Tuesday 17 April 2012

Oh how true.

This saying is lol- however it will not put me off putting off until tomorrow things I should be doing today.
My latest finish! it is by Cherished Stitches, and is January , of course I had to put it in front of the clock!! I also have Feb,March these are the charts I ordered with the gift voucher I had from Jane for my birthday from Thread Bear. Here are the other two.
I also added a bit too and got this one as well as I liked it! Mind you when it arrived Martin liked it too ,so phew breath a sigh of relief.
So my friends I hope you are all well, I do feel better this week apart from being dopey ,(well a little more than normal) due to the painkillers kicking in. So long may it continue. Thankyou so much for the Ollie well wishes. He is recovering nicely or at least his foot is. I won't tell you how many times he needed to go out in the night and has "been"5 times this morning, just taken him round the block for his and my constitutional and he went again with blood in it. Oh not the vet again, I think I shall starve him the rest of the day and see what tonight and tomorrow brings. Cannot face another huge vet bill . Sorry just a little too much information there hmmm.He must have been desperate as he never goes out in the night and never goes in the garden for some reason. Had a visit from Kate dd this morning before collecting Jack from college to take him to the orthodontist .He has a new girlfriend and I think he was hoping his braces would be taken off his teeth today. Caitlin got an award this week at Air Cadets for outstanding sports person.Sam is away with the school for a few days, and was quite excited about going. He has to go see a consultant about his tonsils and adenoids being taken out he really needs it doing.Alfie is missing him . Ella is full of cold ,so I will not be seeing her until it has gone. So that is the family news. Now back to stitching, I stitched along with Sally last evening on Poor Robin, and this is where I have got to, I shall hope for a finish soon as it is not very big.I have not attached the nose yet but the face looked a bit odd without one.
You will have to excuse the crumpled fabric look on the wips I do not usually press them until they are finished,what do you ladies do ,press before you post a pic ? Next is tonights project the QD this is last weeks progress.
Gosh sitting here typing, this we are having the most horrendous hail storm, just minutes ago it was bright sunshine. Our poor little blackbirds will be shivering in the bushes. We were looking out at daddy blackbird feeding a baby this morning, when along came another- twins- but no triplets! he is being kept so busy, no sign of mummy perhaps she is off hatching another family.Sorry I digress !! Now Mrs Darcy is looking rather fine and tomorrow in the Parlour I shall be stitching letters for the verse. Oh I do like these Sampler Girl designs.
She has her bonnet securely tied on this week as I had forgotten to add her ribbons. Another lady who was very sick last week- she had to have her left leg amputated and her right foot. Martin came into the kitchen and said," You had better get back to Elizabeth,she is laying on her back in the lounge and she doesn't look too clever". Wondering what on earth he was talking about ,the penny dropped and I realised the last time he had seen Elizabeth she had 2 legs. So here is Elizabeth all better with two legs and feet,but still headless.
I do not know why but the fabrics show up much paler than they really are ,but it gives you some idea. I did start Rosey last week but not enough to show you yet. I also sent off a Rak to Michelle, we both like birdies and I thought of her when I saw this Shepherds Bush Kit , it is called Sweetheart and when I did it I thought it looked kind of lonely with one bird so I made it into triplets and added the buttons and houses etc.I am delighted that Michelle was both surprised and pleased so job done!
Here is the back.
I think for now that is all my news and it remains for me to say thankyou once again for coming to visit,and the comments which help brighten the day. I have left comments on blogs and then get a reply saying a new comment on whoevers blog with a little answer. How? do you do that!!! as I would love to answer sometimes.I now you can e mail on peoples blogs but how does it come up with the comment thing in the subject ,do I have to put it in each time.If that is gobbledegook on my part sorry. Brain is not functioning very well. Take care all keep well and also keep stitching . Oh one last thing if you have a kindle and want a book to read I can thoroughly recommend "The Girl who came home" a fictional account of an Irish girl who left with her aunt and 14 others from her village on the Titanic. I think it is only available on Kindle. Right off now to prepare dinner for the worker. Until next time ,hugs n stuff Barb x.

Thursday 5 April 2012

Can you believe 2 posts in a week

Just had to tell you that I have been so lucky this week having had 2 parcels delivered by the postie ,that were totally unexpected and I am so thrilled with both.First I had a Jane parcel from Jane of Tilly and Oscar fame. I have admired Janes little pillows for some time now and I am really pleased to have one of my very own. The cute little sheep with their check coats well they are so sweet. So here is my JANE cushion.
Jane also sent some more Sheep related goodies the sheep gingerbread was yummy , I still have one left. The card is of a bunny ,typical Jane , and then there was this.
Martin thought it a nice hat and said it would keep my brain warm (men)! It is now keeping my teapot cosy.Thankyou so much again Jane ,all so absolutely me and I love it all. This week has seen Ollie having his op ,a £430 op, which he is recovering from and although feeling rather sorry for himself.So are we pennywise, and more to come with lab tests.He had to go and have his bandage changed this morning and they said the biopsy results are clear ,he still has blood results and cultures that are cooking to come. Anyway he is sporting a very fetching red bandage,which is doing his street cred no good at all.
Monday evening I stitched Shepherds Bush Poor Robin Pincushion ,with Sally, I was not able to do a lot as I was playing comforter to the dog who whined all night. So cannot show you a pic this week. I did stitch on QD on Tuesday which saw the diamond to the right and the letters Q and R.
I sat in the parlour with my other Jane last night, and Mrs Darcy now has a landscaped garden to go with her residence!!
The picture is where I got to last week as I cannot take photos while Ollie is about so could not take one this morning. My new camera has a beep like the smoke alarm when the battery is running low and my neurotic dog is petrified of it. Talking of Jane I have had the most amazing birthday gift, Angela my birthday twin and a fellow Janeite,
sent this to me . She had told me it would be late, but I can quite understand why. Perfection and so tiny. Also with it was a calender with quotations from Jane and her books. Oh Angela I just cannot tell you how much this enhances my Jane shrine!!Do I recognise the well hidden tin as a Marks and Spencer Curiously hot mint tin.I have a stack of those lol.
Inside the little tin were some Regency style thread winders, A cute pair of little scissors and a darling little sheep on a fob. Also a little card with Angelas pins in. All beautifully co-ordinated and so tiny. All stitched over one. Dear Jane would be so pleased I am sure to see it.Thankyou so much my Janeite friend.
I have a little finish but as it is still sitting here and has to go in the post for a surprise,I cannot show it to you until next time. So all that I have left to say is thanks for the friendship and the comments ,they mean so much . A happy Easter to all and hope the Easter bunny calls on you. Hugs n stuff Barb x

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

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