Sunday 2 April 2017

Winter is over now comes Spring.

I cannot take credit for the planting of this ,as I had it for mothers day from my son he planted it. I also had a top and cardigan from  him and Susie to take on our hols. Kate bless her bought me some sheepie notelets and some solar lights for the garden which change colours and are really pretty. I feel very blessed with my children  and their other halves.Talking of the garden I did take a quick one of  the front garden  out of the lounge window.
Just waking up from winter sleep and the grass has been cut 3times so far. We do  not have much in the way of  flowers at the front but we did plant the roses out here that our grandaughter bought us for our golden wedding so you will get a pic when the summer comes. As I said  Winter has finished and so has mine.
Really pleased with this, here are two more close up . Not sure of the qualitly of them though.
You get the gist of  it though.
Done over one on 28 count fabric.  As I said  on the header ,now onto Spring . Only started this one last Monday evening with Sally. Although she is stitching something different than  spring.
Not a good photo, I hope to get a better one after this weeks Monday stitching,.On Wednesdays in the parlour I have been stitching on Welcome Inn  ,Ihave not been able to get photobucket to play nicely so I will post it here  in the hope someone from the forum will  see it.

Last Wednesday I started Julilees Sheep and here is where I am before I do this week.
Again this is  over one and the sheep are so tiny. This one you will see grow in the coming weeks. Talking of the forum on Needlecraft Haven I  finished the design  we were given for March . Not very inspiring finishing but it is done.Design is free from Pineberry Lane.
So that is all my finishing I am still  stitching my Makeover  Spring  and loving  it  ,just love the sheep in her pants.
The fleeces on the line too made me smile and the little bunnies catching the shower. A little more to do on  this row.I do have one  other finished item to show you from me. I have tried a new hobby Book folding  and here is my first attempt.
I had an old copy of Little Women so I used that as  it seems  I have 2 . So off we went to Charity shops to buy some old  books.  I was asked if I did not have enough of my own books  that  I have read. This by son Graeme.  I am not using  my books  I replied. So maybe I will show  you more in   the future, where I am  going to put them heaven knows I am already drowning in craft items.  In fact Martin started something new last week he went to a willow workshop and came home with these.
Sorry forgot to rotate the photo , the plates dont hang may intertwine some lights through it.
For the garden he made a dragonfly.
I think I showed you the hummingbird wire sculpture he did a few weeks  ago. Looks better in real life so to speak.
Will try and get a better one  next time. So on that note my friends I really must on behalf of myself and Martin thankyou so much for your comments and good wishes last time. Oh the other things I forgot to show you ,BOOKS yes I have been buying more books. I need a bigger house ,what do you all do with your stitching ,like books I cannot bear to see them go.Unless a friend could  make use of them  . Usually that ends with me taking some  of  hers so I cannot  win  anyway. So this times  purchases are .......
Which I have already read and  thoroughly enjoyed.I have ordered the next one she has written ,so that will be on next times list. Also
Sorry got the Letter twice. Also picked up one on the weekly shop.
The next one  I read the back and  yep it was sold.

As some of you know I am a Jane Austen fan ,so when I saw The Darcys I had to have it and here is where I have got with Mr Darcy.
I will get Martin to take photos close up as along with straight which I cannot do, I do not take good photos. He is looking rather good though .Mr Darcy too lol.
Right I really think this is it  now , so until next time thanks  for reading. Take great care of yourselves and thanks for the comments.
Much love Barb.xx


Vickie said...

Oh Barb! The planting in your header, by your son is so wonderful!! You garden looks lovely already. You and Martin have such interesting new crafts! :D

butterfly said...

Beautiful tub of spring plants .
Beautiful garden and ornaments.
Beautiful stitching .
Just a beautiful post , hugs .

Justine said...

How wonderful to have a crafty husband! I love your garden. Welcome Inn is very pretty as is the Winter pillow but my favourite is the Spring one with the fleeces on the washing line! That is so sweet.

Julie said...

Hello my friend.... winter looks a great finish, i'll be SAL'ing with Justine and Jo on mine next year. Well done to Martin on the willow sculptures, do love the hummingbird one. Welcome Inn looks sweet, lots of nice finishes you have been having. Had to smile at the bunny under the sheep fleeces, that's a funny chart. Pretty planter Graeme gifted you.
(hugs) xx

Mylittlepieceofengland said...

Lovely flowers and oh so beautiful stitching. I really love the Spring cross stitch with the fleeces on the line xx

Tiffstitch said...

Lovely finishes and WIPs and great sculptures too. I feel like that with books sometime as well.

Christine said...

Lovely stitching Barb, and Martin's willow sculptures are wonderful.
I keep thinking I'd like to have a go at book folding, your looks really great

Andrea said...

Your stitching is lovely. The Makeover Spring piece is a beauty. The willow sculptures are great too.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Love the potted plant you got for Mother's Day. The flowers are a nice Spring burst of colour. 'Winter' looks good as does your other stitching and finishing. It's fun seeing what others are working on. I've read 'The Letter' too and enjoyed it.

blue star stitcher said...

That hummingbird sculpture is so cool, what a unique art form. Your garden looks lovely, such a thoughtful Mother's day present! I love gardens, but sometimes not so much the actual gardening part.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Like Justine said, I'm planning on joining the SAL for the Cricket Collection months too! They look so nice and over one sound lovely too.
I have done some book folding myself - the same heart you did! It was fun but very time consuming and nothing must take me away from stitching!
Love the willow work too.

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