Tuesday 13 March 2018

March Madness .

Hello  all well  yes March is almost half way through and I had better have a catch up ,before  it has  disappeared before my eyes.So  March lambs  , awww so sweet  .  I  had  a gift from  my friend in the U.S.A. and I was thrilled, I saw these had been released and when I opened the packet and saw them well happy dancing I  was. She also sent me this little pattern by Shepherd Bush ,a lightbulb moment and I have made this.

It  worked out at three  quarters of  an inch square. How about those scissors ,whoo hoo sheep. I also had these from Tina a few days after  my birthday ,we have been having a Halloween Exchange for  many years now and  so  my witchy stitching will reside  in  these.
2 rather spooky project bags.
Last Sunday was Mothering  Sunday in the U.K. My daughter popped over  in  the morning  and brought  me a clip for  my new  bracelet. Which is  lovely. Then my son invited us to his for Sunday lunch which was lovely and  he gave me a bead for  the bracelet with has Son  on  one side and Mother on  the other in  the shape of  a heart.  Sue had  excelled  herself with pudding ,arghh not good for  the waistline, but then  I  haven't had one of those for a while lol. This is the Toffee  Apple Cheesecake .

Then  there were these. Which Sue knows I cannot resist.  They were salted caramel  brownies.
We also saw Ella who has been  suffering with Bells Palsy , it was lovely to see her more like her old  self with her smile  coming back.
On Saturday  Effie  decided  she would attack  a sheep,not a real  one  I hasten to add.This is one  side.
This is the side she destroyed.
Caitlin  is  going to see if she can find me  a replacement as it was a gift from her.  Effie  is a  sheep  worrier.

Lots  of new things  coming out of Nashville  and  I have sinned BiG Time.Oh dear,Martin  said what would I like for  our upcoming anniversary ,is it really a  year since the Big celebrations. I told him  don't worry it is sorted.So lots of  bits to show  you.
Then  these.
 Just really loved this one.
I saw this one on  someones blog and wondered if  it was still  available ,it was so it got popped  in  the basket.
I am also doing the farmhouse series and the second one was in the parcel.
Part one is finished .  I had the little magnet to attach to it .

I had not realised that every design  in  this series has a magnet you can buy to go with . I think   I will stick to just the one. Talking of magnets.Today I received these from  Lisa at No more lost needles.
2 Jane Austen  ones to use when I am stitching  one  of the designs featuring her quotes etc. The flying monkey one will go  on  my spooky stitching . I am using the owl  one on my A  Flower a day sal piece as I don't want  to put it down  and  need to realise it is bed time. I am  sure I will  find  a use for the Day complete one.
Oh forgot  this one  that I had too.  I have ordered the spring smalls from Lizzie Kate but it is not available until  the end  of the month.
So as you see I do not need anymore stash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Famous last words.
Some  wips I have on the frames.
Christmas list still growing.
Prairie  Santa 2015
 A flower a day last Tuesday evening progress, I  will stitch on  this tonight.
The Lizzie Kate A tidy House .Stitching with Sally on Mondays. On Fridays is our sheep stitching day  evening and I am  stitching  this.
So there you have it March Madness.  Hope I have not enabled anyone out there reading this.  Enjoy your stitching  and i shall  see you next time. Take care

Lastly the sheep  worrier , butter wouldn't  melt!Caught her mid wink.


butterfly said...

What another wonderful post Barb .
Wonderful goodies love your new stash .
I am thinking I don't need anything any more ! and now I am not sure ha.
You had some wonderful gifts .
Looks like you had a great mothers day too.
Your stitching looks wonderful , love the flower one .
What a shame about the sheep , but look at that face , it's not me mom.
We went out for lunch today and passed loads of baby lambs so cute , I thought of you .
Have a good week .

Vickie said...

Oh your poor sheep! What fabulous new stash!! Your flower a day looks beautiful!!

Julie said...

Good to read Ella is improving. What a clever baker Sue is, those desserts do look yummy.
Lots of nice new goodies for you to pick the next WIP from, how will you decide which one to choose?
Lovely little stitched you've been putting into your projects. Sweet finish for the gifted scissors.
Naughty Effie.... bad dog!

Tiffstitch said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit and excellent stitching and stashing. :)

Justine said...

Your scissors and fob are the perfect match! Clever you and how kind of your friend. I adore everything you're stitching, love all your SALs with Sally.

I have ordered those Smalls charts from Lizzie Kate too, they are so lovely. Plus quite a few others that I HAD to have. Also bought a few Nashville charts and now tempted by one or two of yours! I will have to hope I love long enough to stitch them all.

Bag End Gardener said...

Your stitching is quite amazing, I dabbled with X/S years ago but could never manage anything smaller than 14 count Aida . . . I am in awe of anyone who creates such small and intricate pieces of work.

Clare-Aimetu said...

A lovely blig post full of beautiful stitching and great stash - what a tinker Effie was !

Barbara said...

Sweet Barb, I am so happy you like the sheep scissors I sent you. I thought of you as soon as I saw them at my LNS and your fob from the pattern I sent you is just perfect with them. You have some great stash there and I'm jealous that you've finished the first one of the Christmas LHN designs. I just got #2 and I haven't even started #1 yet.
Hugs from this side of the pond.

Christine said...

Great stitching and stashing Barb! I especially love the colourful flower sampler.
Also that cheesecake looks amazing

Andrea said...

Wow you have been so busy. Lots of wonderful stitching, finishing, stashing and ... eating. :) Have a good weekend.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You have been busy - stitching and buying :)
Lovely to see it all and yes ... I now have some more items for my wish list.

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