Monday 22 June 2015

If you have a minute or two I have places to show you and things to see......

Hello my dear blogging friends, firstly may I thank those who left comments last time and for those new followers I see  I am so pleased to "meet "you. I have actually made myself some time to share my coming and goings with you and I hope you are suitably settled with a cup of whatever,I will warn you there maybe lots of pictures. So I will start where I left you last time with a glimpse of the water nymph at Pallington Lakes Sculpture Park. It was not  a warm day like the last time we were here but it was fine and we had the added bonus of this to shelter in or even light the woodburner if it got really cold.
The Riverkeepers hut, everywhere is really well constucted and all so clean and up market, Even the loos had dyson driers for your hands and granite tops.Would you like to see inside the hut, This is the far end . 
The shelf above the window ,held books on birds etc and playing cards and games. I loved the ceiling.

I forgot to take a pic of the other end dur, However it was imaculately furnished with 2 easy chairs and a woodburning stove. Blankets and throws on the chairs for use if need arose, The view of the river from outside ,we were hoping to see a dipper, I need to see one of those before I die. So hope I do not go anywhere just yet. You have guessed we did not see a dipper.
This person was looking at us through the trees,
We took a picnic and enjoyed that before setting off around the lakes and sculptures. We must have been here about the same time last year as the daisies were in flower again.Stretching into the distance.

Both sides of the pathway ,just a delight . At the end of the walkway was this.
So time for another cup of tea here.
No children or dogs allowed here and they only allow a max of 40 people a day. So very peaceful and so good just to breathe in tranquility. Lots of sculptures too many to show you here and acres to wander round. As I said lots of seating areas and all done to a very high standard. 
It was a Grand Day out! Of course it was made possible by Graeme and Sue as it was their Christmas Present to us. They have given us another day out for Martins 70th which is a trip to Southampton on the train and 2 tickets to see The Jersey Boys, as they play the Four Seasons music I am sure it will be wonderful. Kate and Iain paid half too.. They have paid for the complete package but I have to wait until August. Kate went to see them in Manchester and said it was brilliant. They are looking after Ollie for the day. Talking of said dog, here he is under the apple tree last week in the sunshine.

I was sitting in the summer house and he often lays opposite or on the step . Talking of the summer house do you like our new additions to it. We  saw these last week and they tweeted they would like to live in our garden.
The little blue bird was a gift from Michelle for my birthday and I though he looked quite sweet above the clock. The additions were the 2 bird pics , We have been really lucky with birds visiting us this year, I have to fill all 4 feeders every day. Talking of gardens ,birds etc , I finished my ufo with Miss Julie over at Needlecraft Haven and when I had finished it I knew just who should have it , My friend across the border in Devon ,June aka Butterfly Wings had a birthday and although I missed the day I sent this as an unbirthday present. So pleased I heard in an e mail She loved it. Do you want to see? .

I must admit I found it hard to part with, but to me it said June, she loves her garden and with all the sweet creatures etc on it ,it could not stay here. Here is the little cage  on the top left.

Sorry not good at taking close ups they go all blurry.I love the little ladybird on the leaf on the right hand side and all the little bees etc. I backed it with Rose fabric and found a little block saying Today is a good day.
I made myself a little scissor fob , Stitched over one on 32 count fabric Daybreak that Sally gifted me. The design is by The Little Stitcher and is called The little brown bird. 
I must be having a bird moment! Not mentioned sheep at all this time, there is one coming of course. A couple of years ago for my birthday Christine sent me a little kit to knit , It is called Heather and is a kit from Madebyewe. Anyway I was rooting through a bag looking for something else when I found the kit, So this last weekend the knitting  needles were found for this, That is what I was looking for, knitting needles, would you believe it I have "Lost" a fabric bag that I keep all my needles in and my mums that I inherited , so quite a lot of needles, Anyway it has disappeared into the cupboard of abandonment never to be seen again. So I played making a strange looking sheep called Heather.Thanks again Christine ,I bet you wondered if I ever did knit her ,well here she is, I had not realised that the place that supplies her is Broadwindsor craft centre ,which is not so far from us and I have been there often . For anyone who wants one she does online orders,just search for madebyewe.

Her jacket was a little large. Made out of all British Wool and even real fleece for the stuffing. However this is what I was going knit with the needles I could not find. 
So I sent for yet more needles to add to the ones I have not found and last night Sunday I started her head, she is not going to be a grey bunny though . My friend has just had a new grandaughter named Lily so I thought this could be Lily the pink like her and will be a little present if she looks anything like this when finished.
I seem to be rambling on yet again, I better show you wips and then call it a day.Or perhaps not !! Although a rather gruesome find on the beach I will share with you.We walked Ollie to his usual beach just after the rather windy weather we had recently and washed up on the shoreline were these.
EEEEW!! Jelly fish by the hundreds. Martin put his size 9s next to one and you can see how big it is. They do sting but not as bad as some , I did not realise that they can sting even if they are dead. They have all gone now but it was a strange sight and all out at sea you could see the sun glinting off them,Ollie did NOT go swimming that night. He stayed in the fields where it was much prettier.
The skylarks are in fine voice now and we get swooped on by swallows and swifts. We took a visit over to Portland on Thursday last and it was a beautiful day . We are so lucky to live where we do.
My childhood home about 6 miles from where we live now and I will maybe take you there again next time. Meanwhile stitching continues on Mondays  (tonight) with Sally and Hallowe'en stitching, In the Parlour with my maids on Wednesday. Shepherds night with Sheep on Thursday with Sally and Friday Christmas ornaments again with Sally. I will have to find another ufo to stitch with the weekend. I will update you on all things crafty next week. Hope you have enjoyed the toing and froing and I will leave you with a few flowers I have on my table ,picked from the garden.
Enjoy your week and like me just keep rambling lol.

