Wednesday 20 February 2013

An apology and a BIG thankyou

First I must apologise to all, who made my birthday so special ,I was well and truly spoilt, more of which later.I am so sorry if you have not had a thankyou ,but my keyboard went do-lally and would not let me type anything , it felt very spongy, it started off with the L key and then the enter key then got worse and worse and I could not type on it at all.I can tell you I was not a happy bunny , so Martin ordered me a new one and   fitted last night as I think he was fed up with all the mutterings going on in this corner!!! So whoo hoo I can now do a blog post and show you the goodies I had. Got a cuppa to hand you may need it.
I think I will just do birthday this time and then catch up with things progressing and finished later in the week.

So in no particular order-My other half bought me a mobile phone. Now all I have to do is fathom out how
to use it ,I actually managed to answer it today,no don't laugh ,me and technology have a love hate relationship ,I love it if it is working ok and I can understand what I am doing, I hate it when it doesn't and I don't. I have been pestered to have one by the girls for ages and now they have started texting me ,which takes me forever to answer,but as I am told I must keep it switched on (I am so not switched on) so I have to say once I get used to it I think it will be handy, Martin says it has got something called gps on it ,no don't ask me,I have probably got the name wrong,but he said if I get lost or cannot remember where I live I can find out!!!! I only can walk round the block and I am not that senile yet lol. I wouldnt know how to use it anyway ,don't you wish you lived in my world.
Anyway other things were this lovely vase from Kate dd,and perfume from grandchildren.

From Graeme and Sue I had this ,it is a designer handbag but the colour is a deeper brown than the camera says -who says the camera does not lie.
Ella and Misty cat gave me a rose bush for the new rose garden entitled Happy Retirement and is pink. Will let you see pic when it is out. Cannot show it you as it is planted in the garden and it is like a quagmire out there.I cannot believe how many cards I had 35 at last count , and some nice stitchy bits and pieces which is what you are going to see next. In no particular order these were the goodies I had and from whom.

This was from Christine and it looks so pretty (just need to get it translated)good job a friends daughter speaks french fluently, Thanks so much Christine ,it has the sheep fix on it too.Also Christine enclosed a pair of dotty green scissors.
Next is from Jane ,Tilly and Oscar ,this delightful teacup pillow which will be hanging in my kitchen . Sorry the lambs have been eaten ,but the sweet little buttons Jane had stitched to the lambs have been put in my button box. Thankyou Jane you finish things so beautifully.
My dear Monday night friend Sally sent me this sweet forget me not pillow and she has no fear of that. Love the colours of this one.Thanks Sally.

Michelle sent me these GASThreads before going off to SA on hols . I am sure that they will be used at some point.
Hope you are keeping up -theres more.

This crocheted pin cushion came from my other friend Jane who lives in Manchester,something I really admire but for the life of me cannot do. It came wrapped in a pale cream fabric which I can use and some lovely purple ribbon. Also more sheep.

This I absolutely fell in love with and wore when we went out.,isn't she adorable. Kate sent me this and I need to know if she made it. The fabric is so me too. Dare I post a pic of me wearing it hmmmm.

Sorry to scare you , the badge on the other side came from my dear friend Julie whose friendship is so precious.I feel like I have known her for years and like Sally we "speak"most weeks.Did I really need reminding I was 65 though ,I shall get my own back though !!
Speaking of Miss Julie, well she sent me a Whitmans tin (I have always wanted one)but just take a look see the pics speak for themselves.
Fab-u -lous or what. That dear little lamb , i hear her hubby drilled a hole in its tail for the needle threader.
I shall treasure it with all the treasures I have had from stitchy friends ,not just for birthdays through the years.. Another cuppa needed me thinks. As there is yet more, told you i was spoilt.
This is from Gaynor ,who has had some wonderful news , she is Stitcheranon. How sweet is that and I had no idea she even knew when my birthday was so a total surprise.
Not a stitchy gift ,but thought you would like to see what my old schoolfriend of 60 years bought me. The cushion that she bought in Scotland whilst on holiday and the bag which was full of smellies. Another non stitching gift was from my furry friend Ollie he presented me with this.

Knowing a particular love of mine is Jane Austen. Strangely enough I sent the same book to my Birthday twin Angela.(no blog).I shall enjoy reading this,
Back to stitching.

From my friend Clare who hosts Needlecraft Haven , a lovely kit to go in my cherries and berries and birds basket.When it is done that is. I had a little competition a couple of weeks ago to see if anyone could guess how many LHN ,CCN charts I had. 21 was the answer and now I have 23.
No I have not forgotten how to count. This arrived too the first of the Little Sheep Virtues ,which I am sal with Sally on Mondays. I am not sure of the fabric though I started it on Monday and decided I did not like it so ordered some from Sew and So which came today ,so have to play catch up with Sally one evening this week.I have ordered the wool for the back too but PR have not got it in yet.

