Friday 22 March 2013

Hunting for a little house in the country for the parlour maids

The title may be a little obscure to some so will endeavour to explain. On a Wednesday I post on Needlecraft Haven a little message to all my Parlour maids. We choose to stitch a design from one of three designers (sometimes there is more than one of us doing the same design) the designers are Little house needleworks,Country cottage needleworks and lastly The Sampler Girl . We have been discussing various rooms we may have and always enjoy our evenings in the parlour. The annexe has been added to enable those that are doing LHN  series Santas village .On Monday of this last week ,Martin and I took a drive out to a small village that is on the outskirts of Weymouth. To look for our Little Cottage in the the country so I could play pretend with the ladies . Are you with me so far?!! Anyway this was the Cottage I chose to photograph and "wish" it was mine. I thought the end of the cottage could be the annexe and the window  next door to it could be the parlour. I have shown the ladies and they would all like to come stay in this virtual cottage of ours.
This is in a little village called Sutton Poyntz and has a lovely duck pond which is fed by the River Jordon. Alfie our youngest grandson was baptised in the River Jordon one Christmas Season a few years ago.Then we sang carols but thought we may get odd looks if we started singing carols at this time of
Sorry it is not very clear . Here is the river Jordon where Alfie was baptised.

At the far end is the duck pond and yes ducks were a dabbling up tails all. I did not manage to get a pic of the up tail though just head down.
It really is a pretty village and does not boast any shops only a pub called the Springhead. I think i shall be getting a reputation of the woman carrying dog biscuits as I was lucky to meet a few dogs and they were lucky too as they had dog treats much to their owners amusement. Ollie was not with us, he would have been in with the ducks. I also needed to have a sheep fix,and did not want to take Ollie as although I do not think for one minute he would chase them he may bark at them. He loves Country file and whines at them on the T.V. For those of you who are not in this country this is a programme about the countryside ,farming and lots of lovely animals -and sheep!!!!! Anyway I digress,hope you will not be bored with this post it may be a long one. We wandered about willynilly and found a friend who I could have brought home with me.

He/she even let me pick it up for a cuddle. I like cats but Martin is not too keen they upset his asthma . Although he was ok with the two we used to have and he was ok with Misty cat. I think he just wants me not to nag him that I really really need a cat!!!!!!!!!. Another good reason that Ollie wasn't with us as I think the cat would have not come to greet us ,and Ollie would have pulled someone's arm out of its socket ,as he would like to make friends hmmm so much !!!!Round the corner from here were some beautiful daffodils in a garden so of course the camera came out.

In the wall of one of the houses was this sundial and also if you look at garden after that you can see ,well can you spot it, a splash of blue a bluebell. So pretty a little haven to sit in.

It reads life is but shadow.

The bluebell is about a third of the way up from the bottom on the right hiding in the yellow. So we then said good bye to the ducks ,
Just had to take pic of the weather vane , it is a little blurry as it was windy.

So now  think I had better show you some stitching before I show you where we went next. This was our wedding anniversary by the way and we had just been out for lunch.Whilst on that subject thanks so much for your lovely comments to us both they were much appreciated.

SO onto the stitching and here is my Hope the sheep virtues I am sal with Sally, I am afraid I imitated Carin and used fine Chenille from Victoria Clayton for my sheep and "ewes not fat you's fluffy"!! So I am doing all these sheep in it.

Just awaiting the wool for the backing. I am also waiting for the next in the series which is Love.I have almost finished April so will let you see the almost finished article.

Next time hopefully it will be finished completely. As I mentioned at the start I meet with the girls in the parlour and  this is The Tea Room or at least the downstairs!
So that is the stitching that I have to show you.
Family news perhaps not so good, Jack eldest grandchild has suspected glandular fever ,but hopefully it is just a bad case of tonsillitis  He has not been able to go to college this last week. Caitlin his sister is having problems at school too. Ella too has school and friend? problems . Oh I am so pleased mine are grown,but let me tell you ,you still worry about the grandchildren.
Now are you ready for Mondays continuing travels. Well Martin knew I had to have a sheep fix so we got in the car and drove down to Abbotsbury. We went along the back roads and just before we got to Abbotsbury proper I espied some shhhhhheeeeepp .

