Friday 29 September 2017

Septembers Hawthorns photo Scavenger hunt.

Hi everyone, I have got my photos for you to see.
 1.Shut .
Not very inspiring  ,however this box has a history,  predominantly it was used in  the age of steam on  the railways.It was used to hold tokens that the drivers had to pick up at the beginning of a single  track rail. To  prevent another train entering single  line working as  only the owner of the token  could be on  the line. The age of steam  has  passed and so this  box  is "Shut".

2. Copper.
The other evening the light was so good I  managed to get a  shot of  this tree  by the roadside outside our house.
 I love  this time  of year and the colours of the trees.


Our new  retrievers wrist. I struggled  with  this one  as I did  not want an  ordinary wrist or a watch. So hope this complies.

4.Quarter .

Again this one kept coming  as a  quarter to ,or a quarter past.  When  I suddenly thought of this.
Fat quarters  of fabric. Ready for a bag.

It  starts with a C.
A cross stitch Cushion. I made.

6. Foam.
Cheated a bit with this as it  was going to be C ,but it  is  standing  on  the foam  I used to stab him  with.


A woven scarf and pin from  the Hebrides.


A line of mugs  in the kitchen.


 This was taken  in a black house we visited in Scotland.I  remember  Vim well.

10.My own  choice. 
Our golden  retriever Effie  wondering  what on   earth it is. A friends tortoise  Mork that we  were  looking after whilst they were on  holiday. 
Not  a very inspiring set this  time ,will try harder next time . Off  now  to see some of  your  tens.


Vickie said...

I enjoyed your pictures Barb. Most especially the ones with Effie! ;)

marly said...

Oxydol! A last from the past. I guess it is still being made but I've not seen it around here. Effie looks so huggable.

kjsutcliffe said...

What a beautiful wooden box, I love old wood😊 clever you, using Effie's wrist. Lovely stories and pix Barb, thanks for joining in. Your link on the link up party page is not working, please try again, I don't want you to miss out! Xk

KC'sCourt! said...

Great pictures, love the cross stitch

Julie xxxxx

Unknown said...

Love the copper tree. Nice brooch

Good interpretation

butterfly said...

Wow love all those photos , Effie is so beautiful .
So is your hand made work, beautiful tree ours are only just starting to change colour .
We have been away so I need to catch up with everyone , hugs.

Threads through my life said...

So glad you re-did the link took thingy as otherwise I would not have seen your wonderful photos. It is so refreshing to see how you (and everyone else) has interpreted the words. Love the box, the more so because of its steam railway history. Here's to next month!

shazza said...

I love your interpretations...especially your Effie's wrist. Such a gorgeous dog! Good idea for foam. I really struggled with that. X

Louise said...

An interesting collection - I like the photo for wrist!

Julie said...

Beautiful wooden box. xx

Christine said...

Great collection of images Barb

Rosie said...

Super photos! I've enjoyed them all and of course I love the cushion in c for, also nostalgia and your choice:)

Susan Smith said...

I think you did amazingly well & thought outside the box on your line of mugs & dog's wrist. Definitely things there that I wouldn't have come up with. Your woven scarf & pin are beautiful & we had the same thoughts on 'quarter' I notice. Glad you joined in. Take care.

Amanda Peters said...

Great set of photos, I have managed to join in this month too.
I love the Wrist photo , your dog looks so cute. And the pin for your scarf is beautiful.
Amanda xx

Barbara said...

I think you did beautifully my dear. I remember my Mother using Oxydol but I'm not sure you can buy it here anymore. I love the picture of the tree. Fall is my favorite time of year because of the colors that I remember from living in the north, and because it finally starts to cool off here in Florida. Looks like Effie and the turtle are getting along just fine.

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