Monday 14 February 2011

A finish and a couple of wips

Well hello and happy Valentines Day!
This is just a quick update really on my progress on The Journey. Tonight I have Sally and Colleen coming over (well virtually not really) and the Sal continues. Sally is going great guns on Emmanuels Song ,wonder if she sings along while she stitches -too busy talking I think lol. Colleens Checkered sheep too is looking lovely and I do hope she gets a sheep in there soon!! Take a look at her blog Threads in my garden to see where she is with it.
Here is my progress up to last week, I am hoping to get the basket of flowers done this week, that will take me back to floristry !!

These are clickable so you could take a closer look. I posted a pic from the time before progress so you can see I now have a shepherdess,she won't be very pleased I called her a shepherd! She also now standing on a flowery grass mound and that sheep had better not eat those flowers or it might get sick.
Wonder how much will get done tonight,this is really delicate and pretty,done with one thread of silk.
Thought you may like to see Sense and Sensibility progress too ,this is a Sal I am hosting over on Needlecraft Haven , Last count I think there were 7/8 of us. After a demolition job on the house I have rebuilt it and finished glazing and rendering, as some of you know I am not a lover of stitching houses. I do like words though and have started the sentiment . I was not sure of the colours, but somehow they do work together.

I also have been stitching a little gift but cannot show you that yet.
Talking of gifts here is the blankie all finished, it will be in the post sometime soon ,well in a couple of weeks or so I guess as I have to put something else in the parcel. It is no where near as neat as Julie mums knitting ,but it will do a turn and I absolutely needed to do it when I saw it.

I think I have just published this before I finished it argh!!!!!!!!
Again talking of gifts just look what I have got!!

Arent I the lucky one , I have a birthday (groan yes another one) but I have such generous ,kind, sweet , and well you know who you are ladies that have sent me some goodies to open tomorrow.
So perhaps I shall share those with you later in the week. I think maybe Colleen and Sally we shall crack open a bottle of bubbly tonight lol.
Take care all and I will catch up with you again later.
Hugs n stuff


Sally said...

My dear Barb are you saying I talk too much lol!!!! I reckon if we were in a room together with Colleen there may not actually be much stitching getting done:)

Your Journey is coming long beautifully. Love that cute sheep! Looking forward to seeing how you get on tonight.

Lovely progress on Sense and Sensibility and that pink blanket is beautiful and snuggly :)

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. You deserve to be thoroughly spoilt :)

See you tonight! {{{{hugs}}}}

Julie said...

The Journey looks wonderful Barb, such a lovely design, i really must do a SB design soon.

I showed Amy the WIP pic of the blanket and she is so excited that a friend of mine would take tim eto make her little 'bump' a pressie - she said i am to give you a {{great big hug}}.

Lots of nice gifties ready for tomorrow, i hope you have a wonderful day. xxxx

Lesleyanne said...

Your blanket is gorgeous. Lovely progress on your wips. I hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow.

Stitchabilities said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!
I love those scissors on your stitching, of course the stitching is beautiful as well.

Oh what a lovely pink blanket

Christine said...

Great progress on your WIPs Barb, and the pink blanket is fabulous.
Have a lovely day tommorrow

Lainey said...

Oh I love your SB Barb, purply and sheep what more could a girl ask for.SAS is looking pretty too.
The pink blanket is gorgeous.
Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow, hugs!

Mylene said...

Beautiful progress on your WIP's.

A happy happy Birthday! I hope you will have a wonderful day!!

Colleen said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Barb. I agree with Sally; if the three of us were all together, I doubt any stitching would get done. LOL
The Journey is beautiful & your progress is super. Sense & Sensibility is coming along nicely.
Please check out my blog, as I have updated it & there is something for you there.
I had a super time at your house & thanks for the bubbly; I enjoyed.
Much Love & Hugs!

Dani - tkdchick said...

YOur WIPs are lovely and I just LoVE that baby blanket!!

Lisa said...

Lovely progress on your wips Barb, they are gorgeous designs. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday.

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