Now don't you think they look like my woolly sheep hee hee.I think the one on the left looks as if it has been eating too much grass. Although the one on the right is quite fluffy too. Maybe they are pregnant.They have a yellow dot on their backs. I could show you a few more sheepies but will just share one more for the view they look at.

In the background is the Abbotsbury Swannery.Which is explained here,
We did not go into the swannery as it is walking and that is a no no. We did go into the little shop and admired this outside.
Then we visited the coffee shop where I was presented with this by Martin ,coffee cake yum but I think it was meant for 2 lol. Martin as you know is allergic to egg so none for him.I did share it with the birds.!
It was even warm enough to sit outside . So there you have our afternoon out but I have a couple more to show you , not many litter bins like this about.
Perhaps if you are ever in this part of the country you may like to visit here. On the drive home we stopped to take a picture as another thing you do not see very often . Is thatchers at work.

This is another a little closer .
As I know he will read this ,I would like to say to my husband of 46 years -it was a grand day thankyou sweetie.
I think also my son Graeme may read this too, so I will say thanks again to him as these are the flowers he sent for Mothers day. This was taken yesterday so they are lasting well Graeme.He wanted to know what we got up to on Monday so I am sending him this way to see. Hope you managed to get to the end it was a bit long this time . So thanks for visiting and I shall see you next time -
Hugs and much love
Barb xx

Wednesday 13 March 2013

March Madness

Martin and I celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary this month and in a moment of madness I
agreed to knit him an aran jumper,I haven't knitted him a jumper for quite a few years,and it may be quite a few years until he gets this one lol.Anyway duly ordered wool and pattern and it arrived yesterday.this is the pattern.

A ball of wool -THAT is a ball of wool.

I could not believe how BIG it is ,it only takes 2 balls to knit the jumper. So I expect you may see a lot more of this before it is finished. I am a bit concerned if the wrists will hold up. We will see.
So my dears I hope you are all well ,thanks for the comments ,I think I have answered questions that were asked last time.I have been looking at peoples blogs and saw a pic from Tom Tit moves house,but cannot remember whose blog it was. I loved reading this to my children when they were young. I was sure I still had it and decided (March Madness again ),to climb the mountain that is the stairs and have a look in one of the lofts and see if I could find it.

Shall I show you  some of the pages , it is about a group of animals that have to move when a building site overtakes their homes.
Aren't those little bunnies so sweet. I shall have to show this to Kate and see if she remembers it.
I am so pleased that Hop frog found a good home because now I know he will not be bothering me . It is that March Madness affecting me again.
Did you all have a good mothering Sunday , I was waited on by Martin and even Ollie had been shopping . He apparently spent all his dog biscuit money on a cd and a box of Thorntons chocolates and a dear little card with retrievers on. Graeme I did not see ,just had phone call,as they are all full of cold so although we were invited to go up we decided to give it a miss . I do not want the lurgy again !!!. Kate came over with the tribe ,which was lovely but noisy. She brought me flowers and bath oil .Whilst she was here I had a delivery from Marks and Spencer some flowers from Graeme. So I was spoilt yet again. I also had an invite out for lunch just dd and I  yesterday. She picked me up (not literally) and took me over to the Cove (where I had my birthday meal) .We had a lovely lunch looking at the tankers out in the channel ,the sea was so calm and although bitterly cold it was a lovely sunny day. After lunch we went to Kates favourite place ,she loves going here she said if she is stressed or feeling sad(in her job it happens unfortunately ,she works as a charge nurse at our local hospice) she goes here.
Portland Bill Lighthouse.
The sea on this side of the island was all white horses ,but I was told I was not allowed to go look as it was so bitterly cold and it is as you can imagine quite exposed.That is also the reason it is not a brilliant photo ,as it was taken out of the window of Kates car.
I had a phone call from Ella, Graeme and Sues daughter this morning, she had just come out of having a mole removed at the middle of her neck, they have sent it off but do not think it is anything to worry about.She had 4 stitches and apparently was very brave. On the subject of Graeme and his family I have an update for you. Taken on Mothers Day ,a Chocolate box kitten.Misty the cat.
Well my dears I am now off to the kitchen to get dinner for a hungry man ,take great care and maybe next time I shall have stitching to show you. I am off to the parlour tonight to do a little on my Tea Room. Still building at the moment. I shall be able to show you my Little Sheep Virtues that I have been stitching with Sally as I have been told that the threads I ordered are on their way.
Really going now ,
Hugs n stuff
Barb x

