Thursday 30 December 2010

My friends wishes for you for 2011

are in the wassailing song that is in my sidebar, turn on your volume press the play button. I also thought for you here in the uk you would like a reminder of what is coming (I think) next week, Larkrise to Candleford. I do like this sort of programme. Also I have watched Miss Potter again and so like this music from it.
Firstly I will give you a peek at what I have been stitching since last I wrote.

This is Pine Roll by Shepherds Bush . Words read:-Pine and Yew to crown the earth. Christmastide brings joy and mirth .Finished on Christmas Eve.
I then on Christmas day evening started Claras dance by the Sampler Girl hoping to finish it on New Year Eve (but I dont think so somehow) this is progress so far,but you will have to excuse the poor pic and crumpled fabric.

So now the man in red has been and I have been just so spoilt by family and stitchy friends.
Before I bore you with all my goodies, a picture before it comes down in a few days time of a tree, and a dog and a tree with a rescued duck. This was before he had his new lion and penguin !!

We had a lovely Christmas ,spending Christmas Eve with Graeme,Sue and Ella.We were a bit unsure as to the condition of the roads and as to wether we should go, as they have been very icy. Pavements not being much better.If you have had nasty conditions(sorry but my sick sense of humour wanted to jump in there with lumbago rashes etc) where you are I hope you stayed safe.
On Christmas Day we took mother in law with us to spend the day with Kate ,Iain and tribe. We were met by a very excited Alfie, who informed us we had to go see the mess that Rudolf and his friends had made of their lawn. Bits of chewed Carrots everywhere. Even Santas sleigh had left an imprint in the snow. Sam who is 9 was thrilled to see he had been left a box on the doorstep, in it was a bright shiny bell from Santas sleigh for being such a good boy.Isnt it magical when the belief is there. Santa was very very kind to them and they had lots of parcels to unwrap.
I have them all coming here on New Years Day what on earth was I thinking!. Graeme and family are coming down to spend NYE with Kate and her family and some friends , so I think there will be some fun to be had there. Not for us old fogies , a quiet toast(we dont buy the noisy toast!think I have lost the plot here)more gin needed lol. and then up early to prepare dinner for 14.
Anyway I hope you had all you wished for and more,as I said I was very lucky and loved all that I had.
My lovely hubby well he bought me these GORGEOUS earrings. White gold and Tanzanite.

Karan a stitchy friend got me interested in Crystals a little while ago and I have some amethyst (birthstone) ones like these . He also as a smiley,bought me a bottle of perfume I used to wear when we first met L'Aimant , I could not believe he remembered.I am not sure if it really something I would wear now ,but on the odd occaision. The first Christmas present he ever bought me was boxed set of Wishing by Avon many many moons ago. Sorry rambling on here . He also got me these 2 to go with my other one.

Love the one with its legs in the air,it says inside, Time to put ewer feet up. The other one in the rain says Wish ewe were here. One can never have too many sheepies can one.
I won't bore you with other bits I got from family ,but I must share stitchy things with you.
Well I was gobsmacked upon opening this from my oldbagpuss friend Julie, I admired her bag she made back a long and look what she made and sent me.

It is just so neat (well what else do I expect from Mary Poppins friend Practically Perfect in every way) . Also she enclosed this little SB design which is now hangs on my tree .Sheepies ooohhhh sublime.

Thankyou Julie ,like MP you are one in a million.
Another stitchy friend Karan (of crystal fame) had evidently looked at my wish list on S&S and had sent me this.

OH yes! more sheep ! This coaster is by the same designer as my mugs. Karan got me Sweeping Cobwebs a design I must stitch by 2011 Hallowe'en. Karan also knows I like the birds that visit the garden and sent the lovely bird bookmark . I am so blessed.
Then from Jane a complete suprise and now I understand the comment on my last post.

Jane said she hoped I liked this design on the comment about Sallys gift of the same design to me. LOL Jane, but she has told me that you do not need a new Barb.So pleased to hear that Jane !Thanks Jane.

