Thursday 17 November 2011

You may remember this

Hello my dears, this is the parcel that I received from Angela (who has no blog ,but should!!! as she writes me really interesting snippets from time to time).I have not lost the plot there is method in my madness of posting the same pic for you to see.

This is my return gift to her a design by The Primitive Hare stitched into a little bag with a few goodies enclosed.
Angela was in the States when I sent this so I had to wait a week or so to know if she had got it. Poor Angela was jet lagged when she opened it and thought I had sent her a butterfly. Not until a day or two later when she turned the thread keeper the right way up she realised the butterfly had metamorphised into a Jane Austen Silhoutte, which made me smile when she wrote to tell me.

It has been a while (again) beating myself with a big stick here,since I last posted . I keep thinking to myself I really must do a blog update ,but unless I have got something to show you I feel there is not a lot of point. So I am updating my wips,as I have not finished anything else I can show you yet. I have done a exchange piece but we are not allowed to show that . I have also got more stash. So with out more twittering on my part.You may remember these too!!
Here is Monday nights Christmas Carol stocking which is being stitched by Sally too. I was feeling rather fed up as the last pic I took (I did not show you)as I had a big frog visit and had to demolish some of the brickwork and part of the roof, however all is rebuilt and oh boy I can understand why Sally said it is a mansion.

Tuesday night again with Sally, thankyou so much Sally for being a brilliant Sal partner, this is Glad Tidings, which I am stitching on Sassys fabric over one. Designed by The Sampler Girl.

Really loving this one.
Wednesday evenings you will find me in the Parlour , with my Sampler Girl stitching or Jane stitching. As I have completed "What would Jane do ?"I am now doing an ornament from The Sampler Girl called Christmas Bells.

The Parlour is over at Needlecraft Haven forum and you would be most welcome to join us .
I am now going to tell you some sad news, before I show more needleworky things. You must remember Seymore and Miss Rose , they got married and had Maisie and Millie.

This was their wedding day and such a happy occasion, but I am afraid Seymore has gone missing, the girls are so upset and Miss Rose too, Julie Mum (who was responible for them coming to live with me) is sure he will turn up ,in the dusty cupboard no doubt, and one day when I feel like ferreting (oh no ferrets isn't the right word!) he will be languishing in the peace and quiet. Meantime Miss Rose has a cousin arrived today ,this is the church mouse I found today whilst visiting a little craft room at a church in town. Has anyone a suggestion for a name for him.He has come to give comfort to the others.

Of course whilst in this crafty goodness I managed to slip a few bits into the bag. A lovely little bowl which will be nice for Christmas delicacies to reside in at £3.Also the two little crocheted mats so delicate and perfectly done for the sum of £3.50. Too cheap really considering the work that goes into them.Mr Bunny as £4. So bargains to be had.

It has been a beautiful day today ,and seeing my old friend for coffee and a chat was the icing on the cake. We did so much walking (well for me) and I ended up having to rest this afternoon.So now I am sitting here in the comfy chair writing a missive to you .Tonight, Thursday, is the Card holder by Soie Idee and here is progress for you.

Weekends are stitching bits and bobs last time I showed you the Christmas Carol by The Primitive Hare and here are 2 more to go with it.

Julie will recognise the Holly and the Ivy. The other one is part of A Baby in a Manger by Cherrywood designs.
So that is my weeks stitching .
Martin has been busy in his glass shed making little plaques and penguins but cannot show you picture yet.
He has also become chairman of Royal Manor Workshops, again after a 3 year break if you want a peak then go take a look. He would like any feedback local or otherwise.
The other member of our family needed a little attention too and the vet has been visited , really just for his booster immunisation jabs but he had to have his feet looked at and has to go back in 2 weeks.

A pic of the Ollie dog with his raggy ball.
Which is his 2nd favourite toy.The first being a rather smelly beaver who needs to go in the wash.
Martin surprised me with this

He knows I have a liking for words and so bought this for me to enable me to write whatever I wish in different alphabets, I think it will be so useful.
Other stash received are the charts I were hoping to arrive so I could stitch one for my secret partner over at NH but they only arrived this week so too late for me . You may be reading this so sorry, had to choose another for you.I have received mine and it is so lovely,will hope to show you next ime.

Notice the word theme again.

So there we go peeps , our family are mostly fine, Kate has been to hospital this week and had her plaster taken off, they x-rayed it and the bone is not healing , so she has to go back in 4 weeks and no work. They have fitted her with what she called a Transformer boot, but her ankle is still very blue with bruising and swollen. It seems as if she may have to have surgery to wire the bones.
I am now going to do a little stitching on my Card holder , I may need it soon well in a few weeks so got to get it done!
Take care all ,thankyou for the lovely comments which continue,welcome to any new followers and hope you will continue to follow and maybe comment when you have time.
Hugs n stuff


Christine said...

Oh dear I do hope Seymore hasn't run away with some common bunny!
The Jane themed exchanges are fabulous, and you've done some lovely stitching. I love the colours in Glad Tidings.
Great stash and crafty treasures too.
Your new rabbit looks quite Dickensian so I suggest calling him Mr Pickwick

jane said...

