Thursday 25 February 2010

This deserves a post all to itself will update you with the rest of the news at the weekend probably.I entered The Prairie Grove Peddlar weekly competiton on her blog and this arrived this morning. I actually won on my birthday too -how great a surprise was that. I love it and included was a lovely birthday card too. Just so thoughtful.
I love the colours and I have draped it over the settee in my stitching room , as then Ollie wont decide to lean against it.
If you get chance pop over and say Hi to Cheryl I am sure she would welcome you.
Thanks Cheryl so much.
Here it is in situ

Take care and hugs to all

Saturday 20 February 2010

Just a little update

Well as it is almost a week since I last posted I thought I would catch up,and make it not so long!
It is a fine sunny morning here in Dorset and spring must be coming as the birds were very vocal this morning.Martin went off to his glass group thinking it was the last Saturday of the month ,but has now returned and gone to do the food shop.Dur he got the wrong week.
R.A has been bad this week ,hence the short post as wrists and back are not good , I am hoping when the spring does arrive things will get easier. I thought I would be having a lazy Saturday and could watch some rugby but it is not being played this week.Oh well I shall just have to listen to my book on my new MP3 player.

Jack has to have braces but apparently it is "cool" to have them at school now , he says he can choose the colour he has . Oh my how things change. He is 15, and has to have 5 baby teeth out,and 2 adult teeth before they can fit the braces. Then he has 2 years of the first set and 2 years of the second. I am wondering how he will feel when he is 18 or 19 with them.

The skiers are back , I think I am losing the plot, as when Graeme phoned I thought something was wrong I thought they were away for 10 days.I was wondering why they had to come back early. He said they had had a fantastic time and Ella had loved it. I may even get a pic to share with you at some point.

Kate is working this weekend so we wont see the tribe, a nice quiet weekend. We are taking Mil out for lunch tomorrow.

On the stitching front I have a few things to share. Still not got prize but it is in the post but coming from the US.I also have ordered a chart that I fell in love with on Heidis blog. It is by Beth Twist of heartstring samplery entitled Let it snow I beleive.. I will get my handies smacked. It is this clicking finger I have problems with!!!!!!!!

I have got the patterns from Kate for my birthday from The Sampler Girl, also got 2 e patterns too.

Speaking of Jane Austen this is what I had from my brother and have some pennies left.

The DVD will go with the one I had from Mil and the book is another one to add to the JA collection.I made a bread pudding in the week and here is a piece for you to share along with a cup of tea in a cup that was Martins grandmothers. The plate I am not sure what to think of as it says on the back Made in Staffordshire by Clarice Cliff.Somehow I dont think so as its not like her designs. Interesting though.

I think I must be on a JA roll at the moment as I finished one of the e patterns and it is going next to Emma,stitched over 1 on Sassys Khaki.

I received the threads to do Quaker Diamonds this week too, not got the fabby yet as that has been ordered through Picture plus-not used them before. the picture makes them look quite bright but they are more subtle and sludgy that this. Gorgeous though.

Last but not least progress on Quaker Christmas

So folks that is all for now - I would like to thank all of you for you kind wishes and the comments you leave - have a stitchylicious week ,and I will catch up with you again soon.
Take care hugs n stuff

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Such a lucky girl ! 16th Feb

I have been so spoilt the last couple of days- and havent really come back down to earth. However news of the last week is as follows ,I will warn you though this may be rather long and picture heavy.
On Thursday the holiday makers flew out to Austria for sking for 10 days. There was a bit of a hiccup though as when Graeme went on line to check their flight the day before ,he found it had been cancelled this was with BA .So he was frantically trying to find another airline ,they ended up getting a flight with Easyjet and having to pay £180 extra for the privilege (ouch).
It is -8 out there with plenty of snow!!
On the health front Sue has her appointment for the day after they come back-she has to see an Oncologist.So we are hoping it is nothing too serious.
Jack has to see an Orthodontist today. As it is half term I think Kate is probably tearing her hair out, as she is trying to get her bedroom painting finished before the new carpet arrives today.(The whirling dervish who is Alfie 3 likes helping).
I am still getting pain in wrists and ankles and back now , I will start taking the pills again if it gets too bad,

On Sunday it was as you know Valentines Day and Martin brought me a red rose a box of chocolates (which I really do not need lol) and a card. He said he would do breakfast whilst I showered. When I got to the kitchen this was on my plate.

He outdid himself.
I did make him something ,but cannot show you until later as it is part of the monthly challenge over on Stitch and Stash, so it has to wait until reveal day. I also bought him a box of Thorntons dark choc gingers (his favourite).A card too of course.