Angi (no blog) who won my blogaversary earlier this year, sent me this sweet little coaster ,another who likes birds, we often compare notes on what is visiting our gardens.She also sent me 2 of her pretty pins with crystals on the tops. Thanks Angi.
Talking of birds ,it has been very cold here in the UK ,we always leave fallen apples for the birds to enjoy in winter. This year we have been thrilled to see Fieldfares and redwing flocks (well 30 or more)in the garden enjoying the fruit.It has to be exceptionally cold for them to come to our garden. If you do not know what fieldfares or redwings look like there are some good images on google.
Now onto sheep again ,what is this fixation with sheep ,sorry but I just think they are oooohhhh just so woolly!!lol.
This I got from my friend Irish Anne , I think she has done a 'shirley sheep',looks a bit like me ,well the same shape anyway. No point in pretending otherwise.

Oh Anne it did make me smile.
I was so delighted to get my next gift. I have a few obsessions as well you know by now and I have a 'persuasion' for Jane Austen so this I loved . Angela thankyou so much for my Austen gifties this year , and I am so pleased you found me or was it me who found you-hmmm . Anyway here is what Angela sent me.

I must show you what MIL bought me and my brother.

The fabric and threads for The Sampler Girl Sense and Sensibility , These are mainly GAST,a couple of DMC and my brother bought the 28 count fabric. Lucky girl arent I . I am doing a SAL with Tina (no blog) on Wednesday nights so if you fancy a Jane night and want to join us please do ,leave a comment for me.
You can stitch any TSG Jane design.
Whilst on the subject of Sal ,my next years starting Sal next week will be

Mondays with Sally and Colleen The journey ,of Emmanuel(s song) with his Checkered Sheep. all designs by Shepherds bush . I think Julie maybe joining us with the SB ornies but not sure.
Wednesdays with Tina and whoever Sense and Sensibility a Jane night.
Another night that I feel like in theweek will be Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor this I am doing as a SAL at Stitch and Stash.
So keeping busy.
My Quaker Christmas we got back the day before Christmas Eve and it is now hanging on the wall next to the Spirit of Christmas I did last year.

A little stash came my way too and it is just so pretty looks complicated though.

Yesterday Martin went to Kates to do a few jobs for her,a willing helper was had in Alfie who by the end of the day was marching around with a pencil behind his ear (like grandad)and marking bits of wood ready to saw. He's priceless or am I just a little biased.
Well folks I think this has gone on long enough ,you are probably nodding off in your chairs now. I do hope you have a happy ,healthy and prosperous New Year and that you keep in touch by leaving comments and I look forward to sharing your stitching and mine over the coming year.
I will leave you with my tiny kitchen window

My three candles -one for my angel dad,one for my angel mum and one for my angel fil,to say although they are never forgotten, at this time of year especially we wish they could be here.
Blessings to you all and I will be back with perhaps a newsier (is that a word) post in 2011. Take care all off now for a large cup of tea of maybe something a little stronger as this has taken me ages! Thanks to you all for your friendship this year ,I really feel as if I am not quite so shut off from the rest of the world having this little corner of it.
Hugs n stuff

Thursday 16 December 2010

Will this be you?

Well it certainly won't be me!!
I think I mentioned last time I was going to stitch Gone Sledding by The Sampler Girl .It was a quick stitch but I only got it finished this morning.

Looking at the pics now the snowman seems to have veered off a little on his sled.
Perhaps he has been on the boozy juice,Barb you must not judge everyone by your own standards! I jest of course.
Well folks are you all prepared for the day itself, I still have things to wrap and one thing to post ,but all in all I have got everything anyway.Just need to rob a bank as the grandchildren (older ones)want money.