Lovely stitching Barb and a nice stash haul. Very nice exchange parcels too. I like your new bunny, good name suggestion by Christine.
Hope Kate's leg heals soon and that she doesn't need the surgery.

Stitchabilities said...

Lots of gorgeous stitching and fab stash!!
the new addition looks like a stanley or a george to me LOL

Julie said...

Super Jane goodies.
Naughty Seymour, he!'ll get a good hiding when he turns up. Mr new kbunny looks like a Hector to me. I'm sure he will take care of Rose and the girls for now.
Beautiful Wip's and finishes. Super book, love the fancy letter on holly and ivy.
Best wishes to Kate, I have pins in my ankle after a nasty break, long process, hope she is resting it.
Looking forward to seeing what Martin has been creating in his workshop.
Ollie is as beautiful as ever.
Love to all xxx

Tina said...

Love your exchange piece for Angela,and lol i can see why she thought it was a butterfly,when you are really tired.Your wip's are coming on lovely,the stocking is looking fab,you always seem to be building mansions lol
I think Mr Seymour is in the UFO cupboard stitching away.
I think the new rabbit looks like a Benjamin or Benjy for short.
Great new it all lovely traditional santa's
Hope Kates ankle improves and Ollie keeps out of mischief
Hugs xx

Lesleyanne said...

I can see why Angela thought it was a butterfly but Jane is gorgeous - lovely parcel you sent to her. I hope you find Mr Seymour soon. Great progress on your wips - love the colours you are using. Great new stash. I hope Kate gets better soon.

Sally said...

What a lovely parcel you sent to Angela and love the one she sent you.

Our SALs are coming along nicely. I am itching to get on more with the stocking as yours looks so pretty. Jane is looking gorgeous too.

Love both your ornaments and the card holder is lovely.

Oooh I hope Seymore turns up soon, naughty man. Although maybe he's gone Christmas shopping for his brood????

More nice new stash:)

Aww bless Ollie. He is so cute.

I hope Kate's leg heals well and she doesn't need surgery.

See you Monday and Tuesday! {hugs}

Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy said...

Oh, what lovely Janeite gifties from Angela and for Angela, Barb... And your Dickens Sock is coming along Beautifully ~ I really must get this one... and I love your Glad Tidings ~ I want to stitch this one as well as Christmas Bells ~ And all of your WIP's are lovely... you have been a busy stitching bee ~

Oh, poor Seymore ~ I cannot imagine him running out on his sweet family ~ mayhap as Sally suggested he has but gone Christmas shopping and will return shortly with lovely gifts for you all! I agree with Christine on the name of your new bunny... he does indeed look rather Dickensian and quite like a Mr Pickwick...

And I love all your lovely new stash... and your sweet gift from your thoughtful DH... and Ollie is a sweety... And I do hope Kate's leg is on the mend and she does not need surgery~~~ Blessings always in stitches...

Colleen said...

Wow Barb, you have been busy, busy! Love the many additions to your stash! Wonderful Jane gifts; I agree with Angela, when you first look, there is a butterfly, but then Jane appears.
Your's & Sally's stocking SAL is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see your progress.
Congrats to Martin on his new position. He does such lovely pieces. Hugs to Kate!!! What an ordeal to go through, for her & YOU. LOL
Wrigley sends Ollie a HUGE sloppy kiss, a sniff & tail way.
Love your post and all your stitching goodies. Hugs, Colleen

Mouse said...

awww I hope Seymour turns up ... Mr Mouse ... looks like a Stanley to me :0 well done to Martin on his rise in fame ... love the sals you are doing with sally .. hope that frog has gone for a good while :) love mouse xxxx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oh no I hope your bunny isn't missing too long... he looks like a Peter to meor perhaps a Jim? A good solid British name for sure!

Wow you are one busy stitchy woman!

Carin said...

Oh my ... you did much stitching and it looks wonderful !! I hope bunny will turn up somewhere, maybe he is christmas shopping ???

angelasweby said...

How lovely to see my gorgeous gifts from you on the silver screen :-) And thanks too to the lovely ladies in your comments section who restored my confidence by saying they could see how I confused poor Jane for a butterfly. I have to say, I love her more as Jane and she has become my constant stitching companion.

I love all the Sampler Girl stitching you are doing. The Stocking is shaping up beautifully, sorry you had to frog!! Glad Tidings also looks good and Christmas Bells. I need to check that one out as I don't remember it at all and I love it!! I'm in the middle of stitching Tanya's design from the new ornaments issue . I love that too!!

I hope Seymour has returned from his travels. An old family story we have is of when my grandfather, living in Cyprus back in the 1940's went out to buy some bread from the village shop and didn't come back for 3 years...haha! He apparently went off to Australia to try and make his fortune to help the family. I think the story has been embroidered a bit in the constant retelling...haha!

I'm sure Seymour wouldn't do anything so reckless!! Seymour's cousin looks like a very friendly addition to the family. I love his face and he looks like a Chumley to me :-)

Great looking stash, Barb. You do have good taste and what a wonderful gift from Martin. My friend has this book and says it's priceless!
Take care Angela xx

Mylene said...

Hope your bunny turn up by now.
WOW! you sure been busy all are looking lovely. Great new stash and gifts received too.

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