Then it was the Big DAY , my birthday and boy what a day that turned out to be.
Without more ado I will show you pics of the goodies I have had.
Martin bought me a watch and an Mp3 player ,I have the watch but the player has not arrived yet.I wont show you pics of those though.
These are just as they come so if yours is first or last they were all wonderful.

This was sent by Karan who made the card too. I was thrilled to receive this chart and when Martin saw it and I mentioned about the special Valdinin threads ,he said I had better order them then as it has to look right . What a man!!!!! SO guess what I did yesterday. I did cheat a little though as it said 3 ply and you cannot get 3 ply in this country. I did see on ANITAS LITTLE STITCHES site though that you can use 2 threads of the 6 ply and they do it in the same colours. Hope it does work as I ordered the 6 ply from Sew and So. Saving myself customs and PO charges.

Next was

This was from Julie and awww the words around the edge made me gulp a bit I can tell you.Have you noticed the "sheep"!!!! The stitching was just so neat , also included was an oven glove (perhaps Iwill have another go at making cake Julie now )she knows how hopeless I am at sponge cakes . I shall have to stitch the design first on it.

From Barbara I had some fabby for backing some ribbon and a needle nanny with flowers on all very useful and the fabric was lovely.

Karen sent me some ornie 28count fabby - lovely colours Karen will have to go look at what I can stitch on them.

This was Graeme and Sues pressie they left with me.A Poole Pottery Vase a design I collect called Under African Sky. Isnt it gorgeous. Ella bought me one of my sheep in a jumper unfortunately I have that one so she may be able to change it.

This was from a beading friend who dropped in yesterday,it is made from swarovski crystals and is going to hang on my scissors I think, I have a mobile phone but never use it so I think scissors are the best place for this little cross ,so pretty isnt it.
Are you bored yet ?

This was from Sally ,another one that is just SO neatin her stitching and finishing and she wrote me a lovely little note in her card. She knows I like birds so stitched me this perfect little cushion.

From a stitching friend Anne in Ireland this is a miniature. a little table filled with all the things a florist (ex) in my case would need. Even down to the specs which I certainly need . Very unusual and so delicate. Have to hide that when the whirling dervish is around!!!

This was from Tina who sent me a parcel that contained this ,not only has she stitched this Lizzie Kate design on Sassys fabby (my fav) she had it framed and then not only that she sent me a pair of scissors that she got from yoyo in Japan,and also included a pkt of highlighters. Blimey .This is going on the wall by my stitching chair ,how true has this saying been.

This my dear Mil gave me as she knows I like Jane Austen ,I also ordered another couple of JA bits from my brother as he sent me pennies. They havent arrived yet.

An old school friend gave me a Wh Smith gift card ooohhh books and music here I come.
She also gave me some body butter?and some body scrub? Ithink a new body may have been better. Martin is not too sure about the body butter (due to me getting very hot at times ,the mind boggles lol.

Caitlin sent me over a bag she made me - her first attempt at stitching - she said she did not like the sewing machine so I said she can come and practise on mine.

Kate has sent to The Sampler Girl for some charts for me but they have not arrived yet either . So I will be celebrating this birthday in the days to come.
I have a post script as the postie has just been so thought I would let you see the latest arrivals

I received this morning from Rebbeca
this sweet little needlecase with a hardanger front, just so delicate. Will be off to find some needles to put in it when I have finished this.

Then I had a little packet from Angi with this pretty home made card and 2 sparkly pins they will go in Rebeccas needlecase.Think I have finished Oh no ,but almost.

Even Ollie (dog from header taken on Valentines Day) spent his pocket money on a book for me ( he wasnt too sure about getting me a book about a cat though.

I have one more pressie pic to share and it is this one from a neighbour a glass dish and coasters for the lounge as they are the colours in here.

So as I said wasnt I lucky, to all my friends THANKYOU JUST SO MUCH. you made my birthday so very special and not just for the gifts but the cards that said you care ,I dont know what I have done to deserve it but wow it was a good one.

Now for a couple more sorry but this is my stitchy bits , cannot show you Quaker progress as I havent posted to YOYO yet, but I have started my tusal and that I can show you it is my non Thin Lizzy jar -there is no whisky in it!!!!

