Friday 30 March 2018

Hawthorns Photoscraphunt Challenge

Gosh here we are and a quarter of the  year gone,I  am looking  forward to  seeing all the  photos you have chosen  for  the  challenge.Thankyou Kate  once again.

3.Reading now
4.Black and White
5.Starts with an  H.
6.Own Choice.

1.My other half is an amateur archaeologist and one  of his trenches  has filled  with water with all the rain we  have had this winter.   So this  is a whole in the shape  of a heart ,could be H as  well lol.  There is a hole under the water.
2 Making.
I have  started this Flower a day SAL ,design by Carolyn  Manning  not sure what I will  make  it  into yet.

3.Reading now.
I am enjoying this ,but I have  quite a pile to  get through ,just happened to be this one that I am  reading.

4.Black and White.
Just had to share this one as we do not get snow often here and these poor blackbirds were  trying to find food  under the bird  feeders.

5. Starts with an H.

Hellibores at Kingston Lacey ,just  so like  paper petals.
6. Own Choice.

An Effie trying to work out what the funny white stuff was.
Thanks  for looking and  hope you like  my choice I shall pop along and see yours. See you in April.
Hugs  Barb.


Rosie said...

Lovely photos and interpretations of the March prompts. Love the hellebores and Effie in the snow:)

Threads through my life said...

Oh the hellebores are so cheerful to look at! I also liked your hole photo! How big is it roughly? Years ago I used to do lots of cross stitch but now I concentrate on crochet and quilting, mainly.

shazza said...

I love seeing dogs having fun in the snow and the helebores are really pretty. :)

Jak said...

The Hellebores are beautiful and your blackbirds look as anxious as ours did, looking for their regular food supply. Effie looks as though she is enjoying herself. I wonder what goes through animals minds on seeing all the snow outside when it was not there before! Our cat Jak used to love playing in it too.

kjsutcliffe said...

Ha! Your black and white and my black and white were inspired by the same blackbird in the snow moment! Poor things - they were so cold and hungry. Your cross stitch is so pretty xx and your 'my choice' - yup had to be a dog (like me too!!)

Julie said...

Gorgeous hellebores, they are pretty

butterfly said...

Lovely photos , I wish my Hellebores were like yours my ones are only had one bloom this year.
Enjoy our wet Easter ! we wanted to open up the summer house no chance of
this it's going to be rain all week .
Have fun hugs.

Fiona said...

Your hellebores are a lovely delicate shade of pink. So impressed with your embroidery, it's so neat, what a talent!

Christine said...

Great photos Barb, those Hellebores are lovely

Louise said...

Beautiful photo for starts with h, Hellebores are such pretty flowers. Great find for 'hole' too!

Bag End Gardener said...

When I saw your first photo I thought "yay, another pond" . . . but I guess weather must be just as difficult for archaeologists as it is for gardeners.

Lovely picture of Effie - how is she now?

Fil said...

Hi Barb,
I love doing mystery craft alongs, your stitching is gorgeous - it'll be great to see it finished (I've just started another KAL. And the blackbirds in the snow are lovely - the wildlife (and not so wildlife - us and the dogs) have had a hard winter of it.

Susan Smith said...

Aha, another lot of birds for black & white, but so different from what I've shown,(lol), no snow. I do love the one of Effie, discovering snow & your amazing cross stitch. Take care.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely photos. My favourite is of Effie in the snow.

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