Sunday 30 January 2011

Just a little pink

Or should I say in the pink!
Well not quite yet,but I am getting there, just thought you would like some pinkness too!
However before I type anymore may I just thankyou all for your get well wishes,your sympathy and your friendship. You do not know how much it means to have a 'lifeline'through you and your blogs , and even Martin asks how some of you are now. So on behalf of me and mine thankyou.
Now before I get maudlin here, I think I had better share with you what I have been up to. I saw about a week or so ago on - Life with needle and thread blog,(still haven't mastered the linky thing) a super duper blanket and thought; oh I would like to knit that . Yes, I did say knit, so I e mailed Julie (whose blog it is) and she kindly sent me the pattern. 2 DAYS later I had the wool and here it is in my other Julie bag in the process of being made.

I know I have let the cat out of the bag to one person who reads this blog of mine ,as she is going to be the perfect Nanna ,but she doesn't know what else I have hiding in the bag lol.
The wool is called Patter Pink so of course a little more pinkness.
I have been told it is going to be a 'pink'.
Why I say this is, because when Kate our daughter was expecting her second, she was convinced it would be a boy, and when she was delivered of a girl , she looked at me (I was with her at the birth of her first 2), (her dh couldn't do it)and said, Oh Mum ,its a pink!!
So here is a picture of her pink now.Caitlin.

This was taken in the week, had a phonecall saying she had a netball match at a school near us and could she come here after. Which of course she did, stayed and had dinner with us ,then Martin ran her home later. She suprised us as she has had her hair cut short. She has the most gorgeous dimples but for some reason they do not show in this pic very well. Out of the 4 she is the only girl and the only dormouse,the boys are not very bed orientated.
Talking of beds , we were delivered of a new bed for the spare room last week ,it is only a single as it doubles as my sewing room ,so if I get a problem with sleeping I can go up there and stitch in bed !!!
Of course that is partly what you came for ,yes, a stitchy update. Well the reveal day over at Needlecraft Haven was today and this I finished last night. I thought as Valentines Day was approaching this would look good tied to a heart.

Of course I do not think it matches up to this heart that Martin made for me a couple of years ago.

My other little finish is this little Christmas ornie a design from Bent Creek.This was my finish for the Needlecraft Haven monthly christmas ornie , this was done over one,and seemed to take an age.

No more finishes to show you this time but I can show you my progress on the wips, or you could skip this bit lol.

The journey continues with Sally and Colleen on Monday nights,we are off to the U.S.tomorrow to spend the evening with Colleen. Will let you know progress next week.
Really liking this one, although some of the thread is very close to fabric colour. I was hoping to find a shepherd to look after my sheep but could only find half a one.
The next one is Autumn by the Cross Eyed Cricket which is my UFO on Tuesdays with Julie and Mr. Stick ,I still have not quite finished the M but almost.

The Sampler Girls Sense and Sensibility is growing on a Wednesday too, this is being done as a SAL night on the Needlecraft Haven with 7 others. I did not do much this week I had to do my online grocery order which is only the second time I have done the shop this way.

Sorry about the crumpled fabric,in the photo.As you can see I have been on that construction site again building houses!
Then last but not least the Quaker Diamond wip , not a lot done here either as I a couple of finishes to get done! Also wool arrived.

So that is all I have to share with you this time. Oh in one of my previous posts someone asked if I could share the designer of the hardanger I use to display some of my pieces. I think its under the roses this time.It is from New Stitches Magazine no 11 which is very old but I still think you can get the older copies.
We have a birthday boy in our household this week, Ollie will be 8 on Friday . Wonder if Rory his friend from the US would like to come for tea.
Take care my friends until next time, and I do hope you all remain 'in the pink'
Hugs n stuff
Barb x


Colleen said...

Super stitching projects,along with adding knitting in? Girl, you've been busy! Caitlin is a beauty & love her smile. I'm all ready for you & Sally for our stitching night; you are really moving along with Journey. I just posted my sheep progress. Miss Wrigley sends Ollie birthday greetings along with a sloppy kiss.
Much Love & Hugs,

Stitcher said...

Wow you have been busy. When I first looked at the pink blanket I thought someone had spilled mini marshamallows on it. Love it all.

Christine said...

You've done some great stitching there Barb, and the blanket is looking beautiful, do I spy a new use for Pom Pom yarn? I'm guessing it is just knitted in stripes with the main wool?
Oh and the heart your DH made for you is just gorgeous, speaking of his handiwork, I made a beaded chain at the weekend, for the beautiful angel you sent me, so she is finally hanging in the conservatory where she can catch the maximum amount of light

Julie said...

ooooo that blankie is gorgeous, Amy will be so thrilled with her new prssie from auntie Barb, mums the word (lips are sealed till she opens it xx)

Lots of lovely stitchy progress piccies. I do love the heart Martin made for you, what a special man he is.

Caitlin is a very beautiful young lady

Julie said...

The blankie looks gorgeous in pink, Barb. I'm really glad you are enjoying it. x

sheri said...

Hi Barb, your grandpink, Caitlin, is beautiful. I really like her hair style.

Oh, that pink blankie looks so soft & cushy & comfy!

Love all of your're putting me to shame...gotta pick up my needle and get cracking!

Take care,

Lisa said...

Your "pink" knitting looks gorgeous!
Love the way you stitched the cat ornie, would never have thought to do it in two different colours and make it for valentines.
Lovely progress on your wips as well. The Shepherd's Bush designs are really growing on me.

Solstitches said...

The blanket is so pretty and I LOVE the crochet bag it is sitting in.
Lovely stitched pillows. I really like what you've done with the Tra La La freebie - looks great!


Sally said...

Oooh, Barb, I love your pink knitting. It looks gorgeous :)

Love your cat finish and your Bent Creek ornament is so cute!

You are making lovely progress on The Journey. I made it to Colleen's, just for a wee while lol! Any progress is better than none though isn't it?

Your other WIPs are gorgeous. I love the look of Sense and Sensibility.

Caitlin is a beautiful young lady :)

Hope you are doing much better now {{{{hugs}}}}

Heidi said...

Hi Barb! Love your heart and cat finish. It is perfect for Valentine's day. And Martin's heart for you is amazing...lucky lady that you are!

Your Quaker Diamonds is really coming along. It is beautiful and even more so knowing how small it is. Enjoy all these projects! If your weather is anything like ours, it is best to sit indoors and stitch rather than be out in the rain.

Hugs from Holland ~

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