Thursday 13 May 2010

The celebrations last weekend went very well , it does not seem like 40 years ago that our little girl was born.
This post will be a bit short owing to the fact that my camera lens has stuck and so I cannot take any pics for you to see this week apart from the weekend ones. I will not bore you with those ,well maybe just the couple more of my 2 'children' and my dear other half..

I think Kate enjoyed herself and we all went home very full.Kate and her hubby Iain.

This is Graeme Sue and Ella and the idiot on the end is Jack .

Then I had to take another with out Jack lol.

Well thats our little family, and although I DO have some wips and a finish which cannot be shown as it is for the monthly challenge on Stitch and Stash. I am really pleased with it so will have to show you next time maybe. Ufo has had a little done to it.
I received Sarah Tobias today ,thanks to Clare for the info. Also a couple of CHS charts I thought I had better order in case I cannot get them in the future.
I hope you are all o.k. and thankyou for the comments.Shall try and get the camera fixed quickly.
Take care all hugs n stuff.
Barb x

Monday 3 May 2010

Anyone fancy a dip,come on in the waters lovely

A little cold for us peoples ,but Ollie, well you can see what he thinks.
Well after a typical Bank Holiday for us here in the UK ,it is back to work for Martin . I think though he may be glad to go back ,too many chores at home lol.
Well put on the Happy Dancing records and take a spin with me, here is my latest finish and actually on the wall.
As you know I have been stitching along with Sally, Hazel, Tracy and Lesleyanne The Sampler Girl design at Home with Jane Austen.
I do love anything Austen and TSG does provide me with lots of these little sayings and quotes to stitch. I hear she has some new designs coming out soon , oh dear will have to buy more stash ....Anyway in the sidebar (at least I think that is what it is called, you can see the house Jane lived in for the last years of her life and also listen to some "pretty" music.I think you have to double click on the note sign to view the video ,hope it works for you.
So with out more ado here is my latest finish. Before and after framing

Hopefully we shall see some of the others progressing well too.

I have not done too much on the CHS one but a little progress and I am really enjoying this one too.

Next up is the monthly finish for April Christmas Ornie Challenge ,along with the other 2 I have done ,these are from Country Rustic Primitives and stitched on Osnaburg fabric. This fabric really suits these designs and I hope to do more of them.

The Season of Hope was the finish for April, that is not me by the way in the picture! I have a book entitled Among the Amish and the drawings and paintings are really descriptive of this simple way of life I like this industrious looking lady although Quilting not stitching she looks so at ease .
Another wip to show you is the UFO i shall be stitching with the girls and Mr Stick over on Stitch and Stash tonight and every Tuesday. I was going to do another design but found this started and thought it might be a nice one to finish.

This is a Drawn Thread design entitled Generosity, heavens knows when this was started so it will be one for you to watch progress.
Yet another progress pic is Aprils progress on QC just a smidgeon to do on the right hand side to finish page 3.

I think that is all the stitching I have to show you.

We have Big celebrations in the family this coming Monday ,our daughter Kate will be 40, Argh when did that happen , we are out for a meal this coming weekend so maybe some pics to show next time . See, you did not know I was that old did you? Her brother is even older (not a lot though.)
Our eldest grandson Jack took his girlfriend out for a meal last weekend, he is coming up 16 in December, Prezzos dont know if that is spelt right and Italian restaurant in town.
They only had the main course and sweet as he wasn't sure how much it was going to cost him.He does have a little part time seasonal job . Ah first love, he even gave her his coat as she was cold on the way home. You hear about the youth of today ,(and he is no angel at times ,typical teenager)but I have to say he is seeming to be going the right way. We were so proud he got 100% in his Chemistry exam ,teacher was well impressed too.
Mind you I say about the youth of today , Kate who is going to be 40hee hee (I dont think she reads this) , phoned last night late very angry, she said there was this terrific bang outside and they looked out of their front door to see some youths 1 older and 3 younger boys running away they had set fire to a motorbike which Police think they had stolen ,outside Kates house. They live in a cul-de -sac with a small green in front of a square of houses so a fairly quiet neighbourhood ,Of course the petrol tank exploding caused the noise. Kate and Iain have only just spent megabucks renewing their fencing. Police couldn't do anything and fire brigade after putting it out said they could probably find out a chassis number,but if it was stolen not a lot could be done.
It COULD have been worse as no one was hurt and her and her hubbys cars were next to the fence. Unfortunately there is an estate not far from them where they seem to put people like that. Sorry if that sounds snobbish ,again I know it is not all just the few who give places a bad name.
Sorry rant over.
I expect you would like to see what has come in the post since I last rambled on.
I did get a book which I saw on Heidis blog ,she is an enabler that Heidi over in Holland."WINK"

I know not stitching but I love books too.
Then from Blackbird Designs I had these, and I have ordered Sarah Tobias as Clare (her blog)stitchingnstuff stitched a lovely design and put it on the header of her blog so I had to have that and its birds.So that is winging its way across the pond.

For some reason the birdie cushions pic did not want to load so you no doubt will have seen them about.
Honeysuckle Manor Book and the 2 birdie designs which not sure if they will be cushions or pics for the wall.
Then last but not lease these I got from The Sampler Girl 22%off at the time.

Now just the customary thankyou for all your comments, I passed on to Caitlin all your admiration of her glass work I believe it is being marked today, so will let you know the results.
Also thanks Mrs B (that is what I was called when I worked in the florists)for the information about your header pic ,will have to ask brother if it is anywhere near him.
One more thing before I go ,hope I have managed to put the JA thing in the sidebar thingy as I cannot preview that, and have a good week or however long it takes me to get back here. Take care all and happy stitching ,reading whatever.
Hugs n stuff

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