Tuesday 18 February 2014

What a lot I have got to share.Warning!I lots of pictures and a long post.

First let me make you a cup of tea and maybe you would like a piece of German Apple cake. Are you sitting comfortably -then I will begin. I really am stuck with where to start. Valentines Day I think and a rose and card from the man I married almost 47 years ago.
He is a sweetie and look what he bought me for my birthday ! oooohh I have loved this picture for soooo long,and now I have it hanging in my lounge. My birthday was the day after Valentines.
I could not get a good pic of this as the light keeps reflecting on the glass,but it is fab-u-lous and so is he, for putting up with my love of sheep and for buying me this beautiful picture which came all the way for The Netherlands. He also spoilt me a little more and bought me 2 jugs (another weakness of mine I am afraid)and Ollie spent all his Biscuit money on a gift too.
Here are the jugs.
 It looks old but will hold some nice dry grasses or something large and flowery. The other one has flowers in it already ,from Caitlin ,Sam and Alfie. 

A beautiful hand tied bouquet. Kate gave me pennies and so did Graeme so of course I went on line shopping and ordered The Rosewood Manor new one at the Nashville market Quaker Autumn, and Carols in the Square another Nashville new one ,which will fit in nicely with this years theme. Ella bought me a bunch of roses last week which were for my birthday ,

Not sure of the name of these but they were tight when I first got them and now they are really blooming.
Kate also bought me this - I told Martin we used to use ones like it at school when we were out shopping the other day,I said it brought back memories -he told Kate so she got one
I know I am sad wanting a new bowl arent I . I said Ollie had bought me a present didn't I . Well this is along side the other one that Martin gave me. Books how I love books.
The one on the right is about the first world war and the journey of the unknown soldier from Arras ,(which is where my grandfathers brother was killed) we were going to visit his grave but found that he has not got one ,although his name is on the memorial there.

Just so sad . In this year of the centenary I am sure there will be many who will remember their loved ancestors who died in such horrendous numbers during this conflict. 
Anyway back to the books.
The one on the left is the Susan Branch one which is a joy.I saw this on Bunny Mummys blog and just had to put it on a list. Here is one of the pages of the inside.

And another.

I am going to enjoy reading about her adventures through the English Countryside. The words at the top of the page in the book are saying just what I need to , to all of you who have wished me a Happy Birthday sent cards and gifts ,I have been just so lucky . In no particular order here are the wonderous things I had. 
From Julie of Old Bagpuss fame ,who I was fortunate to meet last year and we are firm friends . Sorry Julie ,you are stuck with me!! I did say first but first is this. 
Isn't that just clever of Isabelle ,Julies granddaughter who is growing up so fast and is such a pretty little thing. I have it on my fridge now Julie,being held up by another gift ,more of that later.
Anyway ,Julie sent me a box which had me very intrigued and caused itchy fingers. I was good though and did not open it until the day. It rattled too you see. When I opened it I got a bit emotional , just look what was inside this.
All wrapped individually in lovely butterfly paper,which made me think of June (Butterfly Wings). Out of the parcel came this.
 Some sheepie ribbon ,sheep fabric, a birthday badge ,which I wore all day. And a noteblock which had the Friends make life special stitched on the front. Not all though Julie sent me a book . Heee hee another one!
Julie said when she read hers as she bought herself one too, she would think of me and likewise me her.This was the thought for the 17th.
I have a friend
Life is never lonesome
Or dark or cold,
Or lacking laughter's cheer.
For always there's a beam,
Of starry light,
By which to chart and steer.
Herein lies wealth,
Though having neither grand estate,nor gold,
And owing much to thrift,
Make do and mend , 
I am content-I have enough
And more
I have a friend!
By Tricia Sturgeon.
So apt I think  for Julie and me and our many friends.
It did not end there though, I was thoroughly spoilt by this lovely lady and here is what I found in the bottom of the bag.
A sheepie money box with a label that said Miss Barbs sheepie stash fund! and it had pennies inside.Thankyou so much Miss Julie.
Gosh that would be enough for most but oh no I had more.
From my dear friend Sally that stitches along with me on Mondays and Fridays and hope it continues for a long time to come. She sent me one of her stitcheries as I call them ,one day I will take a pic of the bits and bobs she has sent me over the years ,she of course knows my love of sheep!!WHO doesn't.This is the perfectly stitched and finished item.

So perfect for this time of the year , well it will be when we get some snowdrops and spring weather. The scissors were so pretty too and said spring to me. The edging is fabulous Sally and thankyou so much.
A friend of mine visited on the day and brought me this she had made. All I want is hot water .I can get into that with no problem which is a story I will tell you after I show you what she gave me.
back view -and now front view.