I have not been stitching this last few nights, I have been -- knitting-- do you remember I started these socks for Martin a while ago. That long I could have sworn I had finished one and told Julie so. However I had not , and only got down to the heel on the first one. So thought I would get them done. Martin is a hole in the sock man ,forever getting holes in his socks. So I have told him with all the loving effort ( wink) gone into making these he had better get his mum to darn them if he gets a hole in them. He says they are lovely toasty warm,tried them on when Ifinished them last night and wouldnt take them off. Now have I started something here,am I going to live to regret it!!!!!!!!!
So here are said socks

Perhaps I could borrow Martins socks to rob the bank lol.

That is my makes for this week .
I did have a couple of little gifts this week though. One is still under the tree which was from Angi, and argh it is tempting me so badly. So cannot show you that .
The other was from my friend SAL Sally , isn't it cute.

I did say to her though I think you are all stuck with the old one I don't think there is anychance of a new me.
It is a Tanya from the sampler girl design in the Gift of Stitching Magazine. Sheep too so well ,what was there not to like. Thanks again Sally a friend indeed.

You may (or may not )be wondering what I have propped the pinkeep up on with Winter Woolies on the inside it is this-

Just had to show you that didn't I.
Well the mug is empty and I really must drink more,forever being told,just not the Gin mother! Hee hee I am now going to put the kettle on and make a cuppa ,want to joing me. If I do not get here again before the 9sleeps are up ,stay safe and have a good Christmas .
Hugs n stuff
Barb x

Friday 10 December 2010

Rockin around the Christmas Tree

Well these little choir people will be if they drink the booze in the background. This is a little group and tree that Martin made .
How are you all, I am feeling a bit brighter today ,just the wretched throat and cough. It is very quiet here too, no voice. I am hoping to get myself geared up to get cards written and some shopping to do too this weekend. At least I have not got Christmas food shopping to do ,well only a little as we are going to spend Christmas Day with Kate and the tribe. A real family Christmas ,shame Graeme Sue and Ella cannot join us, but it is my turn on New Years Day when they all have said they are coming here.
I have a couple of finishes to show you I did this little pillow for Tina for her birthday along with a couple gifties. I did this over one on Sassys 28count fabric and it is a Jardin Prive design . Tina was delighted with it . So all worthwhile.

Did you notice the sheep!!!!I think it is 'clickable' if you need a closer look.
My other finish and its a ta da moment here .I am just sooooo pleased with this and I was dreading putting it together .

Drum Roll please!!!!!

I was not sure where best to take pic,as you can see its very long,but oh I like it. The Sampler Girl design Christmas Stocking.
As you know I have been stitching this along with Sally on a Monday night. Thankyou so much Sally it has been great fun and I am looking forward to the Journey with Emmanuel and Shepherds Bush with you starting the first Monday in the New Year.If you are wondering about the title I am going to stitch The Journey and Sally is doing Emmanuels Song,not sure about the other titles being done by the other girls., I think Colleen and Julie are joining us too so whoo hoo more stitchy fun. I have not deserted Jane though and I shall be starting another Sal with Tina on Wednesday nights as a Jane night,we are starting with Sense and Sensibility sampler at least that is the one I have chosen from my stash and I think Tina has the same. I am going to order the GAST threads for this in a moment . Also a new start will be Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor does anyone want to join me with this one.

I have been having'A weekend with Mr Darcy', this last week or so , I really liked this book ,not at all demanding ,with references to various Jane Austen characters and sayings, I will miss snuggling up with this one. I finished it last night and thought I would read Darcys Christmas next - so in the twinkling of an eye I had downloaded it to my Kindle.

I am going to stitch Gone Sledding tonight ,another Sampler Girl design which I have been going to do since I got it earlier in the year,I see Tanya had it in her 12 days of Christmas sale over on her blog.

Our snow has all gone and it is a very grey sort of day here.Well my friends again thankyou for finding a few moments to leave me a comment .
Thanks for the encouragement you have given me since starting this ere blog.
Now I am off to empty the screaming washing machine and the drier has now stopped its whirring too -but no I am not getting out the dreaded ironing board.!!
Take care you all ,keep warm , enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing and keep stitching!
Hugs n stuff
Barb x

Sunday 5 December 2010

Together we will

build a snowman! or two or three or four.

