Monday 31 October 2011

Double,Double toil and trouble

Fire burn and Cauldron Bubble!

ooohh just had the broom overhauled ready to go flying tonight! We had the family over yesterday and well just had to make these cauldrons for the treats!

The witches kitchen was the free design for the Monthly Challenge over at Needlecraft Haven ,the design was by the Primitive Hare and I stitched it over one as I did the Take one my pretty by Plum Street Samplers. The Cauldrons I picked up for 80p each and just filled them with sweeties.
It seems ages since I last spoke , sorry but you know by now pain sometimes gets the better of me ,and although I have good intentions of keeping you informed of the happenings here, things get away from me.
Firstly I have to tell you that I was thrilled ,absolutely thrilled to win Carins blogaversary giveaway . Carin is just lovely and does such wonderful quilting with help from her witch Brumhelda who I would love to have to live with me. She certainly is a good witch.

The design is from Simone at Atelier Soed Idee and Carin arranged for me to have the pattern and the charms sent direct ,which Simone did and also put in the skein of silk as a little gift from herself,then a few days later Carin sent me the rest of the threads to stitch the design. I found the fabric for the backing of the card holder on the net but could not get the red here in the Uk ,so settled for the taupe.
Now I just have to find time to stitch it before the man in red arrives . Thankyou Carin I am not usually lucky but I think Brumhelda must have sensed just how much I liked the design when she saw my name. Are you sure she would not like to live in England with me.
Well my pretties I have so much to share with you , as it is almost a month since I last posted and I keep saying to Sally ,I will update my blog ,she must think I have not been stitching here on a Monday with her but I have honest and to prove it here is my progress on Christmas Carol Stocking (By Primitive Hare).

Tonight I am starting the roof, Sally started the roof first so she will be almost finished with the dust and builders.I am not a lover of building houses as you know but most designs I like seem to have them in , so just have to make lots of cups of tea for the labourer. The Primitive Hare - or should I say Isabella is really sweet and I have become hooked on her designs -Oh my! I should be locked up or my card should be for safety. I have just finished her Christmas Carol not the one above an ornie design and although it is in its naked finished state

it has got to be finished into something. Have to get thinking how to head on , as I have an idea but have not worked out how to yet.I have also finished another of her designs and as it is a pressie I cannot show that yet either. Then at the weekend I got her advent calendar on PDF , so yet another to get done. Maybe not this year though. She has a book out and I am sorely tempted but maybe the man in red will help out with that one.Wonder if Martin will read this?!!!!
Talking of Martin my dear husband, he has had his eye operated on and now is seeing in colour again and is really happy with it. I must admit to being nervous for him when they came to take him to theatre but he is such a good patient and I did not have to find a nurses uniform to fit me ! He had to have an urgent endoscopy which showed up a duodenal ulcer so he has medication for that ,which also seems to have settled down. Alfie the grandson with the broken leg is out of plaster but is afaid to put leg to floor and walk properly. Kate has another 2 weeks to go before she finds out if she has to have surgery or not.Other than that all are fine.With all the hospital waiting etc it was just as well I had some reading matter to hand.

I did not take these though:-

Having been a fan of Beatrix Potter for many years I at last have the set of her books. I am currently reading the autobiography

A fascinating and wonderfully illustrated book about Beatrix with some old photos of her and her family . Martin said I should be ok reading the little books at night as they are not too heavy hmmmmm ,he probably meant they were right up my street. The Tale of Oat Crag is another Cottage Tale from Susan Wittig Albert, she has just released the last one but I will wait until it is in paperback.
Oh hope you are not too bored as I seem to be whittering on a bit. I have for many weeks been stitching in the Parlour over at Needlecraft Haven and at last I have finished Mansfield Park.
Fanny has her house and all is well.

Sorry about the dark photo,think I need to have a look on how to work this camera!!
Michelle stitched this design and asked if anyone would like it, I am still planning to have a blackbird wall and thought it would add nicely to the ones I already have anyway what do I get through the post is this

Thanks Michelle I will put it on the list, which gets ever longer .Talking of birds this one I spied and Michelle when I have stitched it,it is yours.

I also have some more stash one a Christmas one from Homespun Elegance and not one ,not two,but three from Little House Needleworks. There is no hope for this stitching woman and everytime I say thats enough now someone posts a lovely on their blog or a missive comes through from an internet shop and I am away.

I have also ordered a Sampler Girl witchy one ,but that will be for next Hallowe'en. On that note I am off to find my witches hat and a cat that will not be afraid to fly me! Take care all thanks for those continuing comments 19 most ever last time. Can you beat that?!
Hope the rambles have not left you too thirsty , if they have I can make you a cup of builders tea.
WHoo hoo off into this Hallowe'en night,keep safe and from the old witch herself
Hugs n stuff.
Barb x

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