Friday 27 October 2017

Octobers Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt.

Well here I am with my Octobers  choices. Some of these  are a  little old  but hey ho ,all in the spirit of  the list.

The most of a sunny afternoon  walk today with the dog.In the fields  looking toward  Portland.

Oh dear it is getting worse ,started small and getting  bigger, nice while it  lasted.

3.Starts with an F.
A photo  of the fireplace in the Drovers Inn near Loch Lomond  in Scotland. Really a fascinating  place  ,we visited  when  we went to the Outer Hebrides.


A different use for old  paper  back books.

5. Neat.
A friend stitched this  for  me as part of  a Halloween  exchange  and it is pretty neat for our October  scrapchallenge.
Pretty neat stitching too.

The view down our street from the gutter.

We went to a pub  for lunch yesterday and it just so happens   this row of   kettles  were on   the windowsill.

My grandaughter Ella  who is  now almost  18 ,  this was taken  during  an unexpected and  for us unusual fall  of snow.

9. Vase.

This was blown  by my other half,  he did a glass blowing course locally as  a birthday present from  our daughter.  I have not  dared  use it as a vase  yet.

10. Own choice.
A very sleepy Effie after her walk.
Thanks Kate  for the opportunity to  do this again   this month .I am  sorry I did  not get round to leaving comments last month but tomorrow  I will be  seeing everyones photos ,really looking  forward to it.  


Threads through my life said...

Love your selection of photos. So sharp and clear. I must try to sort out my photo skills. My favourite is the Making one; so sunny and such a lovely place. We've had loads of rain of late and are fed-up with it. Lucky you to see all those kettles when you went for lunch.

Barbara said...

Barb, I love looking at your photos and the one with the 3D book thing is very interesting looking. Your other half does beautiful glass blowing. I love how the colors swirl. Effie just looks so relaxed and sleepy after her walk. Sure does look like she is settling in quite nicely and I'm sure you both love her so much.
Hugs from over the pond, Barbara

kjsutcliffe said...

Oh dear sweet Effie how lovely you look as you snooze :) Lovely images Barb, thank you for joining in x

simplenaturalhandmade said...

I'm enjoying everyone's vases which I thought would be the least amusing. Your husband made an amazing vase! What a great gift idea,

Susan Smith said...

Love your photos and especially your walk. As Kate has mentioned, the vases have been amazing. Maybe you could use yours for a dried arrangment or paper flowers. Your pub lunch came in handy for the photo hunt(giggle). Your dog is beautiful & you've a clever hubby. Have a great weekend & take care.

doodles n daydreams said...

You have some wonderful photos but I think i like the one of Effie the best :)


Amanda Peters said...

Super set of photos, I like the kettles, and the street photo.
Amanda xx

Vickie said...

Oh I like these photos Barb. I like the street shot, but sweet Effie is my favorite. ;)

Rosie said...

Great photos. Love your take on making and also like the Vase, it's very pretty. Kettle and 'F' are good too, plus your own choice:)

Fiona said...

Great street shot from the gutter! Effie is adorable.

Fiona said...

Great street shot from the gutter! Effie is adorable.

butterfly said...

Wonderful photos Barb .
Effie is relaxing bless .
Enjoy your weekend and the extra hour !

Tina said...

Lovely photo's, love the empty one lol

KC'sCourt! said...

Great photos. Love that vase

Julie xxxx

Christine said...

Great photos Barb. I love the mouse eye view of your street, and the vase your DH made is gorgeous

Julie said...

Lovely selection for this months choice of words.
Effie does look worn out bless her.
Fabulous vase, well done that man!

Fil said...

Ooh I love your vase - that is beautiful - your hubby has a real talent.
Wouldn't it be nice to have another unexpected drop of snow this year - it makes everything so quiet.
Great photos - this scavenger hunt is such a delight

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Great photos, Barb. The vase made by Martin is impressive.I love its colours.

Louise said...

Great shot for making and a lovely vase too. Interesting collection :)

Jak said...

Love that vase. It's beautiful. What a thoughtful birthday present. I agree Effie snoozing is my favourite picture too. Wonder if she is dreaming of a lovely walk. Sorry comments so late this month.

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