Sam Caitlin Jack and Alfie enjoying a day off school, due to snow fall here in the South of England, we do not get snow often and thought we were going to escape this time too.Only a couple of days we couldnt get out,the children were so excited Sam wanted to go out at 7.30 am in his pjs to play. We called to see them Friday as it was Caitlins 13th birthday on Thursday and although she had a day off school because of the snow, no one could get to see her until the day after.
Ella the other grand daughter also had snow and was busy building a snowman with her dad,

Ellas was a snow girlie! Then my dear son Graeme sent a text with this one off to the pub for lunch now.

Someone else loved the snow after the first few tentative steps outside being not sure. He then proceeded to become a snow plough and would not come indoors.

Ollie is not a dog that barks but as he would not come in I left him to play and every now and then I heard a woof, he needed me to throw snowballs for him then I heard 'mum come quick'

I think my duck has got hypothermia can you resucitate him!!!!
Who has lost the plot here do you think, well the snow has all gone and it is a bright sunny day here today. We managed to get the christmas tree up yesterday and even is I say it myself it looks good . Today I have woken up with the lurgy ,scratchy throat and cough, do not know where I picked this up from as no one I have seen has it. So I shall be dosing myself up, Mil has decided to give her Sunday lunch a miss.
You may have been wondering where I have been - I have had problems with wrists and hands so typing has been kept to a minimum and no stitching for a few days . So not really a lot to tell you.
I did manage to stitch a little on Janes Stocking the SAL that I am doing with Sally, and oh the people are just so pleased they have their house ready to move in at Christmas,the outside got painted this week .Hopefully when I meet up with Sally tomorrow there may be a hd looming.

I must admit to being a little unsure as to wether I would have chosen those colours for my house but it seems to work lol.

Also since I last wrote I finished these two lhn ornies and they are now hanging on the tree.

My Julie friend sent me the ribbon to hang them with ,thanks Julie.
I have a couple of stash purchases one for me and one for a birthday pressie,mine is Belle Pepper from LHN. Cannot show you as I have not got them yet.I also have been stitching on a birthday pressie and hope to make it up this afternoon,if I can stop spluttering long enough.
Well my sweeties sorry this is so short but thought I had better put fingers to keyboard before you wander away and forget me.
Hopefully I shall be back to see you soon. Take care and keep free of this winter cold bug thing.
One/two more pics to share with you ,I saw this shivering in the cold in the garden.

Thanks for continuing the comments ,I love to see one has arrived,take care all and if you have snow keep it,lol after 2 days I had had enough lol.
Hugs n stuff
Barb x

Saturday 13 November 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Hello folks, another week and another quick catch up .Bet you cannot guess where I have been this afternoon- its been a few years since I have been to one of these.
A jumble sale - would you believe it!!! My Susie certainly won't as she is definitely an up market girl.
Well talk about eye opener !I think some of the people must be seasoned 'jumblers' if there is such a word.I had to smile at my Martin there he was standing ever so politely standing waiting to look ,whilst seasoned rummagers were right in there, I have only ever been to one other in my life and I was about 10, but I got a pile of autumnal coloured clothes for £4 for 14 items including one cellular double blanket in a mustardy orange colour.

Now I can hear you saying What is she playing at now ,well last week we were sorting out one of our lofts (we have 4) and this came to light ,and I thought, oh I would like to finish that as it would sit in front of the fire. This is what I found, I started this whilst still at work so it has been waiting for a while to be finished.

Here is where it will lay for Ollie to rest on I expect!