Sunday 14 June 2015

My Goodness me, it is now Blooming June , everything in the garden is lovely.

I think I must start with an apology to any of you who wonder where I have been, not far, just very busy I am wondering if June will go a little slower so I can play catch up.As you can see by the header June has brought my rose bed into flower and the smell is simply gorgeous. Julie my dear friend who has just finished Irish Garden which is simply stunning ,take a look at her blog anyway she said the front garden had probably changed since her visit,so just for you Miss Julie the front garden.
This was taken in May so it has all grown a lot since, but gives you some idea. Talking of May I think I had better show you my finished girl. At last!!!
The back looks like this, rather a plain finish this time, but she looks rather sweet I think.
I thought I may hang this one ,when May comes round again. I have not started June yet, so I am not giving myself deadlines on these I shall do them as and when I feel like it,sounds like a plan.!
We have had major celebrations both last and this month. On the 18th of May my mother in law had her 90th birthday and of course photos had to be taken so I could make her this for her to remember the day by,
Her favourite colour is all purple shades and she collects in their (probably hundreds) of teddy bears. I will not bore you with all the photos that would take all day ,but I will show you a few of my children and their children.
Now who is who, well Mum is in the middle , Kate dd is on her right of the pic and son in law Iain.
Graeme ds is on the left and his cousin Louise in the middle ,next to mum is daughter in law Sue.
The pic at the top is her with her grandchildren.

These are her great grandchildren, Kates brood. Under neath is them again with Ella , and Willow who is so cute and belongs to Charlie on the right. 
The top pic is me and Martin with her.  Underneath is Kate Iain and Charlie who is her cousin and was their pageboy. Just one or two more and then I will go onto something else. 
This is Graeme our son and Sue with the cake they made , Sue made the cake and Graeme iced and made the sugar flowers. The flowers I did are behind.
3 cousins , Ella ,Callie and Caitlin. underneath Jack and his girlfriend Katie. So now you have met some of the family. It was a lovely day, at the Upwey Wishing Well and a lovely cream tea with all the family. Mum was a bit overwhelmed by it all ,as it was a complete surprise. So you can see why I have been missing. Also in May was an exhibition of The year of the sheep and the members of Royal manor Workshops of which Martin is chairman put on a show of all things sheep and a few other subjects too. 
My knitting bag is at the front and oh I love those rag sheep , The one sitting at the top took my eye, I think I need one!!!
My Shepherds Bush Afghan took part too,I also hope you do not mind but some of the sheep items you have made me took part too. I put my name on them as it was easier, but if you spot some of the things you have made me well a round of applause for you too as it helped put on the show.
The little woolly jumpers were so cute.and how about these for a flock.

One lady did a piece of tatting and it certainly had the WOW factor.
It is the piece on the black fabric. I put my sheep virtues in and the woolgatherer too but better maybe leave those for another day, In the quilt room though was this . 

Martin bought me the picture of the gloomy sheep and it now hangs in the hall.
The one on the left. Martin put some of his sheep in too.

He put them on a light box so people could see them properly. There was a lot more than I have shown you and such talented people out there. 
Just one more sheep, a button one , I think I may have a go at this one.So cute.
Alfie our youngest grandchild who is 8 had to make a shield for a school project. He was going to a iron age fortification called Maiden Castle which is an earthworks just outside Dorchester. He wanted to be a  Celt \(only 2 of them had celtic designs) the rest were romans, So he did not stand a chance really lol. Any way here he is with Grandad helping , or was it the other way round. And the finished article with its proud owner.

So what else happened in May, well Kate our daughter had a birthday and here is the card I made her , thought you  would like to see. 
She loved it.  I have not forgotten my stitching although now you can understand why it has taken a back seat . I have been stitching with Sally on my Hallowe'en cubes and have just started W. 
The cauldron is black not blue ,

 I am really enjoying stitching these, putting together may be a different story. I have finished at last the Elves that are part of the Country Cottage Needleworks Christmas Ornaments again I have been Stitching with my dear friend Sally. 
Now we have started on the next one and already I am liking this a lot.
I have finished the church this  week ,wonder how Sally got on.Not much to show on my BIG Shepherds Bush ,something had to give and it was that. I have finished my ufo with Miss Julie though .I cannot show it to you as I have yet to decide if it is to be a gift . I think it just may be . 
All these birthdays  and another celebration last week . My husband reached three score and ten on the 5th and here is a pic of him on his birthday.We went to Pallington lakes the day after his birthday and had the use of a Shepherds Hut that was named The River-keepers Hut as it was right by the river.I will show you more of that later \(a second installment\).I think I had better call it a blog post now , so until next time , quicker than this maybe lol. I leave you with the pic of himself on his birthday , a man so very dear to me. Take care all and keeeeep crafting whatever it may be.,

A taster of what is to come.


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