Linda is such an accomplished needlewoman and has me in awe of her achievement she is a lady that loves delicate and different kinds of embroidery she has recently started patchwork and has done a fine job of this. In the little pockets are a spoon,teabags, serviettes and inside is this.
So now for the tale of hot water. This morning ,yes this very morning, we had a cheque come from the insurance people for Ollies treatment, at last the claim was from before Christmas. Anyway I went to phone Martin from my mobile (cheaper as its free for me to call him) no mobile , thats why I am late doing this ere blog. Searched high and low and in baskets boxes you name it . Feeling rather sick I phoned him at work to say sorry but I could not find my phone. He suggested a few places I had not looked and I did that while he was waiting on the phone. No no joy. So now he mentioned the bin ,the green wheelie bin that was almost full. So there am I with rubber gloves on sorting through the rubbbish ,which although not smelly when you put it in ,it gets smelly after a week.I got most of it done and couldn't reach the bottom.so had to poke it with a stick lol. Outcome being I spied something pink,could it be , YES it was. A rather smelly phone which is going into a new cover as soon as it is charged. You can guess the comments about the bin by my chair.!! Do you remember the Valdini threads. All is well that ends well though and I am out of hot water.
So I am now in a bit of a quandry ,do I show you some more or leave it for another day. Just got back from hospital and good news there is nothing growing although the ribs are still a bit sore and tender she said.
Just thought I would show you this , Michelle sent this to me . She knows I am a Janeite and this fridge magnet is holding up Isabelle's picture on the fridge. I love it thankyou Michelle.
I think stitchers are just so kind especially to an old bird like me! Here are the presents from Clare(ametiu's stitching and host of Needlecraft Haven ,the threads I have not heard of before but will be putting this on the ever increasing to do pile.
And then there was this from Christine .Alchymst's Study.

Thanks to you ladies ,I shall never be stuck for something to do.From Kate of the Floss box.I ghd this on Monday I had to admit to a little smile at the card.

The caption on the card read ,Does my bum look big in this. As I am on a winter christmas theme this year the chart she chose by Lizzie Kate was welcome. Thanks Kate ,I hear she had a lovely day the day after mine.
Gosh are you thinking this will never end. I was thinking of stopping blogging as I do not seem to get a lot of comments like some, what am I doing wrong , I ask. I would love to reply to comments but do not seem to get the hang of that . Oh just ignore me , just thinking out loud. I loooovee your comments and I am always happy to read them,So onward we go.More cake!!!
Graeme and Sue said I had excelled myself with that cake, it was the very first one I made when Sue came home with Graeme the first time. She loved it then and still does.
Right ,where were we ,you will need a candle to light you to bed by the time this is finished.
My friend I went to school with many many years ago ,I have spoken about her before , we have been friends for over 60 years now. OMG I had not realised it was that long.
Anyway she presented me with this.

Isn't he cute and made out of grandads old cardigan and a button.! Because I am getting old she also bought me this for the aches and pains.
It is lavender scented.

I mentioned a card I had over at Needlecraft Haven as we were all mentioning our love of the dreaded ironing, here is the card ,sent by my boss who I worked for. 

I had a parcel from my birthday twin Angela and she continued with the sheep and care theme. 

Thankyou so much my friend ,I am so pleased we share a birthday.Almost done . Today I opened my door the postie, and he handed me yet another parcel. Not expecting anymore this was a complete surprise and was sent by June of Butterfly wings. I have only known June a short time but friendship is forming and she also lives along the coast in Devon. So she usually gets weather before we do!!!
This is the most superlicious surprise.
I really do not know how to repay all these wonderful people Just a massive THANKYOU!!!
A close of the sheepy cushion ,oh its gorgeous.

It even has butterflies on it ,Thanks June.
So you see I had a wonderful day. We went wave watching too but I think you have almost had enough now. However I just have to show you my 3 finishes,since last we spoke. 
I have continued with my  Winter theme and this is Winter Tyme a freebie design from Notforgotten Farm.and Country Sampler.

I used some more of that lovely flannel to back it with and do the sides.Second is this one the 3rd Day which is Fridays sal with Sally. 
Oh while showing you these Sheba fudge wanted to know last time , sorry haven't got back to you.,these bows are ribbons that are already to stick on ,sorry its a cheat I know. I thought I had 3 finishes to show but I have 4.This is the Gratitude Sheepie and the penultimate one. Joyfulness will be started on Monday. 

This then is my fourth finish ,not stitching knitting. Gillian the tortoise.

I am pleased to say Cailin loved her. I am now Knitting a Lizard scarf for Alfie.

