Tuesday 17 October 2017

October and time for all things Halloween

Hello my fellow bloggers.
Yes it is  that time of year again ,and Halloween is  almost upon us.Tina my friend  who  I have been  doing a Halloween exchange for many years with now has been  busy with her needle and thread. She stitched me this .
I do not  know  who the design is by but it is now sitting  in the lounge.She  also sent  me these wonderful  goodies  , she   spoilt   me,  so thankyou so much my friend. Also sheepie bits.
 I  will share mine to her  later.I  stitch LizzieKate on Mondays with Sally another of my stitchy friends  of  many years,  I am so lucky with  all  that I am  in touch with.  Anyway back   to LK, I saw this and  thought of my grandaughter Caitlin who really this fits to  a T.  Finished  last week,I gave  it to her  when  she brought her new  boyfriend round to meet us ,must be  serious as she has  not  done  that before. They are  coming  for a  meal this week.They have chosen what  they want me to cook  too.This  is what I did for  her.
Yes  I did  fill it with chocolate ,although I expect it was empty soon  after. The back is this.
She loved it, although I think  it was  the chocolate really.
Now I will show you what I stitched for Tina. Halloween exchange  2017 ,
I asked Martin is he would make us both one of these and this is Tinas ,mine is cut but not put together.
The witches house candleholder.The October Moon  behind it was  a previous exchange piece from Tina.  The Pumpkin house design  was in this years edition of JCS Halloween  .
I have  not finished anything else but I am  working  on several bits. I have put Mondays onto the exchange  I do with Sally at  Christmas  , it is a bit bigger than an ornament so it will take  me longer. I do not  stitch as quick  as I used to . Arthur has attacked  the hands ,  age does not come alone.
I  will not  be  able to show  you that one for a while. I have picked up boughs of Holly again!!! This is Wednesdays in the parlour , I can show you here as  I cannot  get photobucket to let me share it with Needlecraft Haven.
Will share with you a bit more next time. Tonight I am  continuing with My Christmas List that I started last week. I am   stitching it over one so again it will take a while.
This was a new edition to the stash which arrived  last week. Also last week this beauty arrived it is all kitted up for a new start ,really got itchy fingers  to start it .
I will be doing this over one too. On Fridays I stitch sheep with Sally again  and here  is my progress on  Jump for joy.
Saturdays Strictly is back  so I join Miss Julie and Mr Stick in the parlour and I have picked up Away we ride again ,hope to get it finished by Christmas.
Sunday is Jane  Austen ,which is coming along very slowly.
I want to get back to the lettering but i need to finish the pattern at the top. So that is my week   of stitching . Now for Books. Well not so many this time as  I  need to get some finished. Martin did buy me this as I am   enjoying the series.
I also bought this ,as I could not resist the temptation. It is on its side sorry.
This is one of the illustrations  inside.
Lots  of  bits and bobs  about the festive season ,extracts from books and just a nice book to sit on the coffee table during the season. It will be here sooner than we think  . Martin saw  these and thought of me they were only £10 each from    Postscript. 53 cds , I will listen while I sew. I love the descriptive writing of Charles Dickens.
We have not been  out and about much so nothing  to share there.  We  do walk Effie everyday though but it is  usually the same place. She has  settled  down really well,been spayed so we are waiting for her fur to grow back . She is  in  her favourite  place with  me as I write this on the settee. I only have to move though and  she is right behind  me. She has grown a  lot  more confident both with people and dogs and loves to play with any dog  that is game. So lovely to  see her full of  life.
The garden is not at its best now as winter is around  the corner but I did take a  couple of photos for you to see,
Roses just about hanging on  in there. Don't ask me what the plant  is that is   next it  turns  red in  the middle and then the middle  goes  turquoise. Very unusual.
Very prickly too.
So  I now have family news to  share. My grandaughter Ella passed her driving  test first time on Saturday last . Now G &S will not know   where she is. Then this last weekend our eldest Grandson Jack and Kate his fiancee moved into  their first home together.I have not seen  it yet but have been  invited for the grand tour on Saturday. Such a special time for them  although the wedding date has been set for 2020  , so I have time to save for a new hat lol.

