the Pansy roll,n.b. the use of needed there, I am turning into my granddaughter who really, really, needs things.I also added the new one from SB The Journey. Oh dear, whenever am I going to get time to stitch all this stash.
I have been stitching a little on other things though.
The Return to the Sea JAusten one that I am stitching along with Sally,and Lesley Anne you are very welcome to join us if you would like to . I am enjoying this but cannot pick it up as much as I like as I am trying desperately to get a birthday gift done (another one) and I have not got a lot of time left.

Yes Heidi, they are Sajou scissors used everyday and I LOVE THEM. Martin was a little taken a back when I asked for a pair of scissors for a present (last year?)and I think he thought he would get away lightly. He should have known better, but he sees me using them everyday and knows that is my only pleasure, apart from the garden and the grandkids and my stitchy friends and the odd G&T and ............... shall I go on he is still here so it cannot be too bad.
This week I have got top of the class for stitching on a Tuesday night ,that must be right as Mr Stick says so,he keeps us in order each week stitching away at a UFO.You must all be familiar with Generosity by now and here is the snowman awaiting the rest of his scarf , not long to go now and another HD will be looming , I think it will be a case of getting the ice skates out for that one!!
Anyway here he is partly dressed.

I have not touched QC this week ,or the HAED storykeep so have not got anything more in stitching to show you .
Another additon to the library is this ,I do like Barbara Erskine books and eagerly await the next book, here it is and it is my side of the bed as I finished the book I was reading last night so I get to read it first !

I can also show you what is coming into bloom this week .Thanks so much again for your lovely comments and I am so pleased you liked the sweepees.So shall we take a turn in the garden.
This one is a wonderful fiery red and is aptly named Lucifer.

A single rose name lost in the mists of time. The same sort of colourway and last in the colour is our bottle brush which is flowering its socks off and is really dramatic.

Also making an appearance this week are 2 new lilies (bought by mil from her milkman) they are showing for the first time in my garden.

So the garden continues to flourish, and we actually had rain for a little while during the last few days, so now we expect the weeds and grass will romp away.
Some of you may know this, but some of you won't, I was so surprised ! it was(a shall I wake him moment) the other night ,I had got up as you do in the night ,don't ask me why but I always look out of the window before climbing back into bed,and much to my amazement right outside the bedroom window ,if the glass had not been there I could have touched it ,(I might add we sleep on the ground floor,please do not imagine flying badgers), it ambled over to the bird table where it was evidently was snuffling round for bird food left overs ,I watched for about 10 mins , while Martin was oblivious to all,then after it had had its fill it disappeared into the undergrowth.Oh what a moment ,I am all set for putting up a webcam lol.Mr Fox comes to visit on occasion and Mrs Tiggywinkle the hedgehog but never seen a badger in the garden.

Jack got deputy head boy so no sports captain ,but he is pleased. He is doing 2 weeks work experience at the junior school he went to and is enjoying it. Ella is having a few problems with her teeth, she has to have a false tooth and braces, as she is only 10 it has come as a bit of a shock to her. Her teeth just aren't very strong ,Lovely and white but apparently they thought her second teeth weren't there for some reason,but after seeing the orthodontist she said she thinks only one is like that hence the false one.Sam and Jack are doing football training during the hols.Jack is doing trials for Weymouth football team, not premiership by any means.
Graeme ds is going up to London for an interview today ,he does not think he is qualified for it but they have sent for him for an interview ,it would mean 4 hours extra on his day and I am not sure if it is really for him.However if it is meant then we shall see.

Ollie still is having problems with his feet, more antibiotics and an injection , I was going to show you a pic ,but for those a bit squeamish it not nice.!!!
He is feeling severely disgruntled as he is not allowed in the sea. Rats I still haven't shown you the swimming dog. Next time.
Well readers of my little ramblings time for me to get the dinner or himself will be thinking I have spent all day chatting ,not far wrong there.
Before I go
A little corner waiting for you to come visit, the kettle is on.
I see I have some new followers welcome welcome to this gentle womans bit of the web and I hope you enjoy your visits. Thankyou so much for the comments,for finding out or not names of roses etc for me . For all the encouragement in stash collecting and stitching along , for all the dances and most of all thanks for being a friend.
Hugs n stuff till next time
I have not got time to check this so hope it makes sense.Take care all.

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

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