So my friends if you have stayed with me to the bitter end ,please leave me a comment if you have a minute. Thanks for spending a while with me and I hope you enjoyed seeing the goodies as much as I have receiving them.I shall be back before long with more pics of wild sea and pics hopefully of my new purchases. 
Meanwhile take great care and thankyou for all the good wishes. Onto another year.
Much love 


marly said...

How lucky you are to have so many thoughtful caring people in your life!

Kay said...

So many beautiful presents for a lovely lady. I collect jugs too and also have a bowl that matches yours! You must have so many gorgeous cross stitch pillows all over the house living among your sheep. Happy stitching.

Vickie said...

WOW! What wonderful blessings Barb!
The turtle is so cute. What a neat lizard scarf. =)

Clare-Aimetu said...

A beautiful birthday for a beautiful lady - fuljl of treasures.

I too have a bowl like yours, its my favourite for baking, and my step dad's grandfather was also killed in Arras.

Cath said...

Wow ,what a lovely load of goodies. So glad that you had a lovely birthday.
Great stitches .Hugs xxx

butterfly said...

Wow Barb, what lovely gifts from friends , you are so loved by so many , so happy you had a great week.
How funny you and DH have been married 47 yrs soon , so have we 47 yrs next month , not many stay together this long , which is sad , they don't know what they are missing ha. hugs.

Simply Victoria said...

Such lovely and thoughtful gifts! You have some very special friends and family.

Michelle said...

As June said you are loved by many Barb and so deserved all your lovely gifts. Thanks for sharing your photos x

Christine said...

Hi Barb, glad you haven't been washed away in all this wind and rain. I don't know about you but I'm about sick of it now.
Loads of lovely presents there, and all very much deserved. I'm pretty sure there is a joke in there somewhere about a pair of jugs too, but I shall forbear...
I use a mixing bowl exactly like that one, I've had it for years. Why mess with a design classic I say

Carol said...

You were blessed with so many birthday treasures, Barb!! It looks like your new year is off to a wonderful start! I especially love the Susan Branch book--her work is so darling, isn't it?

Lovely stitching and what a relief that you found your cell phone!!

hazel c UK said...

Such lovely thoughtful gifts you received Barb on your birthday also love your own finishes.

Hazel c uk

Linda said...

Lovely gifts Barb. You had stopped by my blog so I came for a visit and became a follower.


Plain Jane said...

Good grief Barb - it looks like you've got enough to start your own gift shop! What wonderful friends and family you have. Thank you so much for the shamrock idea - I can see a bit of a theme there. Hope it's not too windy down there today and you are able to get outside to see a little bit of Spring x Jane

Sally said...

Wonderful gifts for a very special lady.

Your finishes are gorgeous. Will get mine sorted either at the weekend or next week. Have emailed you :)

Glad you found your phone.

Hope the weather has settled down now. It's a little windy here today but sunny. Not sure I like these double figure temperatures just yet though! xx

angelasweby said...

I'm so happy we share a birthday too and, of course, our huge mutual love of Jane :-)
What wonderful gifts you have received. I'm not surprised knowing what a thoughtful and caring friend you are. You have to be a friend to have good friends, or words to that effect as the saying goes...haha!
I love all the stitched gifts you have received especially Sally's little sheep with snowdrops. it's such a pretty design and the lovely sheepy and snow drop pillow from June is gorgeous.
Your stitching is gorgeous. I love the 3 little ornaments from the 12 days.
So many lovely lovely things to see. Aren't birthdays wonderful :-)
PS Glad you found the phone before the bin got emptied! xx

Shirlee said...

Happy Belated Birthday Barb! You received some very thoughtful gifts which is not a surprise because you are so very thoughtful yourself! I'm glad you found your phone!

Anne said...

Lots to ooh and aah over Barb!! Happy Birthday and Anniversary! That's wonderful you two have been together for 60 years!! AMAZING!! Love all of your pretty gifts from family and friends. Wonderful finishes and stitching too.


Julie said...

What a post.....full of so much gorgeousness and things to make you happy.
Love the tortoise, very sweet.
I too have a mason dash mixing bowl, infant I have two, one bulk fed to Paul's mum.
Lots if love to you both. X

Bev said...

Wow what lovely goodies you received for your birthday, spoilt and that's how it should be xxx

Jan Gartlan said...

Lovely gifts! Happy belated birthday x

Catherine said...

Wonderful post! Happy belated birthday!

dunnadam said...

Do you still have the Christmas Carol patterns? Her website is closed and they are nowhere to be found! I would gladly pay you, or even a scan would do. Thanks, Adam

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