I think that is about it for  this  time  ,the next post will probably to a photo scraphunt which is due in a couple of weeks. Get thinking head  on  for  that.I will leave you with  a witch I have on my Patio door courtesy of Tina.  Off now to practise the cackle. lol.
OOPS she  is flying sideways.

Thanks for reading my rambling  and  even taking time for  a comment. They mean a lot to this elderly woman.
Much love and hugs
Barb xx


butterfly said...

Lovely Busy post Barb.
Great exchanges by both .
Love all your new stash .
I think I may buy the book soon of V&A I have so loved watching it and now we have to wait until Christmas !
Enjoy your week .

marly said...

Enjoyed your post! Looks like a lot of stitching taking place. I was happy to see my October Moon design in your exchange. Our flowers are long gone, except for recent mums, so sad to see the warmth end!

Justine said...

You are so busy Barb! It looks fun to change your projects daily. I love the exchange piece you made for Tina and the colours in Jump for Joy.

Christine said...

Great post Barb. Lots of lovely stitching, and your garden is looking lovely as ever

angelasweby said...

Never a dull moment, Barb. Your posts are full of exciting stitching, reading and all the varied things you get up to. I love the exchange piece and all the goodies from Tina and the candle holder Martin made is amazing. You've got some great stitching projects to look forward to as well as listening to the Dickens cd's. Like you I love his descriptions and characters. Years ago I decided to read as many as I could and loved them. I definitely like the look of A Literary Christmas. That combines two of my favourite subjects :-)
Your garden photos are always a delight. Get that cackle pitch perfect for 31st...hahahaha!!

Sally said...

A fantastic post Barb. So many lovely things to look at. I love the exchanges that you and Tina did. Both stitched pieces are gorgeous. The tea light holder that Martin made is brilliant.

Lovely new stash. I'm looking forward to seeing those grow. Lovely progress on the sheep and all your other bits too.

That book of Victoria looks lovely. We have enjoyed this series too, even though it's not always historically accurate, and I was so pleased to see there will be a special at Christmas. Enjoy listening to your CDs. I'm looking forward to the Dickens film coming out next month and if no one will come to see it with me I'll go on my own! Well I will if I can pluck up the courage lol!

Hugs xxx

Julie said...

An autumnal feast for the eyes, so many lovely things you've been added little crosses into. What a great gift for Caitlin.
Well done Mr Martin on another beautiful glasswork project, I bet Tina was thrilled with her exchange parcel you put together.
Nice new books to keep you entertained over the wintry months and audio to listen to as well, you'll be so comfy with Effie by your side.
Love the new Christmas banner stitch project, that will be a nice addition to the festive designs you have made in the past.

Andrea said...

A wonderful post. Lots of lovely stitching.
I've never wanted to stitch much Halloween, probably because it has never been a big thing over here. Over the past years it has become bigger so I have one or two charts in my stash now ... although may not get around to them this year.
A great candle holder too.

Tina said...

Lovely blog post, love our yearly exchange always so excited when I open it.Love your new wips the Christmas one is gorgeous. Loved stitching the BBD away we ride one, looks fab framed.Love the new Hawk run Hallow, have put it on my wishlist.
Love the plant with the red, like grass, very interesting.

Hugs xx

Daffycat said...

So much goodness! I love the exchange a lot!

Barbara said...

Such beautiful finished projects and I absolutely love the sheep mug. That is adorable. I didn't know that Halloween was as big a thing in England as it is over here. I also have been looking at the Halloween Hawk Run Hallow but I really don't think I'd finish it. I'll be cheering you on.
HUgs, Barbara

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wonderful post, so much to comment on!
The exchange pieces are lovely, I wonder if Tina's is a Plum Street Sampler design?
It's nice that your granddaughter has brought her new young man to meet you too, he must be special to her.
Love the witch house candleholder.
I am very tempted by Hallowe'en at HRH too, gorgeous design and just my style but I don't need another massive project!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lots of news and stitching in this post. Another one like it will be harmful to my purse - ha! ha! You have a number of designs that really appeal to me. Love seeing all your work and the Halloween glass candle holder by Martin is brilliant.

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