Monday 24 February 2014

Stash and a few little finishes.

Hello everyone, well it is sunshining here at the moment, washing is blowing in the breeze and I am hoping it will dry. How are you all ,well I am hoping. I do a lot of hoping. Firstly I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments on my last post ,I was so excited to get 20 , maybe I may get a few more (wink) this time!!
Well onward you will want to see what I have been up to the last few days.
As you know it was my birthday and I have been spending some of the pennies I was given . Some of it has arrived but still awaiting the Nashville new items.
Firstly I ordered the Dickens charts from Gaynor ,you can find her here:-
I have done Bah humbug which was a freebie and now I have 4 others to stitch and more on the way I hope.Not too quickly though eh Gaynor.
This is the fourth one,

Not sure how to stitch these ,on one piece of fabric or as individual pieces -any ideas.
Another one that has arrived from Italy this time , and it is a design I shall be stitching very soon.
I just could not resist this one when I saw it. Then a completely different design ,which Martin wants me to stitch for the exhibition in June , they are honouring the centenary of WW1 and he asked me if he got it would I stitch it. I am going to put my grandfathers brothers name on it I think. I have chosen the fabric aptly named Vintage Khaki.
The fabric is top right. I have most of the threads so got the chart instead of the kit. I do however have to put an order in as I do need some. Isn't it always the way.
I think this one may be my Tuesday or Thurday stitch.
I had to order some sewing goods this last week as I am being very brave and doing a workshop this coming weekend, A red work bag. The tutor is Annette Bolton and in the past I have been to a good few of her workshops , however I have not been to one for a while now so I shall be feeling a bit apprehensive. Think of me next Saturday. This is what I am attempting, do you see why I just had to do it. Will have to show you it at the end as I need a man that can ,just found him.
This is a pic of the sheep part  just hope I can do it justice. Isnt it lovely.

I can show you the little needlebook I did in 2007 ,yes that long ago.
I have been getting the bits and bobs together and see the red scissors , well they couldnt go naked could they.So here they are with a little attachement.
The back view.

I also made a little cushion for my pins from a free pattern from The Primitive Hare.
And they sit nicely in my Needlework Book. 
I have to find a red pen to go in with the book.on the other side.
This was a class by Annette in 2007. If you want to look at her work go to Annette Bolton textile artist. If you live in the UK she may be doing a workshop near you. 
So my dears I have one more finish to show you ,which is the monthly challenge over on Needlecraft Haven. I had in my head reveal day was the 27th , losing the plot here ,it was yesterday so I have just sent my pic in . Christine gave us this design a freebie, to finish as we wished.

Not sure about the finishing of this one. However it will have to do. Now onto the other weakness ,books. I have been good this last week and I bought Martin 2 which he is not sure he has read,so I shall have them. He picked up these 2 as they were free with his paper and I quite like the look of them.
I am reading Blue Monday at the moment by Nicci French. I have not got into it yet , but I will persevere a bit longer. I am expecting 2 new releases this week argh will I never learn. The fabric I used for Winter Tyme with the Y backwards on the header (supposed to be that way) I saw on JB fabrics that they only had a little left so I got a larger piece and sent Sally a piece as she wanted to finish her 12 days with the same fabric. Whilst there I got a piece of red and white ,yes for the redwork bag, and the same moss one ,along with blue of the same design, lastly a piece of red check again for the bag.
Tonight I shall be stitching along with Sally on the last sheep of the series so a new start. Martin has a committee meeting so he will be out. Wednesday I will be in the parlour and stitching a tree in the meadow. Here is progress.
On Friday last I started my 4 th day of the 12 days of Christmas that again I am stitching with Sally. I did not do a lot ,but I did get the skater done.
Another wip is the one I am doing as a ufo, it has come to a halt this weekend Miss Julie, I have run out of the Crescent Colour thread for her dress so I shall have to do the middle panel and some writing this coming weekend. I have ordered the thread but it is out of stock at the 2 places I buy from in the UK so have to wait until it comes in.
Last week I promised you some sea pics and I have a couple of my girlies to show you.
Caitlin and Ella on a cold windy day.9th February. Graeme and Sue the same day but in disguise.
The sea on that day. Although rough was not as bad as it had been.

