Saturday 3 February 2018

Here we are in February and I have some finishes to show you.

First of all thankyou everyone who commented on my last post and the photo hunt,  I am busy trying to find things to share with you for Februarys list which will be posted toward the end of the month. As I mentioned in  the title I do have some finishes to share with you.
This was my Jane  Austen  piece ,at last finished. It is a combination of 2 designers, the picture of Jane Austen was a Sampler Girl chart  that I did a few years ago. I thought  instead of doing the ornate border  like  the top  one  I would  stitch Jane at the  bottom. It sits on  my bookshelf with my Jane  bits.I know a few of you like me are Jane  fans.
The next one is a Lizzie Kate one which I have been stitching along with Sally on our Monday Lizzie Kate night.Sally has become a dear friend over the years we have been stitching together ,we cannot meet as we  are so far away but its good to know she is stitching at the same time as me.  So this is  my finish.

As you can see there is a number on the right hand  side. Which is the needle size of the needles inside.
And the back.

On Fridays again  a  night with Sally stitching all things  sheep. I chose  this one from  the lots of sheep charts I have . Well of course I would have to have a lot of those, I have had this chart  for many years  so now at last  it is done.

It is not exactly like  the finish it called  for but I used what I had available. At the top is  the size needle again that it contains and  the back is used to attach the scissor  keep.
This was attached by a magnet so it  can be removed  to be used and also serves as  a needleminder.
So those were my finishes.  I am still progressing with the Christmas  List,  tomorrow  Sunday I  am joining  Sally for a new start, the new LHN  Series.On Monday I shall have a new LK start another small and  a different finish so we will  see how that works.
Here are my purchases for  this week , I have seen this a few times  and  decided I need to stitch it on my LK night. The one with it I would like to do for spring.
I could do the Spring one on our sheep night as yes it has a sheep.
Hmm  yet to be decided. This is my LHN new one for the series it has been very popular it seems.
So I think  that is all to show  you for stitching. I ordered some  wool that has been intriguing me for a  while. Cakes of wool , well at least  they are not fattening.
These are to knit a triangle  shawl very easy just in  garter stitch , I hope to show it you finished in  the not too different future.  I am  struggling  a bit with the circular needle,  I think  I am  old school as I like  straight needles.

Book situation  grows.
I have downloaded a few on  to  my Kindle  ,and bought 3 more. I am a fan of Ruth Ware and when I saw she had  a new  one out  well  it  just jumped in my basket somehow.
Sorry it is on  its side.The  other 2 were authors I have  not read before.
 So the bedside table  is now groaning ,need more  space!!!

I know I will have another to show  you next  time as  Elly Griffiths has a new one out on  the 8th and it is on  preorder.
I have just had  to put you aside as  Effie wanted to go for  her afternoon  walk.It has been dank and wet (again) here today, very muddy underfoot  and  as Effie  can vouch undercarriage gets  muddy too.  She is  so well settled now  and sleeps wherever she can find a space on our bed,as long  as she  is  with us she  is  happy.
None of our other dogs  have been allowed  on the furniture but she seems to take it  for granted. I will  leave you with a pic of  her a moment ago  reclining as a dog should,or so she thinks.

Take care  all,thanks  for  leaving  me a little  comment  they are read, each and  every one.
Barb x


butterfly said...

Lovely stitching Barb , love all the needle cases .
Nice new stash .
Effie looks so relaxed , enjoy your weekend.

Bag End Gardener said...

Looks like you had a good month for finishes. I managed to get some quilt stuff finished in January - it's a good feeling, isn't it?

Well done for giving Effie a home - she looks very settled and pleased with her new life :) 🐾 🐾

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely needlecases Barb, Effie looks very much at home x

Susan Smith said...

Wow, all that stitching & plenty of finishes. I sometimes join my friend Joy in her UFO challenge to finish things, but missed January due to a busy month, so hope to join in again at the end of February, as well as the photo hunt. So many things to do & a lot of them within the blogging community with all the friends I've made. Oh Effie, is gorgeous & wish I lived closer to everyone too & I'd be in dog heaven. Happy stitching/reading & take care.

Vickie said...

Good for you getting your stitching finished off. Effie is a smart one. ;)

Julie said...

Two lovely needlebooks. I stitched the one with the scissor fob and use it regularly.
Effie looks so comfy and contented, she certainly found a good home at yours. It's lovely to read she has settled well.
More books .... plenty of days in this summerhouse when it gets warmer then?
Have a lovely weekend
Much love x

Barbara said...

Such beautiful finishes you have there and I particularly like the the Busy Bee needlebook. I am also starting the LHN farm series and I hope I can finish one a month. You stitch so fast you'll have them all done before I finished one.

Christine said...

Gorgeous finishes Barb. What is the little pillow design beside the Jane sampler - the one that says 'Netherfield Park is let at last' - I really like that one.
Nice choices for your new projects too, especially the sheepy spring one

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching and finishing. Great new stash.
Effie looks like she has made herself quite comfortable.

Mary said...

Congratulations on your finishes.

Pyros & Patch said...

Very nice!! I love sampler..Good work!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely needlecases, Barb. The latest LHN series is very tempting.

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