Friday 30 September 2011

There was I ready for Autumn

The Golden rod is yellow,
The Corn is turning brown
The Apples in the orchard
With fruit are hanging down. Helen Hunt Jackson

Then we have Summer back with a vengence! Phew it has been a warm few days here in Dorset,hope you have been basking too.
Sorry I have been away so long ,so much going on , lots to tell and lots to share. Or a bit anyway.
Well on the family news Alfie bear who is 4 (going on 94) was playing touch here ,in our care, with his siblings. All 4 charging like loonies when Alfie tripped, Jack fell over and onto him and broke Alfies leg in 2 places. Jack was mortified that he had injured his little brother. Caitlin was the mother hen and fussed over everyone, Sam was just shocked and Alfie well you can imagine the noise.
Kate our daughter had gone to the hospital with her other half he has back problems and she wanted to hear what the physio had to say. We felt dreadful as it happened here ,but as she said it was better it happened here as we do not panic in a situation.We are like ducks calm and serene on top and paddling furiously underneath!
So he has a bright red plaster -which should be changed on Wednesday next. I say should be because this morning Kate misjudged her bottom 2 stairs and landed on her foot awkwardly. She thought she had broken her ankle ,her dad took her to A&E Caitlin came home from school to sort out Alfie as he is off school and needs to be lifted to the loo. Anyway long story short it appears she has broken the outside bone and ligaments in her right foot. So she is in plaster too up to the knee.She has a blue one. Lots of worry going on there how on earth they will manage.
She will be off work 6-8 weeks.
Of course working weekends she gets weekend enhancements .
Martin has 2 hospital appointments coming up in October ,one of which he was hoping Kate would drive him as it is his eye op.
IT never rains but pours.
Well no more apart from the comment from Alfie when he saw Kate in plaster when they got home. Well I hope we don't have to lift mummy to theloo.
Now what else have I to tell you.

Martin took me out to see the ducks in the duck pond at Abbotsbury. This is a Tithe barn where the taxes were gathered by the local monks. It is now a children themed play area. The picture of it and the duck pond is a bit dark -sorry. We has hoped to see some of the Abbotsbury swans there and ducks but this was it.

It was a nice afternoon out though.
On the stitching front I have finished the 2 ornies to go with the tree I showed you last time that is three I promised myself I would finish for September.So here they are.

This is Christmas Tea by Plum Street Samplers. Stitched on Sassys Fabric over one.
I have looked at this one in my basket for the past couple of years and thought it was about time I stitched it.
Then I did this one .

This one is a slight adaptation from The Reindeer Sampler by JBW designs. I stitched it over one and as it was so twee added the Reindeers names and an extra line of snow. The little bells I strung to the bottom ,9little bells for 9 reindeer.
Next the Mystery is revealed.

Don't the colours vary. Top pic. Just finished.Middle pic. Finished into an arm resting cushion for my wrist. Bottom. The back finished with some fabric I purchased from Thread Bear. This was Salem remembered and is in memory of Bridget Bishop who was the first person hung at the Salem witch trials in 1692 I think I have that right.Purported to have been born in England.I have been reading about some of these trials and some of these poor women were really persecuted beyond belief.
I also have been doing my Sal with Sally and Colleen on Mondays with SB designs. I have this week finished My Moms Garden which I changed for My Mums Garden. Mil was delighted with it. I filled it with Lavender her favourite and tied a tag with the words that Tina had written on the design. Her five childrens names ,her and her hubbys initials on the heart and there you have it.

Sally and I have decided to have a little break ,with it being so close (well ish)to Christmas and we have both purchased this little beauty from Isabella at the Primitive Hare. We both share a love of The Christmas Carol both book and film ,I have to watch every make of this film at Christmas from Patrick Steward to the Muppets!! So when I espied this and told Sally it seems she is a fan too,.

You do not need to see the fabric (antique white 32 count ) or the threads I have got to do this. There may be a few little changes though. I also ordered the threads for Glad tidings The Sampler Girl design which again will be a SAL just before Christmas with Sally. We do get along really well and it seems to work that we speak before during and after our weekly sal.
Martin has bought new stash, sort of, this week a new tropical fish tank . Here it is starting to be filled.

