Tuesday 31 January 2012

At last the long awaited...........

Lottery win?-no, Premium Bond win?-no , the Euro Millions win? -no. Sorry to disapoint you it is just a giveaway! As I did not do one on my 2nd blogaversary which is now 2 years and a bit .So despite keeping you in suspense I am now at last doing it. I have sorted through my stash and that is what you will win if you would like to. Ok first I shall need you to comment on this post I would like you to be a follower if poss but it is the comment that will count. Right here is what you will get.
This oneabove is a kit , fabric supplied is Aida but you could do it on linen.
Some sheepy designs and I think I may do these as an altogether sheep one so now you have 2 choices to win something. Then we have
So there you have it the sheep charts are a giveaway on their own and the other charts, kit, are together if you get my drift . Please say which you would like and I shall choose a winner on the 15th Feb as there may be happenings here on that day!! So now that is taken care of would you like to see the happenings of this week. First of all I must mention the family as G S &E came down on Sunday for a curry. Martin makes them from scratch and although he doesn't make them often ooohh they are yummy when he does. He grinds and roasts all the spices (house smells for days) and all the accompanying chutneys etc.When I said to Graeme dad was thinking of doing a curry ,the response was, We will be down!!! I have to say Martin does have a kitchen maid(me) when all the prep needs to be done and the washing up. He did a Balti this time so not too spicy for Ella ,who informed us that she would sooner have that than a roast dinner. Unfortunately Graeme had an asthma attack and really did not feel well so he laid on our bed for a while. He is just so tired and I think that contributed to it. He did not eat dessert ,which was Mango Fool ,which we had not done before but it was yummy and so easy. Sue took Graemes home for him to have the next day. He did not get it though as when she got home from work she said it was looking at her when she opened the fridge saying Eat me!!!!! So she did. So that was our Sunday.I did some knitting instead of stitching. Monday was the Shepherds Bush meeting at mine with Sally and Colleen. Oh dear I am afraid we had to give Colleen more than one glass of wine as she does not like flying over the ocean !!!!lol.Anyway I finished Simple Joys and we all had a very happy dance. Today I put it together along with something else .
The violets are from the garden they have been out for so long now. Talking of SB I got this from Sally this morning so this will be my new start next week as I just looove those dangly stockings.
Sorry about the photo I think I must have had my crooked head on when I took that. Tonight it is Quaker Diamonds and I shall show you progress on that one next week. Wednesday is Jane and The Sampler Girl night over at Needlecraft Haven and Whoo hoo today I stitched up my bag and I love it!!!!
I decided only to knit the front as I think I may have run out of wool if I chanced doing the back .So I found a piece of calico which was just the right size , made some cord type handles with my cording thingy and WHOO HOO there I have a new knitting bag . 2 finishes this week no wait there is one more , Thursday I think I frog more than I stitch on Elizabeth by seeing Barbi's progress on Margaret Mary (she has already done Elizabeth) I just had to order these two girlies. They came yesterday. Meet Molly and Margaret Mary- now I find there is another one-oh when will it ever end!! I am waiting a while before I succumb to that one.
Pardon?Oh the other finish well that was my first Prairie Schooler Santa , Karan sent me this one for Christmas along with a couple of other charts of theirs. I have 11 now so hope to do one a month . Anyway here is the little fella, measuring 2anda half inches by 3 complete.
I think he's been on the wine too as he is a bit blurred,no ,it's not me who has been on the wine! I think I was a bit close. I don't know what it is about these Santas they look so fierce! So another one of those to start on Friday. I have not decided which Sampler Girl design to stitch next so you will have to be patient to see which one is chosen . Stash I did get was the Winter design from Blackbird designs and also Christmas Garden. A couple of SB kits (which I cannot tell you about)and January and February wordplay by Country Stitches. I am now going to concentrate on what have instead of getting more. OR I will be needing another giveaway! So before I go thanks for the comments and also welcome to the new followers I shall soon have to have a catch up on blog reading I am getting very much behind, Hmmmmm I could comment on that statement but I won't. Hope you have enjoyed our little chat and don't forget to leave me a comment on this post only either for Sheep or Mixture. Take care all Hugs n stuff Barb


Cindy's Stitching said...