The pebbles at the top of the beach have all been swept away and left just the blue clay. Something I have never seen before.

The next week on my birthday we went over with Sam and Kate to see what had happened during the week. The sea wall has great chunks of tarmac torn up and it was scary looking through the railings to see the rusting supports. Sam had to wear his grandads coat as he forgot his!!!
I think that is all for now I shall leave you with one of the sea and wish you all a good week with plenty of sunshine and lots of stitching.Take care all,leave me a comment if you have time and to anyone that is new I am waving hello. I will be back again soon.
Sorry one more to make you smile,This is what has passed for footwear on Portland lately.
Hugs Barb.


butterfly said...

Wonderful post again Barb, great stitching love every thing your stash is wonderful I love the chart from Italy , I am going to see if I can find that one. Great photos, Hope you are having a warm day here it as been beautiful hugs.

Erica said...

My! You certainly have been busy! I like all of your stitching, but the little skater tugs at my heart!

Poppypatchwork said...

Glad you have come through the storms, we did have a few crazy nights. Loved the photo's of the sea.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely photos Barb - it looks a little calmer but still rough.

I love your needle case - I have a beautiful project case that Mary made me for the asutumn exchange and of course your beautiful tin but I think my summer project will be to make a needlecase for my scissors, tape measure, pins and needles. Your red one is goegeous

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Lovely stitching and finishing. Hope your bag class goes well! It is cute as pie. Belated Happy Birthday!

Vickie said...

What a lovely, perfect bag you are making. My the sea is rough!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Barb!! Love all of your projects on the go!! The needlecase is so sweet and very functional!! Great presents all around!! Lovely girlies you have too :D

Julie said...

**waving to you** your red needle workers roll is gorgeous, I love mine you made, it's so useful.
The Italian chart is beautiful, you do find some wonderful designs.
Lovely stitching on your projects.
Have fun at the workshop, the perfect bag for you, looking forward to seeing yours all finished.
I've read the Book Thief, I'll be interested to see what you think of it.
Love and (hugs) x

Michelle said...

Oh Barb the bag is stunning and I love your 'stitchery' work. I love red and white. Lovely photos of the family. Glad to know you are all ok. I hear snow will be next xx

Christine said...

You've been busy again Barb, there are some lovely things there. The redwork sheep tote is going to be stunning

Chris said...

Wow! The storms have been crazy this year. Thanks for showing all the pics.
All of your projects look great. I love that little scissor fob for your red scissors.
I hope that your class goes great, That tote is cool.
Lovely new stash too!!

Shirlee said...

Wonderful photos, wonderful WIPs, wonderful finishes, & wonderful new stash additions : )

Christine said...

I'm not normally into redwork but that bag is to die for! Have fun making it this weekend!

Carin said...

Great stash and I love that needlebook in red you made !!
Your In the meadow is looking so wonderful on that green fabric.
Wonderful family pictures.

Louise said...

So enjoy reading your posts Barb,and I love your stitching bag project.
Your little stitched sheep always make me smile,they are very sweet.
Great photos of the sea and your lovely family

Andrea said...

Wonderful new stash. Wow the bag is going to be gorgeous. Love the needlebook and fob.

Chris said...

All your stitching is amazing, so beautiful. I am green with envy and I love all the red work on the needle book and fob, very pretty
Happy Stitching
Chris x

Sally said...

A lovely post Barb. I am a little behind but I have made it at last!

Love your stitching. In The Meadow is looking lovely and I can't remember if I asked what the fabric is?

Thank you again for my lovely tree fabric. It is so soft and pretty.

Your redwork is beautiful. Can't wait to see how the workshop went.

Lovely photos of the family and the sea.

See you tomorrow for the last sheep! Will email you later today. xx

Catherine said...

What crazy weather we have all had this winter ~ loved seeing your photos of the sea. Love seeing all of your goodies ~~ especially love your scissor fob and needlebook!

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