Friday 29 June 2018

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

Well hello everyone ,super sets of photos last  time. Mine this time  again has been last  minute so shall we begin.
The  words this month are,
2.Starts with a T.
4.Starts with a G
6.Own choice.

So Yellow , on my messy kitchen table  I have these sunflowers, placed alongside a fused glass pic of  sunflowers done by my other half.
Sorry I really should have  moved the bits  and bobs, Sunflowers are such a joy and  this time of year are just so "sunny".

2.Starts with a T.

Well it had to be our Tetra  Panex. Affectionately known as  T.Rex.  It is a tropical  plant  originally from  Taiwan. It  can  grow up to 7 metres.  It is rather large , but despite the snow  we had  earlier in the year it has come  through. It has been  described  as a Fatsia  Japonica on steroids.

 She or He is rather large.


This  is the Petunia  Surfina,it  has a  really lovely scent  and hangs by the summer  house.

4.Starts  with a G.

Meet Gordon, the goose. My other half  made  him at a wire workshop. We named him  Gordon.

Not  in  the garden this time , In 2012 the Olympic Sailing event was held here in Weymouth anda commemorative coin was made.  So here  is  the Sailing 2012 50  pence  piece.

6. Own Choice.
Another garden was my choice this time, I am on  page  3 of a flower a day stitch along.  Maybe when it is  finished I will share it again.
Hope you enjoyed the visit to my garden this time. I shall  be visiting  you all  very soon.  Thanks for  the comments  and to Kate  as always for  hosting  this , Take  care  all.


Vickie said...

Oh I enjoyed visiting your garden outside and in! Love that Flower A Day piece!

Rosie said...

Lovely photos, gardens are gorgeous at the moment. I like your sunflowers and the pretty surfina plus Gordon the goose of course. Your flower stiching in so pretty:)

Penny Post said...

Great photos. There is a garden close to me that plants sunflowers every year and then names them all, last year they were named after members of the Cabinet I suspect this year they will be named after members of the royal family or possibly the England football team (if they do well)but we are still waiting for naming day. Lovely cross-stitch, what count is your fabric, it looks small?

Threads through my life said...

I really enjoyed your wonderful collection of photos. I ought to try to persuade Beloved to do some wirework pigs for me to place in the garden or even a goose/chicken would be welcome. Please do share your completed flower-stitch-along. It is already looking great. I think my favourite photo, by a petal, is the sunflowers closed followed by T Rex and Gordon!

butterfly said...

Always lovely to visit your post Barb .
Love the sunflowers and your garden photos.

Your stitching is so pretty too.

Are you enjoying this hot weather , oh my I am beginning to melt .

Jak said...

That stitch a flower a day looks amazing. Love your sunflowers and T Rex. Gordon Goose, what a lovely name for him.

Tigermouse said...

I love the Petunia Surfina, it's beautiful :)

KC'sCourt! said...

Great photos. Love the cross-stitching and your sun flowers are beautiful.

Julie xxxx

Aril said...

The needlework is so pretty with all the colours.

shazza said...

Love your cheery sunflowers and Gordon is a great name for a goose. :)

Julie said...

That T Rex has certainly grown into a beast!
Love the sunflowers, they always make me smile too with their blowsy faces.

Fil said...

Ooh I love your embroidery and the giant T Rex plant on steroids made me laugh. But my favourite is the sunflower pic - they are just such a happy flower - always make me smile.

kjsutcliffe said...

Gordon the goose is brilliant as is your 'My own choice' - your garden looks wonderful - thank you for sharing it and thank you for joining in x

La Papillon Bleu said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos, especially the stitch along which is my favourite.

Susan Smith said...

Love your garden photos, but that wire goose is gorgeous. You are both very clever with your craft work. Thanks for sharing & take care.

Louise said...

You had some great things at home to photograph this month. I like the T Rex plant and your stitching is lovely.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I enjoy your selection of photos. It makes me think that I really must get my camera out more often.

Christine said...

Great pictures Barb, I love that T Rex plant

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing with everyone. I know everything about you. It's great and it's great.

thanida said...

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Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

Well hello everyone ,super sets of photos last  time. Mine this time  again has been last  minute so shall we begin. The  words this month ...