Saturday 22 April 2017

In and out the dusty bluebells in an English Wood.

Last week we went to our son Graeme and dil Sue for Easter Sunday lunch. We ate far more  than  we  should and decided to go for  a walk. Hence  the title and English bluebell wood. Martins Mum  came  too ,her outfit matched the scene  and  she walked  the whole  distance  . Very proud  of  her. She celebrates her  92nd birthday next month.
A little  warning  ,this maybe picture heavy , as  my post usually are . We started here but had to wait for the others  to catch up.  The smell was beautiful,so many as far as the eye could  see.  

We have had no rain  for almost month so nothing to dampen  them down. I  think nature has woven a beautiful carpet. There were  4 generations of our family , Martins Mum,Martin,  our son  Graeme and his daughter  Ella.
Graemes wife Sue is to the left of Ella. Sues parents also came along and  here is a pic  of  her family.
Also another addition  was Ellas boyfriend Greg. I took this one when he  wasn't expecting it  ,but do have one  of them together.
The two together again.
I do wish this fashion  look would change , I am afraid  I  do not like   the ripped jeans look. Our other grandaughter likes to wear her jeans  like that. Ella  on   her  own . A beautiful young  lady ,but then  I am biased.

We walked for quite a while  and then  we saw in the distance  ,(no not   sheep) but these beautiful Devon  Red bulls.
Not a very  good photo, they were  making quite a noise in the quietness.  I suppose I  had better  show you the one I have of me and  himself  .
For the album one of me and my son.
I do not like having my photo taken so this  one is probably the only one I have of us both.
So we made our way back to theirs for a  cup of  tea and a  hot  x bun before we  drove home. Happy times.
On Monday yes more family pics. Our daughter Kate asked  if  we would like to go for  a walk with them  .
We  were picked up and  set off here.
Portland  Bill about 10 miles from where we live. Another fine  day and we  walked out to Pulpit Rock.
Pulpit Rock is the stack  you can see on the left.  When the sea is rough people are silly enough to climb  it ,  it was being  climbed whilst we were there but at least it wasn't windy and the sea  wasn't rough.
Caitlin  and Alfie had chips , a picnic  just did  not  cut it.
The other grandaughter another beautiful girl but won't accept it. I was hoping  to take  one  of the whole family but trying to get  them all to stay together is  nigh  on impossible  . 
With her big brother Jack and his fiancee Katie.,Caitlin  refers to herself as the third wheel. Not sure if  I have a decent one of  Sam .
Not a brilliant one ,but all of the 4 grandchildren together. Sam  is on  the right. Then I had a bit of a miracle Kate and Iain together.
So proud of our daughter ,  she has been through some  tough times  and  is still smiling. We then went  back and had a cream tea before being dropped back home  . Good times  at  Easter.  Now   Kate and I are back  to the diet.
I hope you havent  been bored by all the family pics , it is  just nice to be able to share.
I  have  not  completely forgotten  my usual bits  and  bobs  so now  would be a good  time for you to catch up on what I  have been doing .
This is how far I have got  with the sock making ,amidst lots of naughty words and scratching of head,despite  having the wonderful sock book.Now the lead onto books  bought this week.
Sorry not a good picture , I saw this a while  ago and put it  on  my wish list and forgot about it. I saw it again this week and it  was still calling me so after a can  I to Martin, it now resides on the evergrowing pile  of crafty books. This morning I bought these 4 at the book sale at slimming.£2 for 4 ,bargain. Kate threw her hands  up in despair, not more books  Mother ,was the comment.
I keep telling her one can never  have too many books ,just not  enough room. She said she had taken some to the Charity shop this week, Oh how can you bear to part with them, to which she said Hmmm  not enough room.
I have done a little stitching this week ,the sheepy design I am stitching  with Sally has an almond  tree at least that is what I am calling it  ,at the start of the third and final row.  I am going to cheat a little  and try and  get the tree finished tonight as next weeks bit amused me.Keeping you in  suspense now.
Will look better when it is pressed. I am thinking of making this into a wall hanging ,what do you think.Then is the time for  MrDarcy ,I have just started Elizabeths hand.

I did  stitch a little on Jubilees Sheep but not much I am afraid so no pic  of that. Spring  is coming along and maybe when I am stitching with Sally on Monday I will get P finished.
 Again not a good picture the fabric is a sort of sage  green. Will try harder next time.Talking of Sally it was very remiss of me last time  not to show you the chart she gifted me for Easter, She has ordered heself one too so we can stitch it together at  some point.

If  I have already shown you this last time,blame the age ,I do all the time. 
I have had some  wool come too , ready to knit  on  holidays nothing too taxing as I do not want to have to concentrate too hard. 