We do have more than one fish in there, honest, it looks as if the angel is the only one to see. We are still waiting the water to clear a little. Graeme is asking permission if he is allowed to have our old tank!!!!!
Well dearies I think the other half will be home from bed building soon so I am off to get dinner, thankyou so much for your continuing comments it is so good to see them pop up . Bless you.
Hope it wont be so long before next post, and that I do not have anymore breakages to report.
Take great care
Hugs n stuff Barb.


Tuesday 13 September 2011

The Summer Exchange.

Here is the lovely stitched item I had from Lisa of LisaVslounge. It is so perfectly stitched and finished and I love it. Thankyou again Lisa. I also had some goodies enclosed

Aren't those pens so cute, in fact my grandchildren were heard to say, Nanny please may we have those pens. So in true Nanny fashion, I mean how can you say NO they are mine all mine, so sorry Lisa they are lost to me but Caitlin and Sam are now taking them to school to show their friends.
The fabric is lovely and summery all sea shells and I know exactly what to use that for ,but not until next year. Also I had some stickers and beads and buttons . How about walking along that beach on her card in Australia,mind you I think she did a brilliant job as thinking summer when it is winter cannot be easy!

This was an exchange for The STITCHED WITH LOVE exchange hosted by Lainey and Colleen. They did a great job and are currently running an Autumn/fall one which is closed but there will be a Christmas one coming up.
So come on get in the spirit and share a little joy by joining,that reminds me I haven't yet.

Ok here is what I sent to Catherine of Bramblewood stitches.

These were the stitched items I sent. I altered and added a few things to the needleroll,and the living is easy was an addition. I was sorry to see that one go. The fabric it is standing on is a Sand colour 36count linen.

No you are not seeing double, Tina (no blog) made me Downton Abbey a Sampler Girl design scissor fob and as I love it so much I thought I would send one to Catherine. As Tina reads this I did not want her thinking I had sent her mine so took this so she could see I still treasure hers. Downton Abbey as a lot of you know is really Highclere Castle and if you google it there is a lot of fascinating information. Did you know Downton Abbey is back this weekend. Oh dear DH will want to watch Spooks and after me having a Strictly fix it will be his turn to choose. Have to record so much now.
Anyway I digress.
Talking of other half we, (I sprinkled the frit in the areas that I wanted the colours , that is crushed glass) and himself did the rest. It is a candle holder and I put a Beach Walk yankee candle in it. It started off pale with light sprinkle for the sea spray,going to pale blue green and sand colour in the bottom, I was really pleased how it turned out(after 3 attempts) and I think Catherine was too.
Mind you I almost had kittens posting it all that way. Also in the pile were needles that Catherine said she used to put her new needles in,some 36 count Sand coloured fabby, a bookmark for her summer reading book .I tried to keep it sort of seasidey colours.
The card is an artists impression of Weymouth!!
Also was a box of Fudge from the Weymouth sweetshop. I could have gone on forever with this one (imagination running riot).
So that was the exchange I have been itching to show you. Phew .
A quick update this time, stitched with Sally and Colleen last night, they had to dodge the scaffolding on the way in as we are in the process of having solar panels fitted with the rent a roof scheme.I am progressing with My Mums Garden and next time i post I will let you see. I am trying to get 3 yes 3 christmas ornies done this month, have got 1 done, 1 almost, and 1 more to choose.
Tomorrow is the Mansfield park Sampler Girl Sal so that house will be started to be built. Busy Busy so cannot be sitting here, chatting away ,thanks for all your comments last post and hope I may get a few this time too.
Take care and see you soon.
Hugs n stuff

Friday 9 September 2011

A taste of things to come, and those that are already!