This is a rag rug-hooked not a proggy rug, I did find a proggy one started up there too ,that will be a summer one as it is all cotton fabrics, well thats the idea anyway. I will be doing a UFO night with Mr Stick to see if I can get it finished. Oh dear I have just realised I have said that in front of witnesses.
Do any of you dear friends do this craft or have done it or want to have a go as you are welcome to join me.
I have also visited 2 Charity shops today too and there was a lovely woolen red coat, but just to cut up I thought £19 was a bit steep. Lovely to wear, if you were a lot thinner than me though. Martin said he doesn't know what the chaps at work will think when he is asked what he did at the weekend -hmmmm visited 2 charity shops (did take something though) and a jumble sale. I have sent him out to plant daffodils now .
Hope all are well out there in the blogland, I have suffered this week a bit its the cold and damp . The comfy chair has had my behind stuffed in it most days.
Boy I have the jumble tipped out beside me ---methinks it is going in the washing machine in a moment.
Well I suppose I had better tell you stitchy news for this week. I started the LHN Peace on Earth ornie with the sheep. OF COURSE. I think I had a border frog gremlin come to visit ,as I frogged that border 3 times! it would have been finished but for that.Hopefully I shall show you that next week. I did finish one ornie though ,pic doesnt really do it justice as it is really pretty delicate and sparkly.

Sorry folks deserted you there - couldnt stand the smell any longer what it is about clothes from C Shops etc you get that sort of stale smell, so now it is all gaily swirling about in the washing machine.Anyway I was telling you of my ornie. This one

It is from this years JCS ornie mag and is by Charlottes ,I wasnt too sure about Magic- thought Magical was better so added a couple of letters also the twinkly stars.
Last Monday I stitched with Sally on Jane . I do hope the homeless people that are awaiting their house are ok,as it has started to snow and they only have the top of their roof done.

no, I haven't missed words out they come after. This is just so nice to stitch and I really enjoy Mondays with Sally,ESPECIALLY as she had done tea and crumpets last week!!! Thanks for your company Sally.
Well tomorrow is a new ornie start I hope if I get Peace done.
I have not done much else I am afraid ladies , I keep thinking its Friday today I have lost a day somewhere.
Oh by the way Angi that won my giveaway,has told me about the new Kelmscott sheep minder and I love it. I think when I find someone that has it I shall be skipping along to buy one. Bad girl Angi! you know me too well all you ladies.
I was hoping for a sheep fix when we were tootling along to the jumble sale in the country, but not one to be seen, we did see some very pale cows but that is what they were, not sheep.
Ollie has had another trip to his favourite vet this week ,he now has an ear infection. Jack my grandson thinks he is a hypocondriac. So yet another £110 this week.So pleased the tropical fish are healthy lol. Jack and Caitin popped in for tea after school on Wednesday , they had cross country and Jack is very sporty,he came 3rd out of the 55 that took part, Caitlin was 54th and one dropped out. She hates running but volunteered as numbers were low. Well someone had to come last she said. Oh I do love my grandkiddiwinks.Today Jack is visiting Oxford Uni with the school. Kate is hoping he won't get any ideas.
No stash to speak of only some Buttermilk linen and a magazine I ordered some time ago which at last arrived,

I have done no more on the Autumn design , as I say do not know where this week has gone .
Well my little fruit bats, I think it is time to drag himself from the bulb planting or he will be ceased up and frozen to the spot . I have just been to take a pic of the sunset ,standing at the back door and so I will leave you with the hope of a nice day tomorrow with a red sky at night.

Thankyou for your comments I look forward to reading them-it is fortunate you cannot see how many times I view my own blog to see if anyone has 'talked'to me.
Take care and I hope I will have something to share with you next week.
Hugs n stuff

Saturday 6 November 2010

First week of November

The year is flying by and almost at its end . How worrying is that. Seems as if years slide off the calendar at a great rate of knots. November brings back memories of Portland Fair which took up the length of one of the streets, we thought it absolutely fantastic to be given a complimentary free ticket for a ride, all the pennies we saved during the year would get spent on trying to win a goldfish (which promptly died the next day poor things) or the inevitable china ornament that seemed to be made of a chalky substance which went to the next jumble sale collection that came along. It was always this weekend of the 5th. Then bonfire night included oh what fun.
Oh well times are different and all has changed no more the up and down horses , the strange and wonderful side shows that you could only see if you were not a child, the boxing matches etc which were oh so tantalizing to an inquisitive child not to mention the bearded lady and so on.Yes folks I am that old!!!! Oh the smells too ,of candy floss and hot dogs toffee apples etc, still I am not here to drift into nostalgic memories of my childhood.