Not crafty but comfy , a pair of trainers ,never worn trainers before but as we plan to walk in the Outer Hebrides I thought I may need something kind  to my feet.
Would be nice to have a pair of socks to wear with them lol

 So thats all my news this week,thanks in advance for any kind comments you wish to leave. Thanks  to those last  time  who left me a little note. I will leave  you a pic of the lighthouse with the wish that your way will be well lit this week.

Much love Barb xx


Purple Pixie Dust said...

It's nice to see you with all your family around. Lovely pictures of the flowers and the two walks you went on. Love all the photo's. hugs

cucki said...

its nice to see the lovely photos of you with all your family...beautiful pictures..sending you love and hugs x

Linda said...

Great post Barb. I loved seeing your family outing photos. Lovely stitching on all of your projects.


barbara woods said...

quilting and book are my things I buy , the best quilting book I every bought is vintage farm girl by Lori Holt.

Vickie said...

What a beautiful family Barb! Love the pictures. :D Your new trainers are very cute!!

Barbara said...

Oh my dear friend, what a beautiful family you have. I am so jealous that you have them around you to hug and love. I think the picture of you and your son is just beautiful...a nice remembrance of a great day. I have never made socks. I just cannot handle 4 needles at one time. Drives me insane so I stick to cowls and shawls. I see you also purchase yarn from Loveknitting. I recognize the bag that it comes in. I have bought tons of those gauze bags from them to hold my yarn so I can see what's in them. I love your posts with lots of pics to show us...don't stop. Stay as sweet at you are deary.

butterfly said...

What a lovely post.
You have a such a beautiful family my friend , and what could be better than a walk through the bluebell woods .
I see your wool I brought some to not long ago and I love the way they send a lovely bag with it.
Your stitching all looks so beautiful .
And I see you had a lovely Easter , have a wonderful week hugs.

Justine said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. Your family is beautiful and everyone looks so happy.
Gorgeous stitching and knitting - I love how you and Sally find so many sheep patterns!

Christine said...

Lovely pictures of your family, and of the scenery.
My two like to wear ripped jeans with lace or fishnet tights underneath to peep through the gaps, I think it looks kind of pretty.
Great stitching and knitting. Am I alone in thinking Mr Darcy looks rather sinister holding a dismembered hand? Makes me think of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely pictures of your family Barb, family outings are always fun. Portland Bill brings back many happy childhood memories, I hope to revisit it one day

Maggie said...

Lovely family photos, looks like you all had a great time.

I used to horde books too but now we just don't have the room for them I only keep books that I know I would read again and make more use of the library.
I've read The Girls You Left Behind, I enjoyed that one, not read any of the others though.

Lovely stitching and knitting

Julie said...

Super pics of your Easter family gatherings. What fun you must have all had.
Portland Bill.... I climbed right up to the top of that and met Larry the lighthouse keeper lol
Nice sock knitting, you are doing well.
Lovely stitching, I'm so looking forward to stitching the Seasons charts with Justine and Jo next year when we SAL with them.
I've read The Thread, you'll enjoy that one
Love and {hugs} xx

Astrids dragon said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Easter with family, I love that you took all those family photos. Something to always remember.
Your socks look great so far and such sweet stitching.

Sally said...

What wonderful photos of your Easter Barb. Lovely to see your family photos. They all look so lovely. Nice to see more photos of you too.

Lovely crafting too. The socks look lovely and warm. Can't wait to see the last bit of your sheep piece. Have you any idea what you might start next?

You can never have too many books! I do though and really need to stop but when we're in Scotland we'll be visiting the book shops in Wigtown but I'm only buying if I can find what I have on my list :)

Spring is looking lovely.Glad you like Jump for Joy. I just thought it was so cute.

See you on Friday for the sheepy SAL!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

A lovely post with all the family photos. I am laughing at Christine's comments! I have just thrown out a pair of jeans with huge holes in the knees but it's not my fault the catalogue took so long to send a replacement pair! The holes got bigger every day.
I am loving all the CC Seasons being stitched this year.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Loved reading about your outings with your family. Definitely agree with you about the comfortable shoes/trainers for walking. I find the 1000 mile walking socks comfortable.
A lovely selection of stitching.

Mary said...

Beautiful family and photos, I am the same as you, dislike having my photo taken. Wonderful stitching and knitting, you are muti-talented. Just followed your blog, Mary

kjsutcliffe said...

Hi Barb, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, you are more that welcome to join in our scavenger photo hunt, it is not a competition so you must never worry, thinking that your photos are not good enough, everyone is so kind and it is all about sharing snippets of stories or memories. We usually have 10 words on our list, this month is a little different as all the words have been suggested by other photo hunters. Just choose 10 and have fun hunting subjects or photos from your archives, it would be lovely to see ☺ I have just added myself as a follower x

Hawthorns Scavenger Photo Hunt June

Well hello everyone ,super sets of photos last  time. Mine this time  again has been last  minute so shall we begin. The  words this month ...