Sunday 1 January 2012

A quick hello and new year wishes.

This is a very quick post as I am really in the grip of something nasty and yesterday Martin started too. Christmas was a non event(I think it may have been the gringe that stole it) with New Year following hard on its tail. We will make up for it later with family though, I have hung a big bell on the front door with unclean on it.
However ,I just needed to wish all the friends I have made through this blog thingy, (that I did not ever think I would come to get the hang of). Julie and Karan you do not know how much my life has been enriched by your nagging to "start"my own blog. Thanks.
Special thanks goes to all of you that leave comments (and some I know that have problems trying to leave them ) . I do love seeing a little note pop up.
For my SAL friends Sally , and Colleen with our Shepherds Bush nights long may they continue. Do we start tomorrow?
The Sampler Girl and Jane night over at the Parlour ,for all my maids thanks for continuing with me. Wednesday we start again.
I have sorted some bits out that I need to get stitched (well loads really)and I will let you know what soon. I also have some bits and bobs from stash so look for a giveaway.
No pics this time but do have some taken. A couple that were finished last year !!
So my dears thanks once again for the encouragement , friendship and I wish you more of the same for the new year.
Hugs n stuff Barb


Mouse said...

ohhh dear not you been ill as well ... there has been a lot going round on the blogging world ... wishing you a healthier and happy and very stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxx

Michelle said...

Happy New Year Barb - sorry you are unwell. I woke with it this morning - take care xx

Elisa said...

Happy 2012 Barb to you and yours...looking forward to our Wednesday meet up in the parlour xx

Julie said...

((((healing hugs)))) to you and hubby, take care and, get well fast. Xxxx

Colleen said...

Feel better soon. I'm ready for SB SAL with you and Sally. Once you are feeling better, we can start up. Happy 2012.

Christine said...

Hope you are feeling much better soon.
Happy New Year!

Kate said...

Barb I hope that both of you start to feel much better very soon.
Happy New Year x

Tina said...

Here's hoping those germs dont last long in 2012 and you both feel better soon.
Looking forward to a year filled with TSG finishes
Happy New Year to you both

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb sorry to hear you've had this nasty virus too, I think it's been doing the rounds
I hope you are recovering now

happy new year to you and your family x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy New Year!

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