Tina generously sent me a book token and I know exactly what I will buy with it. I am reading a crime thriller called Dead Simple and it is a real cannot put down book. I have it on Kindle. The author has done more so I will have to see what I can get when next I go to town. If you like reading crime thrillers then I thoroughly recommend it.I have not finished it yet but I am almost there and Martin said at breakfast this morning!Good Book,YES I was reading it at breakfast Well got my own back as he reads the paper..So thanks so much Tina ,you are a star.

 This is a notebook that my friend Linda made me , she is our doctors receptionist and a great stitcher and
maker of all things stitchy. It fits in my new bag perfectly.

 I had this this morning from Karan.I feel so sorry for her when she told me that her and her hubby had been in a road accident last Wednesday and she was sorry she was late for my birthday. Oh Karan if you read this I am 65 on 6and ahalf. As long as you are both ok that is all that matters.But look at this needlefelted sheep a Swaledale (my favourite I think).She has told me I have a voucher to look forward to getting. I am just so blessed ,all you dear people . I think you must be thinking how much more well I have to show you what my dear other half gave me the day before on Valentines  day.

Scuse the tatty chair ,it is Ollies that he likes to sit on and watch the world go by. It is not for people to sit in. Arent they beautiful, and then he gave me this,

The red heart in the left top corner. HE is such a sweetie and even after almost 46 years I still wouldnt change him for the world.Also he had not finished and in case I get bored he got me this to watch.

 The grandchildren came over in the morning well Jack ,Sam and Alfie but Kate had to work so they could not stop. Caitlin phoned me as she was still in bed when her mum left to come over. Ella phoned me (ON the new phone) after school. At lunchtime we went where we met which is here.

50 years ago ,he was riding his bike (not allowed these days )and asked if I had seen his friend . We had lunch at the Cove a Fishermans pub which I have a picture of my Uncle outside back many years ago.

So there you have it my birthday in a BIG nutshell. I will show you finishes next time as you will all be nodding off now. Take care hi to the new followers and hope you have not been bored to tears. Thanks to all once again ,hope I have not missed anyone.
Oh meant to say thanks everyone who mailed me to say they had got their giveaway gifts. Who knows when and if I get to 200 followers I may have another.
Speak soon ,much love and hugs
Barb x

Thursday 7 February 2013

Have you been in suspense all day !!!Winners..

Well I have winners ,and thanks to other half for picking them out of the hat .
So if you are a winner congratulations and please would you e mail me your address and I shall pop them in the post to you. I will email you if I can find an email addy on your blog.
Drum roll please.
Number 1. Malbrigo wool has been won by Sue. Blog is As if by Magic.
Number 2.Blackbird complete package of threads ,fabric and Chart of The Simple things have been won by Stitcheranon.
Number 3 .Blackbird chart and fabric have been won by Vicki
Number 4 The Needleroll have been won by Carin
Number 5.The LHN charts have been won by Melissa D.

Sorry you could not all win but I send you all stitchy hugs anyway.
All packages have been posted this morning the 11th February.Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 5 February 2013

2 days to go to the giveaway

Hello and welcome to the new followers , again this is a quick post as a reminder if you have not entered already then you only have today and tomorrow to do so.Please leave a comment on the last post to get your chance.
I have been doing a little stitching and have 1 new finish and updates on others. The header pic is my February mantle shelf. I think I may have to get some red candles.
Anyway without more ado, here is my first pic . This I stitched for the Monthly Christmas ornie sal on Needlecraft Haven .Not sure if I am really pleased with it but it will hang on a branch somewhere.
This was in 2012 JCS ornament edition.I think maybe the ruched ribbon is a little heavy ,but as I said it will find a  branch of its own.
I have been stitching in the parlour on Wednesdays and here is the progress so far,on Silent Night Holy Night. by CCN.
I am really liking this one. Just love the church and well everything about it really, I think I may try and find a white frame for it.
Next after February comes March and this should be done in a couple of weeks as I stitch with Sally on a Monday.
I did stitch more on this last night, whilst watching the programme on Richard 111 being found under a car park and how they determined it really was him. Loved the reconstruction of his face. Of course Martin was VERY interested being a keen amateur archaeologist.
I have not yet taken a pic of last night stitching but will do before posting the winners of the giveaway on Thursday.
I have apologies to make to Julie and Mr Stick as I should have been stitching on Quaker Diamonds but I am afraid it did not come out to play as I am trying to gather all my threads together and number and catalogue them. I have found so many that I have a lot of, I think to myself that I cannot have that colour so go ahead and buy another ,I must have done that just a few times!! I still have not finished and so maybe this weekend will be taken up again.So maybe apologies in advance.
Well my ladies enjoy February I am sure I shall but not the age I will become.
Ollie dog has feet problems again and so he is on very high dose of antibiotics again and feeling rather sorry for himself .

Almost forgot I had a RAK this week from Michelle, who is now in South Africa  lucky girl. However I felt just a bit special when this popped through the letter box , all very useful and those snips are really sharp. Thanks Michelle.
So girlies I shall see you Thursday with names of winners . Meanwhile take great care and keep warm.
Hugs n stuff
Barb x

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

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