Well it is forecast for high winds and rain again this weekend, so more rough seas and spray. We went over to look at the Chesil Cove on Tuesday, talk about just blown in from the windy city,there are times when I am thankful I am not a size 10 (not often but sometimes) the wind fair took your breath away,but it was so exhilarating to see the sea and feel the spray. Sorry about poor quality of pics as I said it was wet raining and my glasses could have done with some wipers.
Such a shame an awful weekend is forecast as so many autumnal shows are on and if it is anything like Tuesday we will not be venturing far.
This damp weather is no good for the pain either. I think next time we visit Colleen I shall stay there (if it is not too hot).
Last time I told you Jack may not get his maths course for A level as he only had a B, all is well ,when he turned up on Monday he had an interview with head of Maths and he said his paper showed he was 1 point off an A so he would let him do it.
However after the homework he was given he is beginning to wonder what he is letting himself in for!! He had grandad helping him last night -hmmm -perhaps not having any lessons as such for a few months has made him rusty. Martin said some of it he has not done for almost 50 years!! I think they both had brain ache when they had finished. The college had given them papers to see how they would do not using calculators and I think they were A level type papers to see how they would react. We shall see later when he finishes today.
Alfie bear the littlest grandchild started on Monday just Mornings and afternoons next week. Full time after that. Everyone else children wise restarted with new teachers etc.
All happy at the moment.
It must be that time of the year again when Squirrel Nutkin comes searching for a little something to nibble. Here he is just outside the lounge window on his way to have a little snack of the sunflower hearts.

Need a magnifying glass to see him,he was just having a quick look at me.You can click on the pic to make it bigger and then he/she will be looking at you! However here is a closer view. If you click on this one you can see him holding on to the perch bar. I did try to get one of him hanging by his tail but could not get close enough.

Sorry if you are not a fan of these greys ,but he is just so sweeeet.
Enough I hear you say is there no stitching news this time, oh yes there is a finish ,but only a small one and some gorgeous stash (please have drool bowl handy lol)
Well finish first I think, this is for the NH christmas monthly ornie of which this is the first I hope to do this month. Not a tree ornie but could be if you wanted it
to be if you stitched it up at the bottom and made a hanging loop.

Prairie Schooler Christmas trees11 stitched over one on 28count linen.

Mansfield Park has now at last got its fancy border and the frog was visiting at the time of stitching , I now have a Fannys house to build. I hate building houses!

A little progress has been made on My Moms Garden and Sally and Colleen were there to witness the swearing and gnashing of teeth that accompanied the frog visit there too. I have undone the "DARN" darned tulips and will come back to them later!!
Have you seen Sallys new start the Pansy Roll its luverly.

I also have a little progress on the piece that I started back along when I asked if anyone knew what it was, with The witching season almost upon us I hope to have a finish to show soon.

Oops almost forgot that one, this was a design that was chosen to be stitched as part of the monthly challenge on Needlecraft Haven. It is a free design called Le Temps des Cerises by Le Chalet des Perelles.
Now my goodies .

I succumbed to this and if you like a bit of history and also some designs to stitch this may be a book you would like too.If you want a look at what is in it then go to Anitaslittlestitches blog and scroll down to Aug 23rd..
Meanwhile here is one page for you to see

At last I had my Loose Feathers too and hopefully I shall not have to wait too long until the next one.
Some threads from Vikki Clayton arrived to enable me to make a start on the Needlecharmer. Whenever !

Also to whet your appetite some peas in a pod etc in the new Mollie Makes magazine that came this week.

So a fairly productive week in more ways than one, we (the royal one) tidied an attic and found lurking in its depths these beauties but what to do with them .

Perhaps I could incorporate one into a giveaway at some point. They are boxes that contained different teas that came from Fortnum and Mason .
No I do not shop at F&M Chance would be a fine thing, a friend of ours used to be a buyer for Twinings Tea and from time to time a few boxes would be going begging.Well my dears thanks so much for coming over , I would offer you a cup of tea,but the boxes are empty,it would have to PG tips. Ok I will go put the kettle on, how many?
Thankyou for all the peeps that come and leave me a little note , its just so nice to know people enjoy reading these wafflings of mine, and also to be able to look back and see just what has been achieved in a year. I hope I will at some point have the go ahead to show you what I had and made for the summer exchange hope it will not be too long .
So bye for now and take great care of yourselves
Hugs n stuff

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