Wednesday 13 March 2013

March Madness

Martin and I celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary this month and in a moment of madness I
agreed to knit him an aran jumper,I haven't knitted him a jumper for quite a few years,and it may be quite a few years until he gets this one lol.Anyway duly ordered wool and pattern and it arrived yesterday.this is the pattern.

A ball of wool -THAT is a ball of wool.

I could not believe how BIG it is ,it only takes 2 balls to knit the jumper. So I expect you may see a lot more of this before it is finished. I am a bit concerned if the wrists will hold up. We will see.
So my dears I hope you are all well ,thanks for the comments ,I think I have answered questions that were asked last time.I have been looking at peoples blogs and saw a pic from Tom Tit moves house,but cannot remember whose blog it was. I loved reading this to my children when they were young. I was sure I still had it and decided (March Madness again ),to climb the mountain that is the stairs and have a look in one of the lofts and see if I could find it.

Shall I show you  some of the pages , it is about a group of animals that have to move when a building site overtakes their homes.
Aren't those little bunnies so sweet. I shall have to show this to Kate and see if she remembers it.
I am so pleased that Hop frog found a good home because now I know he will not be bothering me . It is that March Madness affecting me again.
Did you all have a good mothering Sunday , I was waited on by Martin and even Ollie had been shopping . He apparently spent all his dog biscuit money on a cd and a box of Thorntons chocolates and a dear little card with retrievers on. Graeme I did not see ,just had phone call,as they are all full of cold so although we were invited to go up we decided to give it a miss . I do not want the lurgy again !!!. Kate came over with the tribe ,which was lovely but noisy. She brought me flowers and bath oil .Whilst she was here I had a delivery from Marks and Spencer some flowers from Graeme. So I was spoilt yet again. I also had an invite out for lunch just dd and I  yesterday. She picked me up (not literally) and took me over to the Cove (where I had my birthday meal) .We had a lovely lunch looking at the tankers out in the channel ,the sea was so calm and although bitterly cold it was a lovely sunny day. After lunch we went to Kates favourite place ,she loves going here she said if she is stressed or feeling sad(in her job it happens unfortunately ,she works as a charge nurse at our local hospice) she goes here.
Portland Bill Lighthouse.
The sea on this side of the island was all white horses ,but I was told I was not allowed to go look as it was so bitterly cold and it is as you can imagine quite exposed.That is also the reason it is not a brilliant photo ,as it was taken out of the window of Kates car.
I had a phone call from Ella, Graeme and Sues daughter this morning, she had just come out of having a mole removed at the middle of her neck, they have sent it off but do not think it is anything to worry about.She had 4 stitches and apparently was very brave. On the subject of Graeme and his family I have an update for you. Taken on Mothers Day ,a Chocolate box kitten.Misty the cat.
Well my dears I am now off to the kitchen to get dinner for a hungry man ,take great care and maybe next time I shall have stitching to show you. I am off to the parlour tonight to do a little on my Tea Room. Still building at the moment. I shall be able to show you my Little Sheep Virtues that I have been stitching with Sally as I have been told that the threads I ordered are on their way.
Really going now ,
Hugs n stuff
Barb x


Carol said...

Wow--46 years! That is really something to celebrate, Barb!! I wish you luck in knitting him that gorgeous sweater--you can do it :)

Your Mothering Sunday sounds lovely--your family obviously loves having you as their mom very much!

Poppypatchwork said...

Happy anniversary to you both, glad you enjoyed Mothering Sunday. I love your knitting, I love cables, it's like riding a bike you never forget.

Vickie said...

Oh how wonderful, 46 years! Good for you both.
Misty is a gorgeous cat.

jane said...

Congratulations to you and Martin - 46 years, well done, We are 25 years this year, can't believe how quickly that has gone!
Glad to hear you had a good Mothering Sunday, sounds like you enjoyed it.
Love your knitting - that will be a fine sweater, I love knitting cables.
Lovely kitty, she is beautiful!

xstitchatoz said...

Congratulations, 46 years sounds mighty impressive to someone who`s "only" marching towards the 10th. Lol, I wonder what CD Ollie picked for you? That Aran sweater`ll look gorgeous, can`t wait to see your progress!

Carin said...

Congrats with your 46th weedingday !!!
I love the pattern of the jumper. Hope he doesn't have to wait for it for several years hihihi ...
I never heard of that childrensbook but it looks great.

BTW. I got my chenille today :-)

Michelle said...

Congratulations my friend xx

Catherine said...

Wow! 46 years ~ congratulations!! Sounds like a wonderful day you had! I love that book too!

Shirlee said...

Congratulations on 46 years!!! I'm sure the jumper will be beautiful!

Julie said...

What super wool, Martin will be all snuggly with all the love you will have put into each stitch.

I've been looking at that lighthouse this week here on the WWW, there are some lovely places to stay near Portland...

Misty is adorable, such a great photograph of her.

Sounds like you had a really lovely Mothering Sunday and some lovely mother/daughter time with Kate.

Happy anniversary wishes to you both xxx

angelasweby said...

Congratulations on your forthcoming 46th anniversary Barb. Can you believe that 46 years have passed!
I love the jumper you plan to knit. It's a gorgeous rich colour. Well, the balls may be large but you've made a start. We'll all be willing you on :-)
Molly Brett was one of my favourite authors and I have several of her books which I love. her illustrations are really adorable. I think I might even have this one.
As you can imagine, I loved seeing your picture of the lighthouse at Portland Bill and hearing your description of your lovely Mother's Day celebrations. I love Ollie's contribution.
Warm hugs Angela xx

Heidi Kuijer said...

A huge congratulations on 46th years of married bliss! Love the yarn and pattern for the sweater. My mother makes Aran (fisherman's) knit sweaters so much that she does the pattern by memory now. I am getting a cardigan soon from her as she is putting the sleeves on this week. I am sure your DH will just love his sweater when it is done.

Hugs from Holland ~

Sally said...

Congratulations on 46 years of marriage Barb and Martin. That is definitely something to celebrate. Good luck with the jumper. It will be lovely and cosy.

Anne said...

46 years! Wow! Happy Anniversary to you too! That's so wonderful. Lovely wool you are using for the sweater and such a cute kitty!

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