Friday 26 January 2018

Januarys Scavenger Photo Hunt.

Hello ladies well here we go another year another list. Only 6 words this time, but I still had a bit of problem   getting things to fit.

I  thought of getting a bunch of daffodils but then decided just to put some  yellow bits and bobs together.

2.Starts with an O.

This if you read my blog  you will have seen before. He/she  lives in our back garden .
It is very boggy underfoot down there.

3 Light.
Not much about these  grey winter  days so I took  this one .
4. Found.

A little unusual thing to find ,my brother in laws friend pulled up these in his fishing net whilst fishing in Weymouth Bay. They were given to my other half as he is an amateur archaeologist.Can you guess what they are.

They are vertebrae of dinasours.  Hmm a little different wouldn't you say.


Crochet hooks of different sizes ,for when I actually can  "do it"  I have real problems getting to grips with this craft.

6.My own choice.
Just about to start another . Hope you enjoy the first months photos , I wonder what we have in store for us next month.

A shawl I knitted for a friend.


Rosie said...

A great selection of photos. Love the grouping of yellow things and how wonderful to find the dinosaur vertabrae in a fishing net:)

kjsutcliffe said...

Hi Barb, lovely photos and stories, the vertebrae look really interesting! Please can you check your link on my blog - it is not allowing us access, I had come through via your name - we are being told permission denied!! thanks x

butterfly said...

Wonderful photos , love the shawl so pretty .

Bag End Gardener said...

Wow, what a great interpretation of the list, some beautiful images with lovely stories.

Threads through my life said...

Loved all your photos! Great shawl and collection of yellow bits and bobs but I love owls so your wire owl is my favourite choice. If you ever tire of it, I will give it a home!

Fiona said...

If you can knit like that I'm sure you'll get to grips with crochet soon enough. Have you tried Youtube tutorials, they helped my auntie master it. I'm envious of your smart crochet hooks.

Louise said...

Dinosaur vertebrae?! How wonderful, I'm jealous! I like your photo for yellow and the owl too :)

Julie said...

Gorgeous shawl, that I do like.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great photos Barb x

Sally said...

Lovely photos Barb. That shawl is beautiful and I do love the light one with the vase. Looks as though it could be a similar make to one I have with robins on.

KC'sCourt! said...

Love the Ammonite stones, and your vase is a beauty but my favourite has to be the owl

Julie xxxxxxx

Jak said...

Lovely set of photographs. That shawl is beautiful. I learnt to crochet at my great age so I'm sure you can do it. Hawthorn and my daughter-in-law taught me. Can't do fancy stuff like they do, just make masses of kitty blankets for local cat sanctury.☺

Anonymous said...

Oh Barb, I adore your shawl - beautiful work and I had to laugh at the crochet hooks - I have a similar set that I've yet to use - much too fond of my knitting needles :) The owl is magnificent and the light is very atmospheric ... for some reason I couldn't see the yellow one ... probably something to do with my download speed here.

Christine said...

Great photos Barb.
I love the lamp (vase?) with the deer on it, and that shawl is simply gorgeous!

Susan Smith said...

I'm sure I posted a comment just after we came away, but am doing a catchup whilst grandie minding & find I must have slipped up in some way.
I "love, love" that owl & your colourful crochet hooks are saying "use me". I use very ordinary hooks, but have always done so. Your shawl is stunning. Great photos. Take care.

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