Friday 23 February 2018

Februarys Scavenger Photo Hunt.

Well another month has almost passed us by and hopefully spring is on  its way.  I have  had  lots going on    this  month and  also gone  down with the cold virusy  thing  that is doing the rounds.  So not  been out much to collect  photos but I have managed  the 6 and I shall  start with the first one

 This is my grandcat, she belongs  to my son  ,daughter in law and grandaughter,her name  is Misty and  she is a Rag doll cat  Almost white apart from  her ears and  nose and those gorgeous  blue eyes.We cannot go see her  so  much now as she hates dogs and Effie  hates cats so  never the twain shall  meet.   She is a lot  bigger now as  this was taken a few years ago.

2  Metal  Metallic.
Sorry it is  not  very inspirational  will  try better next month. While doing the weekly shop I spotted  these .
Even managed  to get  other  half upside  down with  what looks like a colander on his head.


Well can you see her,this was  taken  on  the afternoon  I felt better and  needed to get out of the four walls.

Well  he got  in  the picture too again,she  is just  to the left of  him.It  was lovely afternoon and  we walked down  to the beach in  this little  cove , it is named  Pirates  Cove and all our dogs have  loved this walk,and the got to be  done dip  in the sea  at the bottom.  The Chesil Beach is to the right and Portland  is in  the distance.It is there just disappeared  in the mist.Would you believe the powers that be are wanting to build a road  through  this walk, We will have no where to walk the  dogs  soon , it is so lovely to  see  them running free and  enjoying life. I must get down off my soap  box now.

4. Got two for this one ,Begins  with a J.
It was  a big ,read very BIG, birthday last week  and  my lovely man and family and  best friend  bought me  this Jewellery.

The second  one is J is  for Jug  ,well spring  is  almost here .
5 Bud.  Thought I would have a different take  on  this .
 An  emerging  bud slightly taller  than the rest.
6.My own  choice.

Effie having fun in the shallows ,had not realised she was upside  down too. I  should  have got her a bit  closer but I do not claim  to take  the best of photos.Thanks for all the comments   its great to see  what you think  of  interpretations of  the words. I am  off in a  little while to see  what you have been up to Meanwhile thanks to Kate  her  posts are always inspirational.
Heres to March.


butterfly said...

Hope you are feeling better , these colds are nasty .
Lovely photos , my daughter has a white cat , she has two the other one is a pretty mink colour .
Effie is enjoying him self bless .

marly said...

What a beautiful area for a walk, or just to sit in thought. Can't believe a road will go through. Got a chuckle at the buds.

Threads through my life said...

AS you say, it is great to see how others interpret the words. I think your metal/metallic is good but your bud photo is the best! Why didn't I think of them????

Bag End Gardener said...

Great set of images, how clever of you to think of cotton wool buds :)

That love final picture of Effie.

Rosie said...

Great photos, love your take on bud. Your bracelet is lovely and so is the little white kitten. My neighbours have two rag doll cats both were that small but huge now:)

kjsutcliffe said...

clever you! Bud - talk about think outside the box! And the camouflage image - spot on - thank you for joining x

Julie said...

I'm hoping the road doesn't get the go-ahead, it would be a shame to spoil such a beautiful and well used place.
Love the 'bug' pic... your brain cells are still working desite the BIG birthday!!! lol
Get well {{hugs}}

Susan Smith said...

Oh, maybe not much time to get them done with that nasty cold, but you've done well. I like your interpretations of metal & buds. Who'd have thought of a cotton bud!!!!The last photo is fab! Getting that reflection has made it a wonderful composition all round & you could copy it a couple of times & play around with cropping. Oh, & the rag doll kitten is so cute. I'm an animal nut & love seeing all the pets etc. Take care & hope you are much better now. Huggles.

shazza said...

The ragdoll Grand kitty ~ so cute! Also I love the pic of Effie and her reflection. Cotton buds ~ a different but effective take on buds, though I love the daffs too. :)

Fiona said...

The kitty is adorable! Your bud idea was brilliant, well done. Hope you're feeling better.

Tigermouse said...

Great photos, I really love the white kitten :)

Christine said...

Lovely photos Barb. That kitten is just adorable.
Clever take on the bud picture

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, I couldn't see your dog till you said where!

Barbara said...

I so hope you are feeling better my friend and I see there is something new that we have in common....Pandora bracelets. The round ones on yours are the same that I have on mine except they are red. I also have a Pandora expressly for Disney movie characters that I am collecting for my grand daughter. I love your pictures this month....especially the "bud".
Talk soon and keep looking for that package.

Louise said...

Lovely collection of photos! Great thinking for bud and I like camouflage and the last photo too.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely photos.

KC'sCourt! said...

Great photos. Love the jug

Julie xxxxxx

Jak said...

Loved your take on all the pictures. Bud was inspired and original. I had to enlarge the camouflage picture to see your dog, she was so well hidden. Well done on all of them. So you have joined the 70 club. So long as you feel as young as you think you will be fine.

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