Then my final pic for this time (you can breath a sigh of relief now)

A finish stitched but not put together
Febs LHN monthly ornie done.
Well I hope you have enjoyed looking at all my goodies - I will catch up again in a couple of days . Oh now to go and wash the breakfast pots and get back to normality would you believe it has taken me 2 hours to do this argh !!!!!!!
Hope you all have a good week too leave me a comment if you have time and thanks for looking. I also won something on my birthday (not the lottery) but will share when I get it. I was thrilled as do not have luck with winning things. Anyway take care all
Hugs Barb

Friday 5 February 2010

Made me smile -

You are probably thinking I would have hearts and flowers being almost that day of the year but Oh no, racing sheep , I saw this photo by Rick Turner , well as they say the rest is history. As you know, I sort of like sheep,and when I saw this I just had to share. I love the jockeys .Hope it gave you a smile too. Then I thought ,I have to find the appropriate background and this was it. So until I decide on a change, which seems to be quite frequent these days, here is my current blog. I took the music off as I tried to update it and it was playing on top of itself ,if you know what I mean. Anyway if you don't at first succeed (give up).

When we set off on our journey last Friday (for the funeral) I was hoping to see some sheep to photograph ,however we were on busy roads all the way and those sheep we did see were too far away for pictures to be taken .Not saying anymore about the funeral,it was all rather sad.

It has been rather a nice day here today ,cold but sunny,the washing fairy has been very busy and the ironing one is hiding in the cupboard. I reckon that someone put a curse on me and that ironing board , it is always shouting at me .
Would you believe that these roses lasted 2 weeks ,threw them in the recycling this morning- wonder what I will get this week.Well a girl can hope , and Martin doesn't usually disapoint.

I have had a little stash arrive, and as I have yet another birthday soonish ,I am in the process of telling all the family what I would like lol.

Graeme Sue and Ella are off to Austria (OOOHHH SO ENVIOUS) they are going ski-ing though and we used to go in the summer, walking. In the mountains ,oh the air is sublime.
We wont be doing that again , grr stupid RA.
Anyway as usual I digress, I have my pressie from them sitting here beside me,unopened! as I will not see them before they go. It is not stitch related though lol.
Talking of Our dear Sue, she has to see a blood consultant-of course the appointment for her to gois for whilst they are away. So she is hoping there will be another one waiting for her when she gets back,still fingers crossed that it is treatable.

Ollie has been to the vets yet again, we have wooden floor in our bedroom as I think I have mentioned before,he does like to get on the bed if he can, (when no one is looking)but when he jumps off he has no purchase on his paws so slides. Then he ends up like Bambi when he goes skating with Thumper. So having done his Bambi impression by collapsing in a heap he hurt his back hip and leg. So walks on lead for 3 days .HE was not impressed and neither were we with another £100 VET bill. I hope he realises how much stitching stash he is preventing me from having.
Oh that was a good link wasn't it.
Stash for you to (perhaps) drool over is as follows.
This is my Emma Project from The Sampler Girl, more later.

I saw these Prairie Schooler trees and thought they may be fun to make at some point.
The other design was a Dessins design in French but with an English version.This is to make for my birdie wall.

Took pic of English side too, also I received my LHN third ornie (haven't done the second one yet.) This month is He is a flake.

Last but not least the 2 last stockings of the year and end of the stockings from Blackbird designs .November and December 2009 .They were a little late in getting here.

Worth waiting for though.

Now for the wips and finishes.
As you know I am doing the SAL with Yoyo on her Christmas Design. Which is my Quaker Christmas and here is where I am up to with this one.

Really pleased with this one, but I really must get some done this week.
Also I am in trouble with Julie and Mr Stick regarding no work done on the Vine ,so I am in detention and must attend class next Tuesday so teacher can keep her eye on me.
The JN sal is growing V e r y slowly but I have put a few stitches in it.
I have finished this one though for my birdie wall,it is going to be framed at the weekend.

This is a design from LHN entitled Morning Berries,it was a complimentary chart way back when. I stitched it over 1 on Sassys khaki with the recommended threads.It will have a black frame like my other birdies.
Then the really exciting one,I think so anyway and I am really really pleased with it. For any of you who are JA fans you will know what I mean ,I think Martin is a little unsure ,but then he is a man.


Emma on the wall.

So for this time ,that is almost all my stitchy news - maybe more to share with you soon, my dear MIL has finished her cross stitch thatched cottage. It has taken her over a year with many tears dripped while stitching remembering dad. Who as you know was a stitching man,but I am so proud of her she has DONE it,That too is off to the framer this weekend so I will see if I can grab a pic when we get it back.
Hope you have enjoyed the ramblings , thanks for coming to see me. I have also joined the TUSAL but have not posted pic of my Thin Lizzy jar- there is "no whisky" in it.
Bye all take care and will speak again soon
Hugs and thanks for taking time to leave me a comment.


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