Friday 27 January 2017

So sad.

Rest in peace my darling Ollie. We loved  you to the moon and back and hated to say goodbye.Rest peacefully my boy.

Thursday 19 January 2017

A new year albeit 2 weeks in.

Hello everyone, What is it with me and this old blog of mine it is always a plan that I do it  once a month at least and here we are ,late again. I have got a different mantle  for January and in a couple of weeks it will need changing again, still here is January.

Not much stitching to show you on  there just a sweet little cushion  Sally made me with a sheep  and snowdrops on.The garden birds are so hungry at the  moment and  I have to fill  the feeders every day,I have 3 in the apple tree and a very large one just outside my lounge window.. We seem to have an awful lot of goldfinches, I love to see them they are such pretty little birds. A seagull was  standing on the garage roof this  morning ,she /he had only one leg it appeared ,unless he had the other one tucked up as it was soooo cold first thing. The grass was white and the car was iced in and out. However ,it has turned out to be a beautiful day with blue sky and sunshine, if a little chilly.
As this is a new year it started with a trip to the sales and a new pair of shoes.
A comfortable pair of shoes ,reduced from £65 to £25 bargain. I really must thank those of you who sent goodies at Christmas too, it seems ages ago so I won't go in to too  much detail.

This came to live with me ,  Martin is a star as I can now see  my stitching clearly.I also had books and cds all sorts of goodies ...
It is so nice to sit and be warm with a cup of EarlGrey and some nice music playing. I will either be stitching or knitting. You may remember I was knitting a hat before Christmas ta da ,said hat.

Got wool to make another , then what happened couldn't find the pattern.I did replace it though and will do another at some point. On the needles at the moment are a pair of socks for Martin.

I  did think I would knit myself a pair too, but I hope no one is holding their breath I don't do things quickly these days,
At christmas I got my 2 stone award from Slimming World, hoping for another stone gone by March.We will see.
A slimmer me , but I still hate having the photos taken.So now onto stitching. Well I did get another Christmas Carol ornament done which is Marley was dead to begin with ,these patterns are by Gaynor French of Stitcheranon. I still have  the 3 ghosts  to  get  which I will do later in  the year. Anyway here is Marley.
This was stitched  over one . I used the very last piece I had of Sassys fabric , I think she has given up now ,so if anyone has any they want to sell let me know . I love stitching on this fabric..
Here he is with Ebeneezer and the Bah Humbug.

Still  on a wintery theme and the sales. I saw these in M&S at half price and yes , I just could not come home without 2.
So like Ollie,who I might add is getting thinner and sleeps a lot. Hope we have him for a while yet but every day is a bonus as he will be14 at the beginning of Feb.  Again  in the after  Christmas sales, we picked up these and again they were half price.
They look so pretty whith their candles alight.Sally and I have restarted our stitching nights and Sheep on Friday saw the Makeover by Madam Chantilly come back into action.  The left hand sheep has been finished ,only one more sheep to do on that  line , I just love the grubby sheep and the clean one in the tub.
Again with Sally ,we are stitching Winter by Cross eyed cricket. We both started in  the middle with the snowman but Sally went left and  I went right so here is how far I have got now.

 Sorry that is awfully blurred but you get the idea. I am again stitching  this over one. Each letter measures about 1 and half inches.This is another one I really love stitching, I have Spring Summer and October to do. That is it for my crafty work.I have purchased these to make into an advent calendar for next year, still have to work out how I am going to do it but I am sure I can enlist the man of the house to help. 

I just fell in love with these little designs and I just knew I want to stitch them. I have also added 2 more books to my collection . Just read A year at the Star and Sixpence my first book of the year. Letters to the Lost  is next.

I  would like to read more this year too. My friend Julie showed this on her blog and now I am  reading twice a day with her,as at Christmas she sent me the Friendship book which we read every day and now this one with a poem for every day of the year.Sent for this so I could read it too.
On that note I shall wish you all a very Happy New Year , thanks for all of your gifts loved them all and I shall leave you with a page from my Hygge book ,which sums up the season as I  would like it to be ,just for a few days lol.
Will try harder to post more but I expect that resolution will not last long. Take care of yourselves it was so good to see you visit.
Much love

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