Saturday 2 March 2013

March ,

Well it must be March!!!! Here is the March Wordplay on the March Mantle. I quite like the way the header turned out. I have just started April and unfortunately Easter that is on it will be over by the time it is displayed. Still pretty though.
Well how are you all ,I am afraid we have had the lurgy badly here and Martin picked it up shortly after his eye op last Saturday, He is ok though and a week down he can now read with that eye, it is really incredible.Although poor thing he really wasn't well at the beginning of the week, he does seems to fight these things off much quicker than I do and for me it was a visit to the drs this week . I did not really want to go , but felt so ill that I gave in. I do feel a bit better today  antibiotics and inhaler beginning to kick in ,so thought I would let you see the latest finishes.
Well one of them was as you see was the March Wordplay,
The other was the Silent Night ,Holy night .I have been stitching on in the parlour over at Needlecraft Haven. I am now looking forward to a new start this week. Will show you that next time.
On Mondays I am stitching the LHN sheep virtues with Sally and it took me 4 attempts to be happy with the fabric to stitch it on.You will have to excuse the creased fabric but I have not pressed it yet. I am waiting some thread to arrive for the sheep .I think these will be really lovely when they are done.  I have done a very little design but not finished it into anything yet the free St Patricks day cat  a free design by Lynn B of Happiness is cross stitching.

I had a envelope from Michelle this week on return from her fabulous holiday . I was rather cheeky and asked if she was passing a postcard shop would she if poss pick me up a pic of a giraffe, or a nelliephant.I was so pleased with these that I put in front of my african lake pic in the kitchen /dining room. If you read this Michelle thankyou and for the SA threads you sent me. Do you need payment.
I could sit by this lake,quite easily.
I have a little family news (no accidents this time thank goodness).Jack has been offered a place at Uni he needs an A in Maths and an A in physics with a B in one other . He is not hopeful but thinks he may stay on another year to get the grades he needs if he fails.
Ella has been accepted to the school of her choice too ,very sport orientated. Sam has been accepted to the church secondary school that Jack attended and Caitlin is attending. So all grandchildren are happy. Been told to keep well away at the moment.
So my dears not really much to show you or tell you as I have been snuggled under the duvet for most of the last week and it is much too cold to go out.So until next time take care and wrap up warm if it is cold where you are.
Much love


Vickie said...

It is cold here too.Yuck. Silent Night turned out beautiful. You and Martin are in my prayers for good health.♥

cucki said...

You and Martin are in my prayers...
Your stitching is so sweet..
Big hugs ❤

Kate said...

Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better Barb. Love the wordplay and Silent Night.
Great news for all on the education front.

Julie said...

(Lots of get better quickly hugs) there's a lot of this nasty bug about. I hope the meds work and you are soon feeling so much brighter.

Well done to the grandchildren on their hard wok.

Silent Night looks amazing in the white frame.

Sue said...

Hope that you're feeling better soon Barb. Love the silent night and the wordplay and don't daffodils brighten up the greyest day.Take care....x

Tina said...

Hope you both are feeling better,love silent night,great frame choice.

March wordplay looks fab,what count did you do it on?

Take care


Cath said...

Hope you both feel better soon.
Great finish on Silent Night . I have the chart in my stash , and may just need to find some blue fabric to stitch it on .X

Sally said...

I hope you are both feeling much better soon.

I love your Silent Night finish and your wordplay looks fantastic.

You're catching me up on the sheep. Glad you found a fabric that you're happy with. I'm loving stitching this.

Erna said...

Nice finishes...Hope you are feeling better now...
Hugs from a dull and rainy Amsterdam
Erna x

Christine said...

Lovely finishes Barb. What fabric did you choose in the end for the sheep virtues. I've got it here waiting to start, and at the moment I'm leaning towards raw

Carin said...

I hope you are feeling better soon Barb.
I love your March ornament, thats so beautiful and your Silent Night is so pretty ... love that design !!
I think you have to wait just a few more days for the threads of the sheep because i read in her newsletter that she was away from februart 20 till march 5 ... Mine aren't posted also, but I think she will post it the coming week.
beautiful pictures of Africa !!

Michelle said...

Oh Barb lovely finishes - I hope you soon feel better x

jane said...

Hi Barb, I hope you are feeling much better now.
What lovely finishes and other stitching, I love the March wordplay - very pretty!
Congratulations to the grandchildren on their various achievements too.

Shirlee said...

You & Martin are in my prayers. Silent Night looks lovely.

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