Friday 3 February 2017

A tribute to a much loved dog Oliver on what would have been his 14th birthday

Today a week ago we had our boy  put to sleep, although he did not seem in pain, he was  unable to walk on  his back legs. It all happeened within 24 hours ,from one vet saying he could have physio and swimming pool treatment to us having to take him back as although he was willing he was beginning to drag himself  on his front legs ,which was pitiful to see and we  and one of the other vets in  the practise made the descision to let him go. He was still wagging and  wanting biscuits right to the last few minutes. We are in bits and I am not going to say anymore as  I  shall  be in tears which happens most days. I do not think I have  ever  had so many comments on my last post and  for that I thankyou all , I read each and everyone and they helped so much ,So here a few of the photos we took  during his  lifetime.
Choosing  Ollie.  He only has one surviving sibling .
Feeding time  with his mum.
 How snuggly he was then, a few weeks  later  ,
We never will.
 He was a horror with flowerpots.
for some  reason I have  a  cut off  point  here  if  you want to see more  ,press read more.
At 3 months old
8 months and getting bigger ,  taken with our grandaughter Ella who will be 17  this year.
Taken in the summer with Ella. All  the grandchildren will miss  him dreadfully..His favourite pastime.
We often watched him  swimming along below us. If water was near he was in it,  but hated a bath, We have so  many pictures of him which look at with much love.  This was the last picture we took of  him the morning he went to the vets a week ago today.
Goodbye to a very dear dog to us all.Will  be back with stitchy news  soon.
Hugs and thanks  Barb.


butterfly said...

So sad , my friend it hurts so much , I keep a photo of my Poppy near by and talk to her most days .
My hubby won't let me have any more because we can't stand the hurt inside .
But we were so blessed to have her for 18 years .
It will get better just think of the happness your little one brought to your lives .
Lots of hugs and xxxs.

marly said...

We had the same situation. Tail wagging, kisses, but we had made a sling to hold up her rear section. This allowed her to walk and almost run with us, get up stairs, but then she became unable to get herself up with the front. So hard to say goodbye and my thoughts and sympathy are with you.

Karyn said...

Oh Barb, what a beautiful tribute to sweet Oliver, it brought tears to my eyes. Losing a pet, especially when it's us who has been forced to make the difficult decision is heart breaking.
How lucky you were to have him and he was lucky to have you.
I am sending deepest sympathy your way.

Vickie said...

Oh Barb. I enjoyed this post very much, even with the huge lump in my throat. What sweet pictures. Cherished memories. Such a loved family member who will never be forgot. God bless you all during this terribly difficult time. ♥

Dawn said...

so very sorry, (tears) hard to say goodbye to a furbaby who is so much a part of your family.

Justine said...

So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of your dear friend.

Maggie said...

Thank you for sharing your precious memories and photos.

Julie said...

Beautiful selection of photographs you have chosen to share
{{hugs}} xxx

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

He was a lovely dog.

angelasweby said...

Your photos told such a story of love, devotion and loyalty on both sides. I see similar stories to ours and yours in your follower's comments. Others have been through similar experiences and share in your grief, we even relive our own. When we lost Shadow after 16 years the light went out of our lives and our home. She was in the very fabric of our existence. The first thing we saw and heard in the morning and the last one to pant and wag her tail at night. When she could no longer climb the stairs, she cried at the bottom stair until she was carried up to lie by the side of the bed. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do but the greatest gift to her.
You gave Ollie the gift of a wonderful, loving family during his life and a loving blessed farewell when the time came.
Over the years of following your blog I've loved seeing his antics. Thank you for sharing so many memories with us. I hoped it's helped you a little bit dear friend. Xx

Christine said...

Beautiful photos Barb

Barbara said...

I am so glad that you posted these beautiful pictures of Ollie's life. I could only picture him in my mind as he was doing his daily swim or chasing butterflies. I held Vallie in my lap and we looked at each picture together. To see him grow as a pup up to be a beautiful gentlemen was endearing to us both. I know you will miss Ollie, but I think we shall miss hearing about his daily findings.
Much love, Barbara

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