Tuesday 27 October 2009

I am so pleased you have come for a visit. I do not get out much ,as you will no doubt find out and its good to have a little company for a short time.

I am at last biting the bullet and starting a blog. These may be a little strange in content as I really am not sure of what I am doing !! in fact I am hoping that Julie and Karan will help me out.

Well I am owned by a golden retreiver "Ollie" who is, now our children are grown ,our child. He enabled me to retire early as I couldn't leave him all day on his own. He also suffered badly with epilepsy which started when he was out for a walk one day when he was eighteen months old. A few years on and after much heartache and 17 fits in one week we have it under control and he has been fit free for three years now.Although we are always playing the waiting game as we just do not know when it will start again.

We have 5 grandchildren the oldest being 14 and the youngest 2. Our DD has 4 and DS has 1. No doubt you will get to know them as I get used to this.

I have been married for 42 years to a wonderful man (but don't tell him that).

I do have some health probs and he is a great help to me ,not only that he actively encourages my stitching obsession!!!

Well now onto the stitching front and where do I start , I joined this wonderful www last year and joined the Stitch and Stash forum where I have met really lovely ladies (well not in the met real life sense) but I have made some good friends on there and enjoy being part of the goings on there.

At present I am stitching for a mail art exchange or not as the case may be , as when I looked at the finished design on one part this morning ,not only have I done it upside down its not on the part of the envelope it should be. I have 3 weeks to finish it ready for posting so its back to stage one and start again grrr! worse than frogs!!

Tonight it is UFO night with Julie and Mr Stick, but I am now hoping I will be let off that one because I have an envelope to restart. I think I will use the bit I have stitched as a christmas ornie. Ufo night project is Wandering Vine by Shepherds Bush ,I seem to have been doing this for ages but I ONLY have 3 sides to complete then it just needs putting together.

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

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