Would love a chance to win either one. Your piece are so pretty. I really the those dangling stockings also. Happy Blogversary. I am a follower.

butterfly said...

Congatulations on your Blogversary , Please I would to be part of your giveaway I do love sheep but I would like a chance to win either.
Love all your wonderful stitching and a lovely blog.

jane said...

Lovely stitching (and knitting ) Barb. You have been very busy!
That curry sounds lovely, I have never tried mango fool but it sounds delicious.
I wouold love to be entered in your giveaway - the sheepy designs would be my preference. Take care x

Mouse said...

oooo happy blogaversary :) would love to be considered for the un sheepie one (although wouldn't mind that one either heheheh )
hope graeme is feeling a wee bit better
love your simple joys finish :)and those stockings too and oooo you've done your knitting bag too :)
take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxx

Julie said...

Happy bloggers army, good luck to all who enter your giveaway.
Fabulous finishes, the knitted bag is beautiful.
Cute SB little one, pretty design.
The PS Santa's are real lovely, I had intentions of doing those this year then the JCS MSG came and I lied so many in that lol.
Much love to all, hope Graeme is fully recovered now x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Please enter me in your giveaway! I'd like anything but the sheep.

Your stitching and finsihing is lovely as usual!

Christine said...

Gosh Barb, you've been really busy.
Your knitting bag came out wonderfully.
Please enter my name in your draw, I'd prefer the mixed prize if I'm lucky enough to win.

Vickie said...

Oh my aren't you busy?! I love Simple Joys. Count me in for the non-sheep drawing I think please. Thank you. :)

Michelle said...

Oh Barb I love the Simple Joys finish its stunning. Please enter me into your giveaway would be happy with any of those xx

Cath said...

Gorgeous finishes.
I'd love to enter for the sheepies please .
Thanks X

Nancy said...

Hi Barb, I have been a follower for awhile now. I do enjoy reading your blog. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I would like the one that is not sheep. Mainly because I have never made a biscornu or learned hardanger and I really want to. I think your runner under your simple joys is beautiful!!!

Lainey said...

Simple Joys is simply beautiful Barb! Glad your girls have arrived and your bag looks wonderful.
I would love a chance to win those sheepies. Have a great week, hugs.

Ellen said...

Love to join your giveaway, thank you for the chance! I love hardanger, sure would love to win that chart!

Your stitchings are gorgeous!

Kate said...

I just found your blog, love the beautiful stitching! Simple Joys is wonderful, who is the designer? Also what a very generous giveaway, they're all lovely!

Heidi said...

Hi Barb! Here is it Feb. 1st and I did it! I did not start anything new so today I can. But then again...guess what? I am too busy with the quilt group coming tonight that I have no time for a new start...lol. Yep, that was me just rolling by you in a whirl of laughter.

Great little Santa. I was going to make one for each year I was with Jos as they started the PS Santas that long ago but it never happened. :-) Isn't it great fun to stitch them? Will you hang them in a tree or use them as bowl fillers? And your latest JA finish is great. Dancing away here...

I love Molly! I tried to buy her for my cat sampler wall at 123Stitch and they did not have her anymore. I have not checked again though as I am really trying not to buy stash. Are you going to do all the gals and hang them together?

Hugs from Holland ~

Poppypatchwork said...

Please enter me into your giveaway, I would like the charts, not a big fan of stitching sheep, love reading your blog each time.

Fee said...

This is the first time I have entered anything like this as I have only just started commenting on blogs, it is my new years resolution! Thank you for the kind offer, I would love to enter.


Sally said...

I adore your Simple Joys finish Barb. It is beautiful. Looking forward to your Merry Be start next week. That arrived quickly seen as I posted it second class!

Love your knitted bag. You did a lovely job on that. Your PS ornament is so cute:)

I think you are stashing for me too:) Lol! Sounds like you have some lovely new stash.

I hope Graeme is feeling better now.

Good luck to everyone entering your lovely giveaway. I won't enter as you have sent me loads of lovely charts:)

Lots of love and hugs xxxx

Carin said...

You have been busy !! And they all look so wonderful.
I would love to enter the give away (I have been a follower already) and the ones I like a sheep pattern .... they are so cute !!

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