This is the weekend I can start thinking of Christmas as it always seemed to follow the fair and bonfire night. So on that note this is my little finish this week .Sally and I decided we would try and get these done on Sundays as a sal, I started mine on Saturday last so got it finished on Sunday.
Snowy Pines by LHN.

If you did not see the ones I did for Hazel she sent me a pic for you to see.

I have not got a lot to tell you this time and I really must get my stitching fingers working as I have loads to get done. I was going to start, I have got my love to keep me warm ,but it looked really heavy the little I did, so that has been put on hold ,instead I started this and it is stitching up delightfully.

Got a job to put this one down. Martin said why are you stitching a witch Hallowe'en is over, well it is still Autumn ,but it will be done for next year won't it, I said. I would like to stitch the others in this series too.

Last Monday and another Monday is looming is Jane Day with Sally ,this is lovely to stitch ,but I am dreading the mansion that is next,or it seems like a mansion! Anyway here is progress so far

SO that is all folks this time , thankyou for your continuing comments they mean a lot . Take care of yourselves till next time
Hugs n stuff Barb


Saturday 30 October 2010


I have a happy dance to share ,I am prancing round (I write fairy stories too lol) well I would if I could,prance around and write fairy stories.This is my finish

Quaker Christmas by Bygone Designs done on Sassys Celery fabric 28count ,with Vikki Claytons silk threads.
I hear Tina is almost there too, so WE DONE AND DID IT GIRL.Thanks for sal with me.
We started this as a Christmas sal so it is done and will be framed for Christmas.
Measurements are:-

Just so happy with it,can you tell !!!

Not so happy yesterday we have had BIG!!!!!!!! problems with our Internet Server and Martin was almost tearing his hair out yesterday as it wouldn't upload anything , e mails took ages to go if at all, and then this morning it wouldnt even connect. He has just phoned me to say to try it as he had "conversation" again with them this morning and HEY PRESTO at the moment it is working.Wehave had so many problems this last few months and if it was not such a pain changing e mail addresses to all and sundry (not that I call my friends sundry) , it is Martin it would affect most,we would be changing like a shot.
Frantically trying to get this done and posted then a couple of e mails to send .

Last week I had a sheepie suprise from Christine ,just so sweet of her she said she saw this and thought of me (I wonder why? lol)

I also sent out the 2 ornies to Hazel over at Stitch it and Pass it on,another 2finishes, but unfortunately I forgot to take pics ,dur! it was the Button up for Christmas designs from Cathy Jean at Victoria Sampler.Hazel was pleased with them anyway and so I am pleased too.

Tonight is Jane night with Sally yipee ,so look for an update on that in the coming days. We also decided to do the LHN ornies we have been collecting through the year on a Sunday , as I could not get to the computer yesterday I have almost finished Snowy pines so another finish looming. A couple of starts pending , well one I have started Autumn by Cross Eyed Cricket this I am doing over one, although I have to work out how I can do the fractional stitches in it. There arent many so hopefully it will not be too difficult.
I had the linen and threads for I have my love to keep me warm so I am hoping to start that one night a week. I also need a sheepie and a birdie night. ARE there enough nights in a week I ask myself.
So girlies I am sorry this is another short one but I need to get some things done on this machine in case it all goes to pot again.
Take care and I will hopefully catch up towards the end of the week.
Hugs n stuff

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

Well hello everyone ,super sets of photos last  time. Mine this time  again has been last  minute so shall we begin. The  words this month ...