Wednesday 6 March 2013

2 Little finishes and another gift.

Hello from me on a Wednesday afternoon. I am feeling much better ,not right but much better,thanks for all the wishes for Martin and I.
I have been doing a little stitching and got 2 littles done. The first one is one I saw on Lynn Bs Happiness is cross stitching blog. Here it is ready for St. Patricks day. I could not resist this one when I saw it and thought yes that will go with the March wordplay.Here it is finished.
Thanks Lynn if you read this. The back is just black and white.
The next one I have done is by JBW designs and is French Country Angel, done in 550 dmc . I found some little cherubs in a box and thought I would add them.

This is the back , this is the monthly ornament for Needlecraft Haven. So now I have to think of
what to do for April.
So that is my 2 little finishes. Now onto the gift ,a person (my birthday twin and fellow Janeite ) sent me a package and oh I was just so delighted with this sweet little addition to my Jane shrine

Is that not the sweetest thing, the ribbon she used is absolutely perfect and I would really like some in
my ribbon box,if anyone knows of where both Angela and I could get some please let us know.

This was the rest of the package, Iloved it all Angela, I now have a house to build, and a Jane peg doll to make. Angela visited Chawton where Jane lived and wrote 6 of her novels. How about those sheep too. The one at the back reminds me of the goats in the sound of music, just make me smile. So my thanks to you my friend .
Well folks thats it for this week, I stitched with Sally on my Sheep Virtues on Monday and tonight I shall be over in the parlour starting my Tea Room so if you are passing please pop in and we can share tea and maybe cake. Thanks for all your continued comments and friendship. Take care and I shall catch up again soon .
Hugs and love

Saturday 2 March 2013

March ,

Well it must be March!!!! Here is the March Wordplay on the March Mantle. I quite like the way the header turned out. I have just started April and unfortunately Easter that is on it will be over by the time it is displayed. Still pretty though.
Well how are you all ,I am afraid we have had the lurgy badly here and Martin picked it up shortly after his eye op last Saturday, He is ok though and a week down he can now read with that eye, it is really incredible.Although poor thing he really wasn't well at the beginning of the week, he does seems to fight these things off much quicker than I do and for me it was a visit to the drs this week . I did not really want to go , but felt so ill that I gave in. I do feel a bit better today  antibiotics and inhaler beginning to kick in ,so thought I would let you see the latest finishes.
Well one of them was as you see was the March Wordplay,
The other was the Silent Night ,Holy night .I have been stitching on in the parlour over at Needlecraft Haven. I am now looking forward to a new start this week. Will show you that next time.
On Mondays I am stitching the LHN sheep virtues with Sally and it took me 4 attempts to be happy with the fabric to stitch it on.You will have to excuse the creased fabric but I have not pressed it yet. I am waiting some thread to arrive for the sheep .I think these will be really lovely when they are done.  I have done a very little design but not finished it into anything yet the free St Patricks day cat  a free design by Lynn B of Happiness is cross stitching.

I had a envelope from Michelle this week on return from her fabulous holiday . I was rather cheeky and asked if she was passing a postcard shop would she if poss pick me up a pic of a giraffe, or a nelliephant.I was so pleased with these that I put in front of my african lake pic in the kitchen /dining room. If you read this Michelle thankyou and for the SA threads you sent me. Do you need payment.
I could sit by this lake,quite easily.
I have a little family news (no accidents this time thank goodness).Jack has been offered a place at Uni he needs an A in Maths and an A in physics with a B in one other . He is not hopeful but thinks he may stay on another year to get the grades he needs if he fails.
Ella has been accepted to the school of her choice too ,very sport orientated. Sam has been accepted to the church secondary school that Jack attended and Caitlin is attending. So all grandchildren are happy. Been told to keep well away at the moment.
So my dears not really much to show you or tell you as I have been snuggled under the duvet for most of the last week and it is much too cold to go out.So until next time take care and wrap up warm if it is cold where you are.
Much love

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

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