Sunday 9 March 2014

Has Spring sprung,

We have a had a few beautiful springlike days here ,after all the rain of the winter how lovely it is to see the sunshine. I do hope wherever you are it has been as good .
Well since I last posted I have done the workshop , done one panel of the bag and binned it ,started another and happier this time. Here are some pics for you to see of last weekend (is it really a week ago) and some of the ladies and their work.
This is how far we had got in 6 hours !!
This is my new start on my first panel.
I will show you more as this progresses. I also took a pic of the "class" and some of Annettes bags. 
Another side.

The fourth side.
Annette brought another bag with her called her angel bag. I only took a few of this one.

She had done the most gorgeous little angel tag. 

The tag is on the left of the bag.Here is a pic of the class in the old school we use.There is a gap here and I do not know how to fix it!!!!

So there you have it last weekend ,redwork stitching. I have almost finished another sheep , The very last one so just have to play putting it together. Joyfulness hopefully will be finished tomorrow with Sally.
I could not stitch on Rosie last week as I had run out of Schoolhouse Red and was waiting for it to arrive. I did stitch last night and will show you a pic of that next time. Also last week I finished Day 4 , I did not use the dark colour for the writing ,instead used a silver metallic thread.

Here they are all together .I almost finished day 5 on Friday but not quite so that will be another finish next time.

On Wednesday I stitched in the parlour with the ladies over at Needlecraft Haven and In the Meadow is growing. 
I did have a couple of surprises this week. Martin sent for these 2 items for me.
Do you think he wants me to stitch faster as I now have 2 memorial pieces to stitch. He also saw Annettes stitching book and this arrived yesterday as he thought it might be useful.
Sorry it is on its side, no matter how hard I try the gremlins will not turn it round. Also you may have noticed there is a gap in the middle somewhere. Again those gremlins have been at work. As I am on the subject of books I have acquired these 2 this week.

This last week in the UK it has been Shrove Tuesday also known as Pancake Tuesday. Being Tuesday the tribe were here for dinner ,and nanny had to do pancakes , I do not know why it is so disappointing for the children if they do not have pancakes ,so all was gathered together.
They were yummy but since I was the one making them they were no sooner cooked than eaten so no pics.
Sam did quite well as he came for dinner today too, Sunday roast beef as he had homework to finish, he has been making a sword and shield with his Grandad.
Then he was off to football. I have just finished watching England v Wales in the 6 nations . Whoo hoo we won. I have let Martin take Ollie as I just had to see what happened. So I thought I would try and get this finished before they get back.I have had another finish for Alfie ,Sams younger brother ,this is Scales a lizard scarf I have shown you in the process of being knitted. 
Pleased to say Alfie loves it, not so sure of the legs myself. Next is an Owl cushion for Ella. Sorry if this has been a bit disjointed. I want to thank you all again for your comments, it is surprising what a word or two from the readers of my blog does to my spirits. Sunshine all the way. 
To any new readers hello and its good to meet you
To my old friends , much love and hugs.
Barb xx


butterfly said...

Lovely post Barb Love the red work and all your wonderful stitching .
Can't believe all this wonderful weather I even have a bluebell out enjoy your week.

Josie said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love all of your latest creations and 'The meadow' is my absolute favourite x

Vickie said...

Now nice to be caught up with you Barb. I am glad the weather is nice by you. We are getting there.

Cath said...

Gorgeous finishes Barb . I love the memorial stitch that you got . Keep meaning to do one that was in a mag myself. will get round to it one day ,lol.

Cath said...

Forgot to add, I have "A Street cat named Bob" , great read , I really enjoyed it . Think there is a follow up out now too .x

Catherine said...

Looks like a fun time had by all! Loved seeing all of your goodies!

Blu said...

The redwork is really pretty and the ornies are lovely. That scarf is hilarious!

Mouse said...

gosh what an eventful post .. loved your works shop bags ... your wee ornaments are gorgeous and that scarf had me in giggles ... it is sooo cute and I just love those wiggly toes ..
didn't even realise it was pancake day till my tribe went to their grannies for it soo missed out *sigh .... hope you have a wonderful stitchy week :) love mouse xxxx

Christine said...

Wonderful stitching Barb, and the redwork bag class looks like great fun. I love the panel with the watering can full of flowers.

Chris said...

Great update Barb! It looks like the redwork class was a great success.
Lovely stitching this week. That scarf is fun, it just makes me smile.
The books look great too.

Michelle said...

Love the red work Barb - I think red and white stitching looks stunning. Well done xx Here's to Spring xx

Bev said...

The redwork looks beautiful and yes it was lovely up here in South Yorkshire nice warm days make you feel so much better don't they x

Carol said...

Love all those finished bags and I definitely need to invest in that Little Stitcher chart--those are adorable, Barb, and I like how you're finishing them in the same manner :)

Shirlee said...

You have certainly been busy Barb! Lots of nice finishes!

Julie said...

Looks like a great workshop, lots of lovely stitching happening, your panel looks so cute.
I've read both the books, Street Cat Named Bob is lovely, wasn't so keen on The Red House, that was a BB library choice, i'll be interested to see what you think to it.
The 12 Days do look lovely all finished the same and edged with the ribbon.
Love the lizard scarf, bet that was fun to knit! The man of the house here has asked for some socks so that's whats going to be on my needles.
We had a pancake or two, question was asked why do we not have them any other time as they are lovely? lol.
love and {hugs} to you both and Ollie dog too. xxxxx

Tina said...

Love the scarf,glad Alfie loves it.the red panel looks fab,can't wait to see more.
The twelve days of Christmas are looking fab.
Love reading a Street Cat called Bob
Take care
Tina xx

Simply Victoria said...

Nice start on your red work! You are a sweet nanny to make pancakes for your family.

Andrea said...

Those bags are gorgeous. Looks like a lovely workshop and your panel looks great. Beautiful finishes too.

Jeanne said...

Very pretty bags Barb - what fun it looks like all of you were having. The little alligator is so darling!

Chris said...

Lovely to read back on your blog Barb.. and some gorgeous stitching

Chris x

Sally said...

What a lovely newsy post Barb. I'm rather behind ( when aren't I ! ). Love all your stitching and the lizard scarf is such fun!

Looks like you had a wondeful time at your workshop. The bags are gorgeous.

Will see you soon for day 6 :) Must get my fabric cut!

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great post Barb full of beautiful stitching and showing spring off in all it's delights :-)

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